Let’s Check In On USC Recruiting

Five-star tailback Kendall Milton of Clovis, Calif., committed to Georgia tonight.

Five months ago, USC’s 2020 recruiting class was ranked No. 33 by Rivals and No. 31 by 247.

After a flurry of mostly offensive line commitments during the summer, the Trojans’ 2020 recruiting class is ranked No. 64 by Rivals and No. 66 by 247.

There is still plenty of time to turn it around. But USC will probably have to be as good as Clay Helton said last week, when he predicted a Pac-12 title.

25 thoughts on “Let’s Check In On USC Recruiting

      1. Clay Helton tanked to a 5-7 (4-5 Conf.) record with USC handing him Top 10 Nationally Ranked Recruiting Class one after the other and now that Helton has really exposed himself as the second rate coach and good for nothing but being Steve Sarkisian’s “Errand Boy”…how do you think he’s going to do setting up the Trojans with the 64th ranked (and falling fast) recruiting class he’s responsible for?

        Serves USC right, the embarrassment that’s about to unfold in the gridiron with this clown Helton at the helm.


      1. Whew. You’re right. The compliment was much more qualified….


  1. It’s not even fun mocking how crappy this group of coaches recruit anymore … Just sad really.

    We’ve become a distant afterthought for any serious player.

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  2. Clay Helton, a PAC 12 title ?!! 😂😂 Bozo has done nothing but take the program backwards, and steal recruits from Mountain West programs 😂

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  3. Its amazing that some still defend this staff. Frankly, if admin wants to go totally to being an academic school without a great football program they should do the right thing and tell those that buy thousand dollars of tickets to expect no improvement. At least be honest. No way they could be watching the games and expect this dunce to run a great program.

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    1. That’s exactly what they want…..to de-emphasize football. But when they start getting 30,000 for each home game in the brand new coliseum, then maybe they’ll start to think differently.

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  4. CA 5 Stars who left and stayed in CA (including UCLA and Stanford)
    Left Thibodeaux, Steele, McCoy and Ngata
    Left: Woodbey Stayed: Amon-Ra, JT, Griffin, Taylor-Stuart
    Left: Harris, Davis Stayed: Phillips, Holmes, Carr
    Left: Williams, Kelly, Jones ( Stanford) Stayed: Vaughns, Mique, Jack- Jack, Robinson
    Left: McKenzie Stayed: Rosen, Lucier- South,Marshall, Green, Irwin, Houston

    Every year, CA produces anywhere from 4 to 6 Five Star players. Of these players approximately 1/2 of them leave the state with the rest of them signing with USC, UCLA, or Stanford. Historically speaking, if you are a 5 Star and you attend USC ( Amon- Ra, JT, Griffin, Taylor-Stuart, Carr, Vaughns, Jack-Jack, Green, and Houston) you WILL START, some even as True Freshmen, and you will have a productive college career (man, I feel bad for Jack- Jack) with a fairly good shot at a pro career. Five Stars that have spurned the local universities seem to do ok as well although as we know, Steele and McCoy came back. Even some players that have gone to UCLA (Rosen, Holmes) have done well.

    If I were a Five Star and lived in CA, I would strongly consider USC while UCLA and Stanford are top- notch as well.

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      1. Knew I could count on you for some good stat lines, Pud. Here are some Five Stars who left CA and never recovered:
        Ronald Powell, Florida
        Darrell Scott, Colorado
        Marlon Lucky, Nebraska
        Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
        D. Crist, Notre Dame
        Donovan Warren, Michigan
        Blake Ayles, Miami

        Powell and Clausen were overall #1 ranked players. Warren, out of Long Beach Poly, had a so-so career at UM. The only Five Stars from CA who left the state and had some success were Shaq Thompson (Washington) and De’Anthony Thompson (Oregon). Vontaze Burfict has been up/ down as he did well at ASU, but went undrafted, and then has also had a good pro career.

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  5. Winning changes everything. All they have to do is win big and they won’t have enough spots for all the kids who will want to come there. But you can’t expect to get the 4 and 5 stars when you go 5-7

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    1. There is more than just winning. Look at this year’s NFL draft. None of the USC 4 and 5 star recruits were drafted in the 1st or 2nd round. Chuma Edoga was the first player drafted as the 92nd pick. Do you believe that those top recruits are going to a school for a degree? They will go to other schools where their draft stock improves and doesn’t decline. Do we know for sure that the coaching staff has improved dramatically? I won’t know until I see it.


  6. “We’ve been a second half club all year…”

    Imagine if this years Helton Trojan team had to scrimmage against this Trojan team

    Adjustments and preparation is what it’s all about, something the Trojan football coaching staff’s from 2010 to the present know nothing about…and two former Trojan coaches that were on Carroll’s staff never learned.


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