USC Morning Buzz: Quarterback Odds Are Out

A lot of people think the quarterback competition is rigged and JT Daniels will start no matter what.

But we finally have some odds from SportsBetting.AG.

Daniels +100

Jack Sears +150

Matt Fink +250

  • Former USC wide receiver Trevon Sidney has been officially added to the Illinois roster.

52 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Quarterback Odds Are Out

  1. Helton promised J.T. “Porn-stache” Daniel’s father that porn-stache would start…those odds don’t mean crap.

    You’re slippin’ Mr. Wolf if you actually think there’s legit competition that’s going to determine playing time.


    1. Tebow,

      That promise was for last year. I don’t think Harrell would show up knowing that he had to start Daniels no matter what. I am hoping that there is real competition and the best person starts. If Daniels starts and Sears was better in camp, then the fix is in.


    2. Heltons hot seat is hot enough to melt iron. He can’t afford to stick with J.T. if he is not performing well. If J.T. doesn’t move the team, Sears will get his chance. The, of course, there is always the possibility of injury. This is football not badmitton.

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    3. Why would a grown man try to belittle a teenager over a beard, mustache, or hair. You and Wolf and shining examples of why this site will die a slow death. I’m done…never coming back to about old men who never played but think because a guy has a certain style he shouldn’t start at QB.

      Pathetic. No doubt you were both picked on and beaten up from birth to 20’s.


  2. Graham Harrell had to agree to one condition before being offered and accepting the Trojans offensive coordinator job…he had to agree to do a song, dance and make a pledge to Clay Helton that J.T. (Porn-stache) Daniels would be the Trojans starting QB…to this song, dedicated to Clay Helton


  3. If Lynn Swann wants to insist on messing with tradition, he should start a new one and have the Trojan band play this song when Helton leads the team out onto the field…

    And Pudly the Sunshine Pumper Helton Humping Clown can precede Helton by doing hand springs and cartwheels.



    1. The most accurate quarterback at all ranges in the Air Raid system should start. JT is the hardest working of all the quarterbacks too. Additionally, JT has the most game experience.

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      1. Mater Dei High School produces overrated quarterbacks on a regular basis, because they surround them with the top players in Southern California. JT Daniels would’ve been a Community College prospect if he didn’t attend the high school that he did…. FACT !!

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  4. It makes no difference who starts at quarterback, because Clay Helton has never ever coached a team that’s tough, and physical upfront. Fresno State will wake up the the USC fans who constantly buy into the administrations false hope, that they feed the gullible this time of year. The false flavor of the month this year is Graham Harrell, who is nothing but a Mike Leach disciple, who’s never won anything . Is a matter of fact, North Texas Head Coach, Seth Littrell thinks his current offensive coordinator is a better coach then Harrell

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    1. We’ll see. Personally, I think Kingsbury leaving may have been a blessing. He was only going to stay for a year or so and I’m not sure that this guy(Harrell) is a better OC than Kingsbury. He did wonders with NTS the last couple of years. NTS was 18th in the nation last year in total offense. Texas Tech was 28th with a lot better players. USC was 96th with walk-ons that could have played a lot on both of those other 2 teams.

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  5. J.T. Daniels career game logs…he stinks.

    J.T. threw 1 TD pass vs lowly UNLV un his first game. A crap UNLV team that finished 4-8 overall and (2-6 Mountain West Conf)

    J.T. “Porn-stache 5-6 overall Trojan record” Daniels.

    J.T. Daniels is crap.


    1. Say what you want but show me a QB that had a better true freshman year than J.T. last year. The closest I can think of would be Matt Barkley in 2009 and I like J.T.’s numbers better.


  6. Mr. Wolf’s blog won’t let me post the link to Porn-stache’s game log stats, but go to College Football Reference site and check Daniels stats out…they’re terrible.


  7. The secret……USC does not have a great QB. Has not had one since Sanchez.
    Does not really matter who starts….the position will cost them 2 games.
    As for our great recruit…..he is 5’11” on a good day……as much as I love everything about him…..short is short……and will keep him from being great. The great one is going to Clemson.

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    1. It’s very tough for a player that doesn’t have the proto-typical Golden Hair So Cal beach boy look that USC looks for in a quarterback, that said, Bryce Young will never play, let alone start, ar QB for the Trojans.

      Young should start honing his DB skills, if he has any if he wants to see any playing time as a Trojan.

      My take is that he would be better off not attending USC and instead look towards heading to Nebraska, Washington or Utah.


    2. Fred,

      With all due respect, I think Sears could be that qb that is great if he started this season. He seems to click and the team responds to him well. Daniels struggled and the team struggled as well with him in.


    3. I don’t think that he is 5’11”. I know that he is listed at 5’11” but watch some of the more recent films of him at the different camps. He’s grown. I don’t know if he is 6’2” but he’s not 5’11”.


  8. You see, you start posting J.T. Daniels shitty stats and the Sunshine Pumpers head fod the hills…nowhere to be seen.


    1. The quarterback that’s overrun by the nickleback should kickback on the bench. It’s time for change. (See what I did there?)
      Anyway hopefully our OC can make that change during a game and not wait for a loss. My example of ingame changes doesn’t have to be confined to USC, but recently pulling Max Browne, a great practice quarterback, for Sam Darnold, the real game quarterback, was a good choice made too late.
      Leave the excuses in the locker room, make the choice needed to win the game.


      1. You’re right, 04. Each time Scott puts something up, tebow posts around 13 “clusterf**k” comments. If you add his average # of weird “my bad’s” (around 49 per post), he’s doing way more writing than Scott (or even Norman Mailer)….

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    1. I’m sure it consumes a lot of your day just trying to think up the stupid shit you post.

      Some of us aren’t as unfortunate as you.


  9. I don’t disagree that Daniels stinks, but I don’t see anything to suggest Sears is the answer. If he was really that great, how does a true freshman skip his senior season in high school and beat him out? Long story short, we’re ****ed.


    1. J.T. Daniels was held back in the 8th grade so this notion that J.T. graduated high school early is B.S.

      J.T. Daniels father held him back in the 8th grade…look it up because it’s true.


  10. You could put any decent high school QB behind this offensive line and they would look like a 5 Star recruit.

    J.T. Daniels got exposed as having below D1 QB playing ability last year playing behind a Trojan offensive line that had the unfortunate inopportunety of being coached by Clay Helton and that idiot Neil Callaway.


  11. Check out these clowns J.T. Daniels and Clay Helton getting owned 17-3…LOL!

    3 pts.

    How embarrassing! Even UC Davis scored more points against that Stanford team.



  12. I’d say the lad got hooked up with some good crank this morning.

    Food stamps came early this month for the lady.


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