Lynn Swann Shows At Coliseum

Lynn Swann showed up at the Coliseum ribbon-cutting ceremony. Proof he “works” from time to time.

New USC president Carol Folt said at the ceremony she was glad it’s still called the “Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.” That’s a slap to the past administration (Max Nikias!).

By the way, a USC official said today all but one of the Founders Suites have been sold. They cost $7.5-10 million.

I’ve heard some people tried to get out of buying one after the fact. USC refused but allowed some to increase the number of years to complete payment.

19 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Shows At Coliseum

      1. The press box at the to-be-renovated Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum will be named the Otis Booth Press Box in recognition of a $7.5 million gift from the Otis Booth Foundation


    1. Super cool. Thank you for doing the video!

      I got some pretty good vertigo watching your rapid pans, but apart from that, no issues. Great to see that they are pretty much done.

      I heard someone mention “new bathrooms”; my sources at the A.D. say that they need to raise more $ to re-do the bathrooms, which seems totally bogus…..


  1. But I didn’t realize I was the glass-is-half-full one on USC here. I get that the first half of the schedule is pretty brutal and they were a train wreck last year, but there is still a lot of talent on offense — especially at receiver. My feeling on the Trojans is just about short of USC making the Playoff, they’re going to make a coaching change. I would be surprised if they don’t make an AD change within a month or two. Give me percent chance USC wins the Pac-12? I’ll say it’s about 15 percent.
    SM: I’ll go with … 1 percent? I realize USC is more talented than its record last year, and probably still in the top third of the conference, but the atmosphere around that program is toxic right now. As soon as they lose a couple games, the noise about Helton will be deafening, and it just seems impossible to win a title under those circumstances.
    Speaking of L.A., I’m surprised Andy is so down on the Bruins. UCLA got better down the stretch last season. No faith in Chip?

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    1. Kelly’s ship sailed …. the innovations he pioneered at OR have all been absorbed throughout the NFL and college football. His skill set was found wanting per his two stints at both PHI and SFO – charged with (fair or not) racial bias with the eagles and flat out hadn’t a clue with the 49ers. He was deemed the best available when he was picked at the end of 2017 but a lot of good coaches have emerged since then and a whole lot younger….he hates to recruit and if you don’t like that good luck closing the deal against coaches who engage parents, who do.

      You’re right about USC – both Helton and Swann are nearing their joint well deserved sacking.

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      1. Minur McClain and JJ III have been really killing it too…it would be a real bonus if we got production from Devon Williams early and often this season.


  2. Hey Blogger,

    Can you find out who bought the Founders Suites?

    Just curious if any Trojans bought them or if they were all gobbled up by donors with no ties to USC at all except for their monetary donation.




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  3. The corporate entity’s who purchased those suits, could careless about the product on the field, because they’ll be used for entertainment purposes only, not to watch the game.


  4. The Mausoleum field configuration SUCCX; all and all, a c+ renovation of sterile FB architecture at extortionate bozo expense.

    Founders suites: “They cost $7.5-10 million.”

    Nothing but a 1000 sq ft. cave with multiple TV’s and suite service.


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