USC Morning Buzz: A QB Should Seize Job

The point of the USC QB derby was for JT Daniels to demonstrate he has clearly become better than the other quarterbacks.

So far, that has not happened. He will win the job. But he hasn’t seized it.

That matters to football people. It doesn’t matter to Clay Helton, who also picked Max Browne over Sam Darnold in 2016.

  • Just remember when you see pictures from USC today of the newly renovated Coliseum.

How much of this will you have access to if you did purchase a suite or get tickets from someone who has a suite? Because a lot of the really good stuff is reserved for the suite creatures.

By the way, USC said today there will be no available pay parking at the Coliseum. There will be only on-campus parking.

  • Former USC cornerback Jack Jones has enrolled at Arizona State and is expected to be eligible this season.

31 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A QB Should Seize Job

  1. Double-Coverage Daniels will win the job because Clay doesn’t want to lose Bryce Young. If there is one thing consistent about Clay, it is his cowardice.

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  2. Daniels, Sears, the new kid, as long as Gomer is in charge it doesn’t matter who the QB is, who the QB coach is, Gomer will run it into the ground.

    Gomer won’t upgrade his DC, he thinks Clancy is God. His loves Baxter, who can’t seem to get it through his head that you can have 11 men on the filed for a kicking play. He held onto Callaway until he just couldn’t stick with him after his senile video and then hired a OL coach to coach the RB’s and now that same coach is coaching the OL and recruiting one 2-3 star after another.

    Gomer refuses to practice in pads, one idiot here posted that it’s because of the CTE scare, really? Our players seem to get hurt more than other teams, wonder why ? Maybe because they don’t go hard in practice or have a proper off season training program, or maybe they are soft like their head coach

    USC football is dead until the school decides to pay money for a top coach, one that hopefully has no current or former ties to the school, good luck with either of those things happening.

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      1. And why stop thanking stars after Baxter? Every USC fan should begin (and end) each day thanking their lucky stars for Swann, Clay, Clancy, ….and Baxter!

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      2. Orale miguelito! Hamburguesa ye papas fritas on me Canal!! Finally somebody telling it like it is!

        #Vatos locos forever!


      3. Orale miguelito! Hamburguesa ye papas fritas on me Canal!! Finally somebody telling it like it is!

        #Vatos locos forever!


    1. Is that where my money went? We are screwed. SC could have put that money into better coaching, but instead they put it into two elevators and a bunch of marble.

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      1. The team got a new locker room too, but you should check the whole thread by clicking on the picture…then you can click on each individual picture.
        As always, when we donate, it’s up to each of us to decide if it is/was worth the price..
        Will you be there Saturday??

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    2. GoTroy – .old Miguelito up above (Bucket) was all in for the “Queen” remember Charlie. After the election you disappeared for a year. What good fun to see the Clintons involved in another (Epstein) scandal. Good times again…

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      1. Linkster —Things are only gonna get better & better for the Clintons —- too many open investigations for their team to silence. BTW —the Epstein family doesn’t have to worry about all the lawsuits coming their way —-they can pay them off with the billion dollars they get from the feds for wrongful death……


  3. Helton will go with J.T. Daniels as the starter because Daniels was labeled a 5 star recruit and garnered of bunch of hype…hype that Daniels hasn’t lived up to.

    J.T. Daniels plays timid, his arm strength is nothing close to what was advertised. Defenses don’t have to account for him because he’s too afraid to run, he has no mobility.

    90% of Daniels passes travel 5 – 10 yards or he throws hail mary’s up for grabs. The guy was constantly underthrowing Trojan receivers last year and he was never able to correct that mistake…he seemed out of sync with all the receivers, even St. Brown who he had played with for years.

    If Daniels hasn’t beat Sears, Fink and Slovis out by now after having an entire year of starting under his belt and getting all the reps in practice going on two years now then J.T. just doesn’t have it. Not all 5 star recruits pan out at this level, sometimes that’s just the way it goes and it’s time to give a different QB a shot to see what he can do in games because practice isn’t the end all be all some people want to make it out to be.

    If Helton insists on starting Daniels instead of playing the Trojans QB who is best suited to run the offense they’re going for then Helton won’t last past October when he gets replaced and to that I say…more power to him.

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  4. The JT yes men, Dan Webber and Pudly, will be offended by your belief of practice not being the end all be all for picking the quarterback.

    Hopefully they’ll be in their “safe spaces” while reading it.

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  5. Daniels is not cut to be a SC qb. Bad motion, underthrows, doesnt hit the target. If he starts, then I am cheering that Helton is let go in October. Put Harrell in as interm. Start Sears.

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      1. I hope Helton is in charge on November 16th, too —- it will mean he’s winning.


  6. I think it’s absolutely fantastic that Clay Helton is favoring JT Daniels over Jack Sears, because it proves he’s still the idiot everyone thinks he is . And if he removes his hat , then he’ll look the part too.

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  7. Arledge musings and this not including the first two quarters after being in the program a year and half beyond JT at that time. And other than high school performances and practices, what do we have to go on with Sears? One good performance against a mediocre Arizona State team? That’s not much of a sample size. And, frankly, it wasn’t the greatest test. It was a home game against a team that was 7th in the conference in scoring defense and 8th in the conference in total defense. That wasn’t USC’s 2008 defense he was going up against. And Sears played well that day. But USC scored 35 points, 7 on a punt return, and 7 more on a trick play and one more on a miracle cathc. I’m a little skeptical that Jack Sears is superior to JT Daniels. He might be, but we have limited evidence in support of that position right now. That being said, if he’s named the starter, I have no reason to doubt he’ll be successful.

    With all this being said, let JT have all the first team reps for the next two weeks and see how he does vs Fresno State. As simple as that

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    1. To quote Randolph Scott, “my sentiments exactly.” We’ll do fine with J. T. if he just manages the game and doesn’t try to be a star —– [we also need to tell our corners to interfere on every long pass —they’re getting burned for too many T.D.’s in practice]…..


      1. IDK, MG (that’s a lot of capital letters), Jack played well as a freshman and was even a 3rd team All-American after the first half of 2017 when the wheels kinda fell off. He will be highly motivated this year and with a chip on his shoulder. No one can shut down the SC wideouts, but Jack Jack will battle.


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