Air Raid Relies On Deep Ball? Where’s Amon-Ra St. Brown?

So the Air Raid, which was going to revolutionize USC’s offense, relies on the deep pass for success? At least the USC version does.

If you want to beat USC, take away the deep ball. BYU and Washington did.

Washington went with a man-to-man defense on one play and Matt Fink connected with Michael Pittman on a 44-yard TD.

USC’s receivers are easily the best thing going for the team. But there are two things noticeable after five games:

1.) The receivers are not great “yards after catch” players.

2.) Amon-Ra St. Brown has caught 11 passes in the past 3 games. Other than a 31-yard TD vs. Utah (which played man-to-man defense) he’s become a peripheral possession receiver. I doubt he’s a happy camper right now.

17 thoughts on “Air Raid Relies On Deep Ball? Where’s Amon-Ra St. Brown?

  1. The receivers have been through the ringer —they started with J. T. ,
    tried to adjust to Slovis and, then, did the best they could with Fink. Now, if Helton plays it the way I think he might, they’ll be practicing with one quarterback this week (Fink) and playing with a different quarterback next week (Slovis)…..

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    1. I doubt any receivers are particularly happy after last week’s debacle.

      So much talent among the skill positions: Pittman, Vaughans, St. Brown, London, Stepp, VM, Carr…hate to see talent waste on the vine…

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      1. A lot of folks are gonna just hate like hell to hear me say this, 67 —but our receivers would be a lot better off if J. T. could take a hit……

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      2. Michael, I’ll add if JT could move his feet and avoid the pass rush even just a little.

        Do you recall that video of JT doing footwork drills that Scottie posted over the summer? His feet were so much slower than those in similar videos of other QBs at that camp…

        Wouldn’t it be great if Slovis could come back and make a statement at the ND game? (Most likely it will be more like the ’17 ND game…).

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      3. 67 —If Slovis gets 7 days of reps with the 1’s he’ll help us beat Notre Dame. If Helton futzes around with more “game time decision” crap, we go to South Bend confused and lose big time…

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  2. A team needs an ‘O’ line to throw the deep ball, and a play action pass with a run threat against that 8 DB defense…and actually run the ball until they drop their 8 deep zone. It would also be intelligent to practice against that 8 deep zone,so the q/b is familiar with it. SC had success against standard defenses. it isn’t rocket science for most but for the hellton led SC team ,it seems it is. Like blocking and tackling, try actually teaching and practicing at game speed,maybe SC would actually improve. They have not done this since hellton took over.

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  3. In the immortal words of the “best special teams coach in the nation”…”Here’s the deal, Scott’s comment on #1 is asenine, because Pittman had no problem waltzing into the end zone against Utah and Washington after making a catch. The receivers have been one of the brighter spots of this season.” Here’s the deal on #2, maybe is SW was actually on campus interviewing St. Brown he would make that comment based on facts not dream it up from mama’s basement. There is a lot wrong with this team at about the halfway point, but the receiving corps has been solid in comparison to the OL, the coaching, the punting, etc. That’s the deal.

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  4. Can you imagine how effective the offense would would be if they decided to blend it with a successful run game ? There would be no constant deep 8 , and the individual receiver talent would kill secondaries. USC had 200 yards rushing against Washington, which means they could’ve had 300. Why is the running game like Kryptonite to Bozo Helton? He’s so dense, that it’s funny, and scary at the same time 😬

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    1. The only position Helton feels like he knows is the position Kiffin entrusted him with —quarterback. He’s had two quarterbacks as offensive coordinators….. he personally recruits the quarterbacks (doing a real bang up job, btw) & he brought his own brother in to work with the quarterbacks….

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      1. Remember that Helton is the guy that promised the fan base a power running game when given the job in early 2016. He knew the fans were done with the Kiffin/Sark finesse offense. I guess he couldn’t keep his promise.

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  5. One thing for sure
    SC needs real coaches that run real football practices and can adapt a game plan to overcome the enemy…those guys trying to overcome SC that have real coaches and adapt their game plan during the game, and can ’cause they have real football practices developing real 4 quarter football players.

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