USC Is Nation’s No. 1 Prop Team

If you can’t win, just bring embarrassing props to the game.

You’ve got the turnover sword, which apparently is shown to fans when you are losing by 14 points vs. Washington (see below).

And that ridiculous sledge hammer, which looks like something John Baxter would use.

UPDATED: I’ve written about it before, but I forgot about the stupid wrestling belt Graham Harrell makes the QB wear. (also below)

19 thoughts on “USC Is Nation’s No. 1 Prop Team

  1. Lets see, California governor signs paying ncaa athletes with Le Bron James present who endorses the deal but never played college athletics. Pac12 comes out against it as the issue needs to be resolved nationally not by each state as particular schools might get recruiting advantages based on separate laws by state. California has lost it? I love these celebrities and our politicians who love to rub against them in determining policy. Kind of like we have selected our ADs

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  2. In all honesty, aren’t there about 16 or 17 other things USC should be more embarrassed about? Maybe start with not doing a damned thing about letting a rapist continue to assault women for about 20 years?

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  3. The team is a fucking mess. Folt hires Dave Roberts as her interim A.D. (the guy who was special legal assistant to disgraced Max Nikias), Idiot Roberts doesn’t have the balls to fire Helton, he’s playing human firewall right now to the FBI’s investigation of his own department he was supposed to have been monitoring for six years. It’s one fucking clusterfuck at USC and the team continues to tank.

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  4. By Alicia de Artola at Reign of Troy

    Let’s play a game. It’s simple. Match the quote with the USC football road loss:

    Stanford 17, USC 3 in 2018
    Texas 37, USC 14 in 2018
    Utah 41, USC 28 in 2018
    UCLA 34, USC 27 in 2018
    BYU 30, USC 27 in 2019
    Washington 28, USC 14 in 2019

    A: “Very proud of our kids and how they competed tonight. I thought they competed like warriors. Obviously it was not the outcome that we hoped for, but I was very enthusiastic about how they fought to the bitter end. Obviously there were some mistakes that we will clean up over the next week. This is an early game in the season…and all our hopes and aspirations and dreams are still out there.”

    B: “Obviously not our night tonight. Any time you get on the road in this type of environment and thought we had a good plan, good preparation, but just didn’t execute to what we needed to be able to come out with a victory tonight.”

    C: “Obviously not our best night. All the credit goes to [team], thought they put a good plan together and the fact of the matter is they played better than us. We made mistakes on both sides of the ball. We get the opportunity to go back home, watch this tape, get the corrections made and get ready for [team] as fast as possible.”

    D: “Good college football game. I thought both sides fought extremely hard. At the end of the day they made a couple more plays than we did, especially in the second half of the game.”

    E: “Great college football game credit to [team], I thought they played a hell of a football game under [coach]. Anytime you have three turnovers to the other team’s none, and you’re on the road, that’s going to put you in a hole. And tonight, we came up one play off getting out of that hole. I love how the kids keep fighting and keep competing. This is one game early in the season, we’ll correct it. And we’ll move on to the next one.”

    F: “Well played game by [team], credit [coach and staff] for the job that they did. I thought our week of preparation was very good. Thought we came in with the right mindset. We made enough mistakes to lose the game…So for us it’s about getting back on this plane and correcting…We had an opportunity to really come away with a win today. We let that go today. So we’ll get that cleaned up.”

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  5. From a poster on the WW board

    Gomer has 11 double digits losses in 54 games.

    11 qualifies for 6th most behind

    Howard Jones who had 13 such losses in 170 games

    Larry Smith who had 13 such losses in 72 games

    Jeff Cravath who had 16 such losses in 90 games

    McKay who had 16 such losses in 175 games

    And John Robinson who had 18 in 143

    The only higher percentage is Tollner who had 10 in 43 games but if ND beats us by double digits Clay will eclipse that as well.

    Pete Carroll had 3 in 116 games.

    Where’s Pudley with these stats ?

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  6. Clay Helton takes over a team that has enough talent to go to back to back major bowl games. And he has all the resources, and name brand to build a national championship. But instead, he literally takes the program backwards, and people actually defend that clown 🤡… unbelievable! The 4th year is when all college football coaches should be judged, so it’s time for Helton to go, because this is not a playoff team. And btw, Those elementary school props are comical, because under Bozo Helton, the Trojans are all show, and no go

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  7. SC is a JOKE. An awesome team does not bring gimmicks to the game. What they bring is knowledge that they will beat their opponent into submission. I remember reading about the ’73 ugly team bringing roses to the usc vs ugly game. Ugly thought they were going to win. One of the players on SC said, they think they have a chance. Then he said, yeah, right. SC went out and destroyed the ruins, again. Gimmicks like that don’t do anything at all. Knowing how to execute and get it done does.

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    1. … i liked the ‘bama title belt. it was cool to see someone force a turnover and walk over to the sidelines, grab it and pace the sidelines like a champ.


  8. What we don’t see is the teddy bear Helton sleeps with on road trips. The bus rocking was enough at one time. Next gimmick will be a train style SC cap. For the player engineers a comeback for a win. Check back next month (November) it is possible.

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