USC Issues Statement On Fair Pay To Play Bill

USC has finally put out a statement on SB206, which California governor Gavin Newsom signed this morning and allows college athletes in California to be compensated for the use of their name, image and likeness.

29 thoughts on “USC Issues Statement On Fair Pay To Play Bill

  1. Does not go into effect until 2023. That gives Lebrons kid the perfect scenario. This policy cant be handled state by state. What happens if Alabama allows more in their law. They will get every recruit. Who is going to balance the states so the laws are all the same?

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    1. Bama already gets every recruit. Like Jordan before him, LeBron is just trying to open financial opportunities for African – Americans.

      Nothing wrong with that.


  2. “We expect that any unintended consequences of the legislation will be addressed.”

    Wait a minute. Since when do California legislators address negative unintended consequences of their laws?


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    1. 67 — Luckily, California doesn’t have to address the “unintended consequences”….


      1. Anyone who can skillfully defend UCLA the way Owns does, is OK in my book. Like you, gt, intelligent is intelligent no matter their political affiliation.

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      2. Arturo. Arturo. Arturo. Owns’ ability to skillfully defend UCLA IS THE VERY REASON we all feel duty bound to attack & demean him….


  3. USC did not support this legislation and was not involved in the creation of the legislation. For decades, USC financially benefitted from using the names and likeness of its own students for its own financial gain. The Pac -12 can lead on this issue. It is the conference of champions, and the NCAA is nothing without school like Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA and USC. Just look at your football tickets and you will see the photos and likenesses of players on them. Do you think USC asked those players if it was okay for them to be used ? Nope. Glad the California legislators are leading the pack nationally. USC, Carol Folt, and Dave Roberts plod along because they never want to give up any money stream, especially not to USC’s own students athletes.

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    1. I get it – a 100% free education, room and board, tutors 24/7, ability to return indefinitely to complete a degree and somehow they’re not being compensated? You look at the cost of education today and we’re all supposed to feel sorry for football/basketball players? These are the most pampered and self-focused egotists outside of a successful rock band, in all the world. As to them ‘…being used…’ if USC and the rest weren’t coveted to play for who’d even know about these players? It’s the reason they agreed to sign in the first place.

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      1. After paying for my 2 kids college educations The fact that a USC education is valued at nearly 70,000 dollars a year . That before some free clothes and tutors ? Thats not pay.


  4. The NCAA is and has been a dinosaur whose time and relevance have ended. I have saying this since the Bush fiasco. It was proven to be a biased and corrupt group.
    Interestingly enough the NCAA administers scholarships. All money made by college players goes to the NCAA. The NCAA has more money in the bank than 46 individual states. ( a statistic that was true a couple of years ago)

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  5. “Unintended consequences.”– Like how the NCAA will prevent any California football team from participating in a New Years Bowl?

    Also, who will benefit from a pay-players program?– Only the stars? And what about the 95% rest of the team? Do they get no advertisement money? And will they stand for this? Mind you, most of these kids are African-Americans and probably are not from financial middle-class homes, so money is pretty important to them and their families.

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      1. The good news is all the California schools don’t have to worry about missing out on New Years Day bowls this year… they’ve already taken care of that.

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      2. gt — Ha! [Stanford’s , Cal’s, UCLA’s and USC’s lawyers saw this legislation coming & passed their findings on to their respective Athletic Directors, who passed it on to their football coaches, who each, in turn, told their teams to lose at least 5 games —–consequently, we’re pretty far ahead of the curve on the January 1st Bowl thing].

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  6. If no other state follows the precedent set here in CA and CA schools begin paying their athletes – or letting them make money off their name/image- the best college athletes will all come to CA. You can bank on that ( pun intended). An all CA conference of USC, UCLA, Cal, Stanford, San Diego State, San Jose St. etc would CLEAN UP in recruiting and other conferences and state would soon follow. Recruits will want to get paid.
    Student athletes are treated like property by the schools until they can’t make the school any more money, then they are discarded. 15 year old tennis players, 17 year old baseball players, etc make money. Why shouldn’t football and basketball players? Could it be because a majority of football and basketball players are Black?

    Pay them.


      1. BTW Whites will benefit just as much, if not more, than blacks or other minorities from this legislation.


      2. Looks like I can’t reply to Arturo—news flash—Arturo should go to Sacramento–he would fit right in with all the other libs.


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