Clay Helton Says USC Can “Do Something Really Special”

USC coach Clay Helton appeared on the Trojans Live radio show tonight and here was probably the most eye-raising takeaway:

“If we eliminate the critical errors, this team over the next 7 games, watch out, because I think they can do something really special.”


30 thoughts on “Clay Helton Says USC Can “Do Something Really Special”

  1. Clay just misunderstood the new CA law and when it is going into afect. Clay must think pros can come back to school and think that Sam Darnold is re- enrolling in school, has some eligibility left, and is going to bail him out like he did 3 years ago. Now that was special.


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  2. Do something special, Clay? How about Carol Folt fires you in South Bend after the game and before you reach the tarmac? Would that be special enough for you?


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  3. Keyshawn Johnson was brutally frank about Helton this morning on his show with LZ Granderson and the other guy. The word ‘tarmac’ was brought up and after the accepted definition of a macadam asphalt surfacing for a road the second one is ‘….getting fired.’

    I find it very hard to believe Clay Helton actually believes he’ll be back next year as head coach of USC.

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  4. Talk about the bozo Rah-Rah/Pimpmeister rock and a hard spot.

    A) SUCCX goes 7- 0, 6 – 1, or 5 – 2 Helton saves his job.

    B) SUCCX goes 3 – 4 or worse, Helton gets Tarmac’d.

    Vote your preference SUCCXster’s


    1. How is that fat ass a Chipster doing. Pretty special this year at 1-4. More importantly, how is Cerritos your alma mater doing this fall? The hard spot is over in west weird with all the lefties.

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      1. UCLA is 1 – 4, I did not know that.

        Monkey Link, when CK sits on your face can you still hear the music?

        Ding goes the Vic Bell.


      2. 1-4? 6-26 since he left the Eagles.

        Chip is a fraud. He hates recruiting. His players can’t stand him. He doesn’t run his gimmick offenses anymore because all of the defenses have caught up with that.

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  5. Well, doing something special would’ve been qualifying for the playoffs, but that went out the window with their second loss of the season. So maybe Bozo Helton’s referring to his typical low expectations of a state championship .

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  6. Enough….
    last year he said he couldn’t wait for fans to see that team in November…How’d that work out…? Now? It’s “Watch Out”! this team can do something special….Enough already…
    He needs to go…Personally, I’m sick of less than mediocrity….this is USC, NOT, the rest of the Pac 12…What’s gonna happen if he gets canned now? The 60th ranked recruiting class is going to get worse? Can it?

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  7. Something special? Would that be the team ordering a 20 foot long 8×8 rail to be delivered to the visitor’s locker room in South Bend? Or the 5gallon bucket (not be confused with Charlie) of Henry’s roofing mastic from isle 1 at the Home Depot and the3 feather pillows purchased at Wal-Mart? I
    Wanna see something special? How about Clay, Clancy and John being hoisted a rail, clad only in undergarments and covered in tar and feathers and carried out of the stadium by the team.
    Only then will this team do something special.
    I’d pay to see that

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  8. Same old shit – at least we now know which fortune cookie is at the bottom of his grab bag…and that he apparently has his sites set on a congressional seat, given the extent of his self-delusions, propensity for lying, and utter incompetence.

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  9. The first critical errors that need to be eliminated are in the playcalling. Facing a 3-man rush with 8 back in coverage means you run the ball…every…single…time. 5.1 yards per pass play with 3 interceptions versus 6.4 every run play with 0 fumbles should explain this clearly.

    Drop the coaching staff. Eliminate them all.

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    1. Owns — Easy, my friend. Maybe Chip isn’t having a great year so far —


  10. Bull! Not with Helton. He is in denial . One thing I knlow about Helton; he has a good public relations program for himself. And, that is all. Good coaches assume responsibilty. They say quick: I have tofdo a better job of coaching. He has never said that. He continues with that snow job and it works. He says the sun is shining , when it is raining and we buy this circus act.

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  11. Yo ’67 whines:

    “1-4? 6-26 since he left the Eagles.”

    “Chip is a fraud. He hates recruiting. His players can’t stand him. He doesn’t run his gimmick offenses anymore because all of the defenses have caught up with that.”

    What’s your point, Einstein? You compare the mighty bozos to a 1 – 4 UCLA FB team. Why not compare Clown U to Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, etc. Certainly, those 5 – 0 teams aren’t as talented a the Clownsters. Those teams don’t carry 37 wideouts, and 3 shitty QB’s

    67, you’re a CS loser and a mental cupcake. If you feel good ragging on a 1 – 4 struggling Bruin FB team, knock yourself out.

    BTW 67, for the first time in 100 years, the 2018 bozo big 3, FB, BB, and Baseball teams finished their season with W/L records below .499.

    Not sure the UCLA has ever experienced such a lousy pathetic 3 team 1-year record.

    #0000000000000 forever and proud of it.


  12. I think someone had hellton in mind when they coined the phrase’ talk is cheap’
    He talks and never does one thing to fix ,he has no concept nor his coaches.
    You get all these penalties from poor practices and preparation. When you are not ready, ’cause you never have real practices, you are overmatched by teams that have real practices…real blocking and tackling at game speed…over and over again,it has a cumulative affect on teams and players, a confidence builder that one sees in practice and applies at game time…SC coaches thinks you can watch tape then do it…that is not how it gets done…or just walk through it, no you have to develop muscle ,ligaments and tendons while doing it. Same lies from the same fraud…

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    1. that’s pretty good quote…if he can tackle , he will play
      sounds like the development and practices are real
      hope he does well…he sure deserved better than SC ASSHOLES TREATED HIM

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