When It Comes To Carol Folt/Mike Bohn, Question Everything

It seems to me that USC fans are being asked to accept a lot from the new administration.

The fans haven’t been told much because Carol Folt and Mike Bohn have not had a press conference since bringing Clay Helton back. I’ll bet if this were another USC (South Carolina), there would be a press conference.

But Folt has given the impression on campus she must clean up other things first. And people who work in the administration say Folt and Bohn are hamstrung by the past incompetence of the athletic dept.

It is true Folt/Bohn inherited a mess.

But it is also true the football coaching position could have been fixed too. I’m not sure why people say Bohn just started a couple months ago. He applied for the job in September. Maybe early October. He should have been thinking about a successor and watching USC games from Cincinnati.

Every good athletic director always has a list of candidates for the football job. Bohn had to have one at Cincinnati. He couldn’t contact one of those guys?

There was a paralysis regarding football that Bohn inherited. And perpetuated. He should have hit the ground running. Instead, he took a step back.

15 thoughts on “When It Comes To Carol Folt/Mike Bohn, Question Everything

  1. If Folt and Bohn are hamstrung by the incompetence of Heritage Hall’s decisions the last few years then it begs the question as to why Steve Lopes is involved in the search for the next DC.

    Lopes is one of the main reasons HH is such a mess today. Bohn would have been better to keep him away from anymore decision making and should have brought in new Associate Athletic Director Brandon Sosna onto the DC search team.




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  2. Personal attacks are not polite so excuse me……just trying to help………please Bohn…….get somebody to cut your hair……you make millions for gosh sake. It looks like a super cuts Tuesday special.
    The virgin wool suit looks nice. .

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    1. After thinking about it Carol Folt is Mary Corleone, Michael’s daughter in Part III.

      That was a role who everyone had high hopes for until Coppola’s daughter gave a horrible performance. Same thing with Folt. Alot of hope for a great performance only to disappoint everyone everywhere.



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      1. Legendary New Yorker critic Pauline Kael’s last words were “I can’t decide between Hepburn in The African Queen and Coppola in Godfather 3…”
        Al Pacino: “He’s your first cousin!”
        Sophia Coppola: “Then I love him first.”

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      2. It’s happening, gt! Adam Sandler (Vincent Corleone) and Seth Rogen (Connie Corleone)…. together again for the first time since “Funny People.”


  3. This article is like all the other “woe is me” USC football fan articles. The lady has a university to run of which the football team is only a part. Appreciate her efforts to fix the issues at the University and try supporting something else other than just the football team.

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    1. Wolfman,
      We peons take the position that the complex, multi factor formulas for measuring the way Folt handles all her “other issues” add up to a bunch of bullshit. In sports everybody gets to measure the success of USC’s teams by checking out the scoreboard when the clock gets to zero. Remember that the next time you hear that the university is producing big result in one of those “other areas” while flaming out in the one area with true metrics– –sports.

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  4. LMAO!lopesisfredo i love it.

    Folt and Bohn are both really stupid people. Clay is a stupid coach but since he has tricked USC into taking care of him and his family for the rest of their lives maybe he is a genius outside of the football realm.

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  5. FOOTBALL IS EVERYTHING WOLFMAN!!!! USC WOULD NOT BE USC WITHOUT FOOTBALL!!!!!! GO READ ABOUT KECK school problems you idiot people like you is why our football program sucks in leadership!!;

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  6. Hey Wolfman. I would like you to know that many of the millionaire Alumni who support all the programs in the University are removing their support due to the bad decisions of the Athletic Department for the past several years. These are people that have supported many many other programs as I have myself through the years. You are dead wrong and should get your head out of the sand!


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