USC Morning Buzz: Questionable Judgment Abounds

Why didn’t Steve Lopes resign in the past few months instead of waiting to be fired? It would have been better for his reputation, wouldn’t it?

When the College Admissions scandal first broke, there was a question about whether it was Pat Haden or Lynn Swann took Lori Loughlin’s husband to August National Golf Club on a private jet. Emails recently revealed show it was Haden.

  • Alabama tailback Najee Harris has reportedly decided to return for his senior season.
  • Kedon Slovis is currently No. 3 in BetOnline’s Heisman odds. Below are full national title and Heisman odds:

Odds to Win the 2021 College Football Playoffs

Clemson                       9/4       

Alabama                       7/2       

Ohio State                    9/2       

LSU                              6/1       

Georgia                        8/1       

Florida                          14/1     

Auburn                          20/1     

Oklahoma                     20/1     

Notre Dame                  25/1     

Texas                           25/1     

Michigan                       33/1     

Penn State                    33/1     

Texas A & M                 40/1     

Florida State                 50/1     

Oregon                         50/1     

Wisconsin                     50/1     

Tennessee                    66/1     

Iowa State                    100/1   

Kentucky                      100/1   

Miami FL                       100/1   

Minnesota                     100/1   

Nebraska                      100/1   

USC                             100/1

Utah                             100/1

Washington                   100/1

Iowa                             150/1   

Oklahoma State            150/1   

BYU                             500/1   

***Notes: Other teams’ odds will be set on request.

2020 Heisman Trophy Winner

Trevor Lawrence – Clemson QB                         7/2       

Justin Fields – Ohio State QB                             4/1       

Kedon Slovis – USC QB                                     9/1       

Chuba Hubbard – Oklahoma State RB                10/1     

Mac Jones – Alabama QB                                  10/1     

Sam Ehlinger – Texas QB                                  10/1     

Spencer Rattler – Oklahoma QB                         10/1     

Tanner Morgan – Minnesota QB                         10/1     

Derek Stingley Jr – LSU CB/WR                          16/1     

Kenneth Gainwell – Memphis RB                        16/1     

Kyle Trask – Florida QB                                      16/1     

Myles Brennan – LSU QB                                   16/1     

Sam Howell – North Carolina QB                        16/1     

Ja’Marr Chase – LSU WR                                   20/1     

Justin Jefferson – LSU WR                                 20/1     

Bo Nix – Auburn QB                                           33/1     

Brock Purdy – Iowa State QB                              33/1     

Chatarius Atwell – Louisville WR                         33/1     

Ian Book – Notre Dame QB                                33/1

Javian Hawkins – Louisville RB                           33/1     

Jaylen Waddle – Alabama WR                            33/1     

Rondale Moore – Purdue WR                             33/1     

Trey Sanders – Alabama RB                               33/1     

Zamir White – Georgia RB                                  33/1     

Dillon Gabriel – UCF QB                                     50/1     

Jaret Patterson – Buffalo RB                              50/1     

Journey Brown – Penn State RB                         50/1     

Michael Penix Jr. – Indiana QB                           50/1     

Sean Clifford – Penn State QB                            50/1     

Spencer Sanders – Oklahoma State QB              50/1     

Tylan Wallace – Oklahoma State WR                  50/1     

21 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Questionable Judgment Abounds

  1. Singer responded: “Best to keep Pat out of it. When I met him a year ago about (your daughter), he felt you were good for a million plus.”

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, is St Pat about to go down or will it be he said he said ? Either way, Haden looks like shit with this and his foundation bullshit.

    Can USC hire people who aren’t total shit bags ?

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  2. I see the plan now… Mike Bohn waited for the odds to be posted. He’s going to bet $100K on USCwith several bookies around the country using proxy bets. Once the bets are accepted and odds are locked in he’s going to hire Urban Myers, who will wave a magic wand and cause the 3 star players to overachieve winning the National Championship. Bohn will clean up on his bets and retire to Westwood where everyone Owns owns condos.

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  3. The flip side of Slovis being as potentially good as he might be is the difference between an 8-4 record next year, which might save Helton, and a 5-7 or 6-6 record next year, which might get him canned.

    But if there was a first-rate HC and staff, then I think next year’s record would be closer to 11-2. It should have been this past year.

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    1. Slovis is brittle, his OL isn’t good, his OC leaves open to being hit on every play. But, his OC might bail to Hawaii or any other job that comes along so a new OC might protect him better by running the ball more than 5 times a game but the kid has got to bulk up or pray Gomer gets fired and the new coach actually can recruit good OL.

      I sued to think Gomer would get canned for going 5-7 but I don’t think Gomer being photographed having sex on Bohn’s desk with Folt would get him fired, though that would sully his ” integrity “, maybe.

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      1. OL will possibly be worse next year. I could not figure out how Fresno State and BYU were winning the LOS last year.

        Without Darnold, I believe that Helton is something like 0-7 against non-Pac 12 Power 5 opponents.


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      2. Slovis isn’t brittle. Nobody could take the hits he takes. For all his smarts, Harrell hasn’t helped Slovis much in “the art of not standing in the pocket for 2 seconds too long.” While waiting for something to open up downfield, Slovis shows that same patience you see from Russell Wilson ….but it’s not combined with Russell’s instinct for knowing when he’s about to take a hit [and covering up or moving]. I’m surprised that Kurt Warner didn’t spend more time with Slovis on this. He plays quarterback like Jerry Quarry used to fight — bravely standing straight up while all hell rains down on him.
        [Something to think about, karma: What happens if Helton is photographed having sex with Bohn on Folt’s desk]?

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      3. MG, he’s brittle, he needs some weight but I agree that no one aside from Darnold can survive a Gomer recruited OL.

        If Gomer bangs Bohn on Folt’s desk he’s got probably got a job for life !!!

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      4. karma,
        Ha! […and you just know that w.texasmike will post the video]…..

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  4. They don’t resign because they don’t believe they are going to be replaced. They have been so insular they lose all sight of reality. Also, unless USC goes to the Rose Bowl at a minimum, or the National Championship, both of which are a 200-1 with Helton at the helm, Slovis has no chance against a Trevor Lawrence or a Justin Fields. Under Helton, he has 0 chance because he needs the support of an entire team, and Helton doesn’t have the leadership, culture, identity or integrity to field that team. He’s got the players, but no skill set.

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    1. Probably true —UNLESS the Heisman voters are encouraged to employ the “difficulty factor” test used by Olympic diving judges….

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  5. Steve Lopes didn’t resign earlier because as a moron he thought Mark Jackson, current AD of Villanova, had a chance to get the USC AD job. Even Jackson thought he had a shot for the USC AD job as evidenced by when Villanova came to Los Angeles last year and he came along and shook hands with everyone who is anyone at USC. Both of those nuts (who were both instrumental in pushing Haden to hire Sark) had no clue how despised both were. Lopes thought if Jackson could come back to USC he had nothing to worry about. At worst, if he was forced to leave, at least he could have had Jackson assign him somewhere else at USC. Kind of like the sweet deal Nikias got for “resigning” as President.

    But, none of that happened and Lopes didn’t even get the chance to resign after 35 years. He was straight up fired. (Can anyone here imagine getting fired after 35 years at the same job? Most of you would be begging to resign and hoping to leave quietly).

    And for the record, that USC AD search committee received a significant number of e-mails telling them Lopes and Jackson were “radioactive” as candidates for the USC AD job. That committee asked the USC community for names to consider and gave an e-mail address to use. But they took notice when quite a few came in with no specific names but with a warning not to consider Lopes and Jackson at all. Word got around that these two losers were the ones responsible for USC’s lost athletic decade of the 2010’s.



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    1. Well said and insightful marvienna.
      Lopes reminds one of the classic grinning fraternity master. He’s handling the kegs or the grill – Martin Boorman comes to mind – you know – ‘Adolf’s’ gatekeeper. The best line you had –
      ‘Both of those nuts (who were both instrumental in pushing Haden to hire Sark) had no clue how despised both were.’

      Papadakis was hard against Mark Jackson because he stated Jackson was going to be Pete Carroll’s ‘go to’ guy. You know it is nice that once in a while someone who has long deserved to be publicly cashiered IS cashiered

      Well sir – truly well done!


  6. It’s quite possible that Lopes didn’t resign because he has ben rendered clueless. I am beginning to think the water at USC might be tainted. Maybe there’s some residue from one of those drug experiments from the 60’s being pumped into the water fountains in the Athletic department. We had Clueless Clay, Can’t cover the edges Clancy and just plain senile John Baxter. Whenever the department secretary sent them on an errand she would have a dog go along. When asked why the dog was sent, the secretary responded “So there will be a brain between them.”
    #check the water

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  7. The guy with all the dirt on these people is former USC Director of Football Operations, Jared Blank. Now lives in Portland, Oregon, with his parents. People need to interview him to get the inside story. Knows all about Haden, Helton, Sarkisian, Nikias, Pete Carroll, Cheryl Taplin, Lopes. Orr, Tessalone and Heinel.

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  8. It’s gonna be tough for Slovis to win the Heisman Trophy sitting on the bench.

    Don’t see Chucker JT on the list. Gomer must be distressed.


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