USC’s Greedy Push For Money Starts At Top

One thing that needs to be said regarding the College Admissions scandal and the role of athletic dept. employees.

It must include those at the top. USC has always had an attitude that you must push, push, push for more money. Whether it was Steven Sample, Max Nikias, Pat Haden or Lynn Swann. It includes a lot more people than that because every dept. on campus feels that pressure.

Brian Kennedy has donated $5 million to USC. But he ran afoul of Swann because he didn’t give more money after that.

You are only as good as your last check to USC. Just ask the people who made “lifetime” Cardinal and Gold donations in the 1950’s or 1980’s and then slowly lost all the promised benefits, whether it was seat locations, fees, parking, etc. They were told a one-time donation would cover a lifetime and then kept getting charged more.

It’s a culture.

The reason USC employees were trying to get big donations is because they were always being pushed to secure them. USC always acts like it needs more money. Look at how many trustees donated millions before they became members of the board.

  • Former USC basketball player Ja’Tavia Tapley, who transferred to Arizona State, was named national player of the week after the Sun Devils upset No. 2 Oregon and No. 3 Oregon State.

12 thoughts on “USC’s Greedy Push For Money Starts At Top

  1. You really think any other private university isn’t in ‘the hunt’ for more money 24/7? Really? Not saying the level of intensity is right but I also understand the need. Focus now shifts to Boston and what comes out in those trials.

    If other schools are laughing at USC’s plight well get ready for your own to be impacted as much based on what the final fallout imposes.

    Good riddance to the ‘mandarin gate keeper’ Lopes and good riddance to him

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    1. It’s about how USC lies to people and then turns around and says what they said wasn’t true, pay more or else.

      I saw how the athletic department fucked over baseball donor’s in the 80’s after they took it over from an alum who worked his ass off, it’s a lot like what Wolf posted about the C&G people, they fucked people over and wanted a LOT more money.

      At USC, it’s never enough when it comes to money, but fuck you when it comes to keeping their word.

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      1. Not saying it’s right but I’d say that is what one can expect at any major private university – Ivy League, Northwestern, Duke, Stanford. That’s my point – I doubt it’s one iota different elsewhere – not a bit different.


    2. The Pinkywood moan: Other private Universities are doing it excuses excuse.

      Maybe Commie Lush, but the big difference is not every P/U has been busted for illegal, CS schemes, so many times, as the Ripple & Puke, Cozener U.

      Peckerwood: 10 BB NC’s; He never had to employ a recruits Ta-Ta to sign a coveted recruit.

      Cozener U: 35 + lawsuits and countin’



      1. No fool for fool thou truly art….this is going to cascade everywhere on all private schools. Next time peruse a bit before your nature drives you to act as you always do.


  2. In other words what you are saying is that USC has an integrity problem at the same time they won’t consider hiring Urban Meyer who they say has an integrity problem.

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    1. I hope everybody here finds it as funny as I do when USC says they have an “integrity problem” with anybody or anything….

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  3. Yep. Ron wh-Orr was the king at that. Dad donated millions for baseball, football, tennis et al. Slowly degraded his “lifetime” donations and made him ADD secondary C & G accounts. Glad we are out now. I will not even watch the Alabama game, too embarrassing.

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  4. USC’s push for cold hard cash is an attempt to reach Stanford and Harvard levels of fundraising and be on par with each schools endowment amount. (Stanford has a 20+ billion endowment while USC is around 5+ billion). Fundraising is always good but fundraising alone won’t make USC kids just as smart as Stanford or Harvard kids just because the USC bank account gets bigger.

    That was Nikias’ mistake. He took any and all cash (instructed everyone else to do the same) but didn’t have the foresight to see how standing there with your hand open while turning a blind eye to scandals would make the university vulnerable.

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  5. Memo to: Pinkywood

    “No fool for fool thou truly art”…….LOL

    Commie Lush, what cheesy methodist fire and brimstone, lippy, ethics sermon did you plagiarize that “…thou truly art” babble?


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