Mike Bohn’s Behind-The-Scenes Spin Strategy

You probably have read how the firings of three athletic dept. employees is part of Mike Bohn’s master plan to save the athletic dept. It has merit.

But what fascinates me is the way the plan is being selectively leaked from Heritage Hall. Bohn is not speaking on-the-record to the media right now about what he is doing.

Instead, Bohn and Co. seem to prefer to take one media outlet and give it plenty of background information to get their message across.

It is not much different than how the university administration acted for many years: Whenever there was a big donation, the first announcement would come in the Los Angeles Times followed by a USC press release to the rest of the media.

It works until you screw up. The L.A. Times uncovered a lot of wrongdoing the past few years and then suddenly Max Nikias lost his fondness for the paper.

Bohn seems paralyzed in public, so the background campaign will get his message across, even if it is overshadowed by his decision to retain Clay Helton.

The problem is he might win over a few media members with selective leaks but the fans/boosters are probably never going to forgive him fo the Helton mess unless he fires the bumbling coach.

20 thoughts on “Mike Bohn’s Behind-The-Scenes Spin Strategy

  1. USC is running scared right now. Terminations will be announced —but not explained—for legal reasons. It’s the safest route for a university that is in damage control 9-5, M-F.

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    1. ‘bingo’….the administrators are now preparing for the 3rd party backdoor ‘accounts’ of what is going on from those just sacked. Only a fool would go to a microphone which would only invite more questions.

      Just be grateful Lopes is gone

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  2. As impossible as it sounds the heat on Bohn is mild compared to what it will be if Meyer takes over for Chip Kelly at UCLA. The odds of that are actually decent.


    1. I’d say Meyer’s NOT going to UCLA…..

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  3. so Bohn finally makes some positive changes and he gets zero credit.

    we all want Helton gone, but let’s at least appreciate when they take a step forward.

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    1. Stop, gametv. If Bohn were President he’d be focusing on protecting the security of Guam…..saying he’d get around to worrying about what to do with China and Russia later….

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  4. Of course it’s the same old approach. They still have tessalone running communications. He’s so completely incompetent, that he doesn’t know another way. If Bohn is so smart, he should’ve fired him, since he’s the #3 problem in the athletic department, not jacobson. Tessalone is as big a problem historically as Orr & Lopes. Glad those two are gone BTW!!!

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    1. Let me part company with you on Tessalone, 92. The guy who does that job –if he’s doing it right —is gonna be ‘Public Enemy #1’ to anybody & everybody sniffing around for USC dirt. He’s the fixer. If you’re as green and dumb as Bohn, you’d better have Tessalone to protect your ass. [As I’m writing this I can just see Bohn saying to himself “I want to replace Tessalone with somebody everybody likes, somebody who grants unlimited questions and never places any time limits on interviews.
      I bet that would work way better”]….


  5. USC is a real mess right now. Mike Bohn finds himself in a real pickle. He was selected by Carol Folt and the Board of Trustees committee (including Suzanne Nora, USC ’79). But now, he’s protecting himself, interim AD Dave Roberts (appointed by Carol Folt), Carol Folt and disgraced former USC President, Max Nikias. On May 3, 2017 the USC News Staff published it’s article entitled, “USC’s Dave Roberts Receives Athletic Compliance Group’s Highest Honor.” Here’s what it wrote:
    ” Dave Roberts, special adviser to USC President C.L. Max Nikias on issues of athletic compliance, has been named winner of the 2017 Frank Kara Leadership Award by the National Association for Athletic Compliance. Roberts came to USC in the summer of 2010 as vice president of athletics compliance, a position he held until last year. “Dave Roberts helped USC build a gold standard for athletic compliance,” Nikias said. This well- deserved honor stands in testament to his inspired leadership, his brilliant legal mind and his remarkable tenacity – traits that enabled our compliance office to affirm the integrity of our entire athletic department. The Trojan Family wholeheartedly salutes him” http://news.usc.edu/121089/uscs-dave-roberts-receives-athletic-compliance-groups-highest-honor/

    Dave Roberts arrived at USC shortly after Lane Kiffin arrived as coach in 2010. He was at USC with the firing of Kiffin, Haden’s refusal to appoint Coach Orgeron as permanent Head Coach, and the appointment of Sarkisian who was known as a drinker. Roberts was also employed while Pat Haden was Athletic Director. He leaves in 2016, but then Carol Folt brings him back in 2019. Scandal after scandal during his terms, and poof, he’s gone. Not a word from anyone about how such scandals took place during the reign of this “recognized compliance leader.” How was this Nikias sidekick unable to see and discover the criminal conduct happening in his own athletic department ?

    The questions for USC President Carol Folt is why would you bring back Dave Roberts as interim AD, what investigation has taken place over all the conduct inside the Athletic Department during his reign, why would you fire Lynn Swann as AD, and not fire Clay Helton – unfortunately, ” the national face of USC” ?

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  6. The only thing that can make this mess even more bizarre is that we find out Kim Helton paid a bribe to Pat Haden to get his boy Clay the Head Coaching Job.

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  7. So Bohn holds a meeting this morning with the athletic department staff to chide and berate them for the leak regarding the firing of the 3. Says they will find out who did it. What a fucking tool. Look in the mirror for the person responsible for word leaking out. It’s all on you asswipe. Look to your legal folks, not the hard working staff.


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