Looking Good For Joe Barry

USC tried to interview former player/current New Orleans Saints defensive line coach Ryan Nielsen for the defensive coordinator’s position but the Saints denied permission for an interview, according to athletic dept. sources.

That leaves Joe Barry. I’m told Mike Bohn has signed off on hiring Barry and an announcement could be made in the next 24 hours barring any complications.

What an exhaustive search. Bring in one candidate to campus. Have A.D. sign off. Fighting on to victory!

19 thoughts on “Looking Good For Joe Barry

  1. Great to hear that SC football is so selective in looking for exactly the right coach to get the defense back on track.

    The name “Joe Barry” reminds me of the former Golden State Warrior center from many years ago, Joe Barry Carroll.

    Joe Barry Carroll put forward so little energy on the court that his nickname was “Joe Barely Cares”.



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  2. C’mon lil scotty…. get some better sources. Just because you say only one candidate has been interviewed, doesn’t mean that is the truth. My sources tell me that there have actually been 4, possibly 5, in person interviews. Two of them have taken place on campus.

    Maybe if you were allowed on campus, you would be able to find out more information instead of whining about how the LA Times gets information before you…

    Candidates interviewed in person: Joe Barry (on-campus), Rocky Long (on-campus), Scott Hazelton (in-person, off campus), Kris Richard (in-person, off campus – wants to stay in the NFL, only will come to college if as a head coach – and likely doesn’t want to work for CH), and one other interview that was set to take place on Monday or Tuesday of this week, with a coach that was still in season as of Sunday – could have been an assistant at the NFL level or possibly on one of the two teams that played on Monday.

    This all comes from reliable sources and was verified with travel/flight information, as well as texts to/from the coaches that were interviewed. Scott, don’t get out worked by someone that isn’t even supposed to be covering USC…. quit being so lazy and give your readers some good, reliable, and proven information.

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      1. gt,
        Any “interview” that doesn’t take place on campus with both Helton and Bohn present is more like a “feeler.” A 30 second phone call to a bar and grill is not an “interview.”
        Bottom line: In all probability, one person is willing to take the job –Joe Barry. [And– when and if Barry is announced— we’ll all know what the story was all along]……

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    1. Can Trojanhead start a blog?

      Very informative and obviously is connected to real time information.

      Looks like the ship has sailed on Scotty’s sauces (sic as per Trojan Hoops Board).


    2. I wouldn’t rule out Richard or anyone else coming on as a member of Helton’s staff because I think all of them see the opportunity to steal his job from him.


  3. The Tessalone comments are funny, but Tessalone wishes he had my sources.
    No thanks on the blog though. I’ll continue to use Scotty’s lack of real journalistic skills to provide you all with reliable information. I also have a real job that takes up most of my time, I just come here to punk Scottie because he and I have a history, and I like to clown him for not having a job, credibility, or any insight to what is really “inside usc”

    I’ll be back for more later….

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  4. Jackson announced he is gone………no matter how slow he is……..the next guy up is 2x slower……….We are totally screwed next year……….there are going to be some nasty blowouts.

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  5. It sounds like Barry is the only guy stu- I mean, brave enough to take on the USC defense with the Gomer Air Raid as the offense of choice. QB’b by none other than Chucker JT of course. Chucker will miraculously [again] outplay everybody in Spring and Fall practices. ‘Earning’ himself the starting job – the decision not being influenced by his dad, multiple life coaches, and several pizza parties. Slovis will enter the transfer portal immediately after Spring practice – that’s my prediction.

    No mention of a ST coach being interviewed or hired to replace Baxter. Of course not having a ST coach maybe an upgrade from Baxter.

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    1. My thoughts are Helton is going to start JT.
      JT is going to be running for his life against the TIDE and get hurt.
      In comes Slovis to save Heltons ass again.

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      1. Helton is a fraud as a coach, craig —but he’s a genius at sandbox politics. He won’t start J. T. —-but he’ll hold off naming Slovis starter (or giving him the majority of snaps) until the last possible moment so as to look integrified (unwittingly setting Slovis up for the slaughter)….

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      2. Craig,

        I’m with you. Gomer can’t control himself. He’ll rationalize Chucker starting because he lost his starting job due to injury. No matter Slovis had a record-breaking Frosh season.

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