Morning Buzz: Will LSU Do What USC Could Not?

Did you see Ed Orgeron wants to hire former USC defensive lineman Ryan Nielsen as LSU defensive coordinator? Nielsen is the New Orleans Saints’ defensive line coach.

The Saints, apparently, are balking.

Now this should not be a surprise to InsideUSC readers with long memories. Because a year ago, I wrote USC wanted to interview Nielsen for the defensive coordinator’s job but was denied permission by the Saints.

LSU will push a lot harder than USC, I’m sure, to get the Saints to back down. Nielsen’s stock will just keep increasing the longer things play out.

Nielsen was a soft-spoken player at USC but has become a rising star in coaching circles.

  • Michigan’s leading rusher, Zach Charbonnet, has entered the transfer portal. USC recruited Charbonnet when he was at Oaks Christian.

But why would Charbonnet want to come to USC? It rushes the ball 39 percent of the time, has an offensive coordinator that doesn’t care if it runs and can’t even run a short-yardage play over center.

Then again, coaches can sometimes talk players into believing anything so maybe there is a chance for USC.

19 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Will LSU Do What USC Could Not?

  1. Being honest here I neither saw what LSU was doing nor do I care.
    As far as transfers, USC appears to be using the wrong bait when going after big fish in the transfer portal. They might land him if they get a new fisherman (or two)


    1. It’s kind of important to actually have the position coach on staff when you’re trying to recruit a player, they probably would like to know who will be coaching them.

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      1. They’d probably LIKE to do things in that order, karma — if only someone would take the job…..


      2. The Sub-Human Turtle (R) Moscow Mitch throws Comrade Trump under the bus…



        AHA HA HA HA HA HA!

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  2. Gomer ” Zach, we’d like you to come to USC and be our next star running back ”

    Charbonnet ” How many times a game do you run the ball ? ”

    Gomer ” Zach, it’s all about the quality of times we run the ball not quantity ”

    Charbonnet ” So, how many times a game is that ? ”

    Gomer ” Well Zach, that all depends on how many running plays Opie calls a game, not to mention which of our 3 backs are the favorite the week of the game ”

    Charbonnet ” Will I run the ball 20-25 times a game ? ”

    Gomer ” Zach, that’s jut not who we are but we are all about Faith Family and Football ”

    Charbonnet ” I think I’ll find an SEC, ACC or Big 10 school to play for “

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    1. Thanks for the good laugh, karma! [For the record, yesterday I stupidly wrote that your comment was the the first clever one in 3 weeks —if I had taken 3 seconds to compose my remark I would have said it was the cleverest in 3 weeks]…..


    2. Char bonnet does not have exceptional speed, isn’t a power back, and isn’t particularly evasive from what I remember while seeing him play at Oaks Christian. Good luck to the kid. Think he should consider changing positions if he wants to play.


  3. Checklist for Running Backs who want to get paid someday:

    – Will I become a better pass catcher at the school?
    – Will I learn pass protections and practice picking up blitzes?
    – Does the school have a good medical staff and S&C coach who will help with my durability?
    – Will I play special teams that will help my marketability in the pros?
    – Will the school take care of me for sacrificing my body, ruining
    my knees, and taking repeated blows to the head?

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    1. -Will the school go to bat for team against NCAA?
      -Will the school go to bat for team against Pac12?
      -Will the school go to bat for player falsely accused?

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  4. The fact that USC has a second shot at the #2 rated back coming out a couple of years ago, when the Creole cousins, Zach Charbonnet & Kayvon Thinbadeaux out of Oaks Christian BOTH were misses, is a miracle!

    That scumbag Graham Harrell has no interest in LA recruiting bc he thinks his best shots will be to keep his Texas connections for a head coaching job, only he’s too stupid to stop watching wraxilin’ for a while and learn something useful.

    Well the best thing he can learn is to respect the people who are paying him, and recruit for USC’s sake, not his own. But football-wise, he needs to learn basic blocking schemes and how to teach his QBs protections and reading the defense, the run game and the blocking for that, teaching the 3/5/7 step drops and route timing and ball handling on play action.

    He can keep his 4 wide scramble drill for for 35% of plays, and make them overwhelmingly passing. But he has to teach the QB to line up under center to both run and do some play action, and also have some credible run out of his shotgun formations where he keeps more RPO (there’s a misused and over used term) with H-Backs/Fullback (some people think the FB/TE splitback alignment is better but going old school WC offense has its advantage of not giving away where the blocking or potential pass catcher even the run).

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