USC Looking At Another Air Raid Line Coach

Clay McGuire, a Mike Leach and Air Raid veteran, is a top candidate to get hired at USC, according to ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg.

McGuire spent six seasons at Washington State and four at Texas Tech with Leach.

More importantly, he was at Texas Tech and Washington State with Harrell.

Now, McGuire certainly knows how to coach pass protection for the Air Raid.

But how effectively did Washington State run the ball during Leach’s tenure?

Of course, Clay Helton’s a bystander in all of this.

17 thoughts on “USC Looking At Another Air Raid Line Coach

  1. The “Air Raid” offense sucks…not a good fit for USC.

    USC needs to get back to a power running game that will open up the passing game.

    USC also needs to utilize the TE and FB positions.


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      1. I discovered something weird on this video. Something I haven’t seen in a long, long while. A lot of the time Trojan runners and receivers weren’t doing anything special. I counted at least 7 plays where they were ‘helped’ by other, bigger players in USC uniforms who got between them and Oklahoma tacklers….

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  2. So USC can’t even hire the O-line coach from Arkansas? Now USC is raiding Texas State for an O-line coach? Texas State? How times have changed.

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  3. Wow. another air raid coach . I can’t believe USC is making such a committment to an offense that has never won anything, and with that
    Graham Harrell is given full control on the hiring of assistant coaches.
    Texas Tech, and Washington State rarely have winning records, and are usally at the bottom of their conference standings. The team will finish at 500 next season

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    1. .500 record wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world….IF…. we lost 6 straight under Helton…. then won our last 6 under new head coach, Donte Williams.

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  4. This guy is a joke. One year they only averaged 29 yards a game running for a 12 game season. Another year they averaged 36 yards a game for a 12 game season.. They don’t seem to be able to just go out and get a real good coach. They get coaches by connection. This guy is connected to Graham Harrell because he work with him at Texas Tech and I think at WSU. If you look at the rushing stats of the teams that he coached, they are terrible. Up until now they have went after some pretty good coaches but they couldn’t get them. This guys resume stinks.

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    1. As I understand it, SC was going hard after Klayton Adams(Indianapolis O-Line coach). Well he signed with Arizona state. Another lost opportunity. To me, that’s a red flag because they were going after him hard and he chose ASU instead. That would never have happened if Pete Carroll was going after someone. It’s hard to bring in a great assistant coach when you have a HC that is annually on the hot seat. I’m sure CH is working hard to bring someone in but CH has no clout. They tried also with Adrienne Klemm a great O-Line coach. He wasn’t interested. Then there was the Arkansas O-Line coach Brad Davis. He wasn’t interested either. Now I here they are going after Herb Hand the former Texas O-Line coach. Let’s see if they have any better luck with him. I’d just like to see them get a guy who can make them a outstanding running team. They haven’t had that in awhile. I really think that if they had had a good running game last year they would have had a really good team. This new guy Clay Mcguire has a resume that is comical.


  5. Was reading about how one columnist thought that the Iowa State coach should be USC’s next HC. Part of their argument was how the Cyclones had smashed Oregon , by mostly controlling the LOS, which- regardless of how unfair their path was to the PAC12 title game- has beaten USC the past two years. This prompted me to look up ISU’s OL and how they were ranked as recruits remembering how 5 Star Thibodeaux and company had dominated SC at the LOS. Some basic observations from the ISU OL:
    – All 3 Star recruits
    – Recruits from all over the country, not just local Iowa boys
    – A mix of RS Sophmores (1),JRs (2) and SRs (2 SRs)
    – All but 1 of the linemen were recruited as Tackles, not Guards.
    – All were BIG OL ( 6’4” to 6’ 6”) and long.

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      1. Can you clarify, partner? Big OL? All OT recruits instead of OGs? In high school, your best OL usually always play OT. Makes me think about that Big OL’lineman from Ohio who let Anthony Barr obliterate Matt Barkley; dude was an offensive guard in high school, but converted to OT. We want the opposite.

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      2. Clarification on it’s way, your honor!
        Matt Campbell for Head Coach.
        [Thanks for reminding me of what a disaster Aundrey Walker was. Poor Matt knew after the Stanford game that it was a mistake to have come back with nobody protecting his blindside. I still believe Matt never recovered full arm strength after that hit by Barr —and I worry about the same damn thing happening to Kedon….that is, if it hasn’t already happened]…

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      3. Aundray Walker, that’s him. Man, looked the part. In his defense, counsel, he did play offensive GUARD in high school, but the Kiffster thought he could play OT. Oh well, Matt paid dearly.
        Funny how you mention Slovis’ future being in jeopardy, that is how I feel about all the RBs that have passed through SC. I know that I harp on Stephen Carr, but dang, in that 1st game against Western or Central Michigan- too lazy to look it up- he looked liked the second coming. Then he damaged his neck/ back in like the fourth game and he has never been the same.
        As a casual fan from Los Angeles (Spanish Accent, of course), I just want SC to win championships and for all the players to get their$.

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