USC Fans Don’t Want To Hear About Baby Steps

Every time USC hires someone, like a strength coach or a recruiting analyst, I get told how Mike Bohn is adding another piece to the puzzle and building a better program.

But here is the problem: This is a job for Bohn and his minions.

So they can live with a 5-1 season where USC looks awful vs. Arizona, and barely beats unimpressive UCLA and Arizona State. Oh, and loses to two-loss Oregon.

They could live with the 8-5 season in 2019.

But the fans, who have the passion, cannot live with these middling results. They want more. They want their old USC back.

They don’t want to hear about Mark Ratner (above) from the movie, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” Ratner held the title, “assistant to the assistant manager of the movie theater.”

The fans want real change. Got it?

  • Ryan Nielsen parlayed his LSU job offer into a three-year contract extension and assistant head coach title from the New Orleans Saints.

9 thoughts on “USC Fans Don’t Want To Hear About Baby Steps

  1. When Scottie wrote “Assistant to the assistant manager of the movie theater”, I thought Helton’s name would appear next to that job title.

    Good for Ryan Nielsen – always good to see a Trojan succeed.

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  2. Scott,
    Who is your target audience for the “got it?” question? Is Bohn or anyone on the BOT on this blog? Helton? Anyone who can make a change?

    Let us know so we can target our comments.


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  3. All Bohn is doing by hiring Helton’s staff by piecemeal is sabotaging himself and USC. I stated this last week when I posted that when or if Bohn finally fires Helton, there is no coach worth a damn that will accept Bohn telling him that he has to accept two or three holdovers from the previous regime. One step up and two back.

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  4. Results are important so the 5-1 record is almost secondary. If the team played with more discipline, better fundamentals, and, most importantly, played to their potential or not down to the opponents level, then most fans would be ok with the result. If another teams just plays better and makes more plays, then Amen- you lost to a better team that day.
    Unfortunately, not since the Sam Darnold led Rose Bowl win has a Helton led team played this way. That is why I am disappointed in how the team is being coached. It stinks that some players may be suffering.

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    1. Fast Times- the pressure to have sex when we’re not ready for it. I was on the football team, but had a real good excuse to not go to after parties where all the players hooked up with high school football groupies- I had to work the next day. Proud to say, I stayed a virgin through high school.


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