Thanks, Enfield!

It’s great that USC is 11 -3 overall.

But it is extremely frustrating to watch USC fail to get off even an average shot at the end of tonight’s game with Oregon State.

A loss is nothing to be ashamed of. But it’s the fact that over the past eight seasons, USC has had many games where it could not get off a good shot when it mattered.

And why does Evan Mobley get only eight shots? He is supposed to be a top 3 pick in the NBA Draft and gets eight shots? Of course, USC has time to take 20 shots from 3-point range.

4 thoughts on “Thanks, Enfield!

  1. Enfield is a mediocre Coach plain and simple. The team stinks
    on the road most of the time to inferior opponents. What do
    you expect from a team that has to go into overtime against
    Cal Baptist and UC Riverside. Are you serious with that kind of focus? Ethan Anderson is a total waste right now. How many
    time outs taken at the end with no inbound play developed.


  2. At least we’re seeing Scott appreciate the potential this team represents. Anderson needs to be a “pass-only” PG until he finds his game.


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