Remembering Some Jon Arnett Accomplishments

Some excerpts from the 1956 USC yearbook on Jon Arnett:

“As a sophomore, he led the team in scoring, rushing, pass completion percentage, punt returns, pass interceptions and had a 44.4 yard per punt average for the year.

“This last year, as a junior, he scored 108 points and was second in the nation in this category. He led the team in scoring, rushing, total offense, punting average, punt returns, kickoff returns and he led the backs in defensive points.

“Jon was named to the All-PCC team since he led the conference in scoring, punt returns and kickoff returns. Of the opponents that select all-opponent teams, he made those of Cal, Notre Dame, Oregon, Texas and UCLA.

“In the Rose Bowl last year he averaged 12.5 yards per carry, completed 2 passes and punted for an amazing 61 yard average.”

14 thoughts on “Remembering Some Jon Arnett Accomplishments

  1. I recall reading he also participated in track and was close to recording 25′ in the long jump. He moved to rural Oregon many years ago and apparently never had any inclination to come back to Ca.

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    1. I encourage all the youngsters on this site to head to YouTube to watch 5 mins of Jon running the football. He was the picture of balance and grace —-carrying the ball in his right hand with his left arm held out for balance whenever he made a cut. Being a runner who NEVER ran in a straight line his whole life, Jon was often asked how he knew which way to cut at the line of scrimmage in order to get to the open field. Jon always replied “you just know.”

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      1. P. S.
        Thanks for your tributes to this phenomenal Trojan player, Scott. I doubt we’ll hear anything from the President of the University or the Athletic Director or the Head Football Coach….

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    2. Thank you for your articles about Jon Arnett. I was so disappointed that the LA Times did so little to celebrate his life and times. LA was his hometown, Manuel Arts HS , USC and settling in the South Bay.

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  2. I was a little too young to see him play MG, but wasn’t also blessed with some superior speed to go along with his size and obvious coordination? I guess a 25′ long jump partially answers that question….

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    1. Speed-wise he reminds me of Christian McCaffery —once he got in the open, he was impossible to catch. He could really turn it on. Also had great hands —one year with the Rams he had 1000 yards rushing and a 1000 yards receiving….

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  3. If Arnett were in his prime today he wouldn’t even be able to make a Clay Helton coached team.

    Arnett is lucky he didn’t have to face the size of defenses today.

    Stop fantasizing about how good you thougt this guy was.


    1. TO, your comment is about as accurate as your argument from a couple of years ago that Cal State Long Beach is a better university than MIT, Cal Tech, Princeton.

      Arnett was 5’11”, about 200 lbs. 25′ long jump, 100 yard dash around 9.7. If he was active today, he would benefit from the nutrition and training advances that today’s players have. You are taking up too much space here with gibberish. Take a hint from Mr. T:

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      1. I think tebow would be so much happier if he just went outside for a walk in the fresh air…..

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    2. Can a player be Great in an era ( great amongst his contemporaries of the time) yet not as “ good” as modern players?
      Perhaps. NFL linemen in the 70s were 240 to 250 lbs. Can you imagine what guys like Derrick Henry what to do to those guys?
      That said, it isn’t Arnett’s fault that players of his era weren’t as big or fast ( or integrated in the South) but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t great. Just my opinion, TO.


  4. A 9.7 100 yd dash time can play in any era, and Arnett had vision, moves, and could cut on a dime like Marcus Allen. You are right though Helton would move him to wide receiver 2nd team because he is a poor judge of talent, and a terrible head coach on top of it. Even though Arnett went to Manual Arts right down the block from SC he would not even come to SC today with today’s air raid which is a joke.

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