Notes: USC Transfer Target Offensive Lineman Chooses Oklahoma

Wayna Morris, a former Tennessee offensive lineman who had USC in his final three transfer choices, committed to Oklahoma.

The former five-star recruit was envisioned as a left tackle at USC.

But did his decision get impacted by having to block in the Air Raid offense?

  • Former USC guard Kevin Porter Jr. is expected to be traded or released after an outburst where he reportedly threw food after the team gave his locker to another player. He has not played this season because of “personal issues.”

This sounds a lot like Porter’s lone season at USC, where he missed a large portion with an injury, seemed in no hurry to return, had an outburst with Andy Enfield and generally disappointed.

  • Martin Luther King spoke at USC’s Bovard Auditorium on Oct. 16, 1967.

27 thoughts on “Notes: USC Transfer Target Offensive Lineman Chooses Oklahoma

  1. No surprise here. OU was one of the better teams at the end of the year. Given the one-sided results of all 3 playoff games, it was certainly equal to either ND or CLemson.
    So do you go to OU who has a coach who can win games, runs the football and actually develops players? Or do you go to USC who has a coach who can’t beat anybody with a winning record, forgot what running the football is and has a history of of overseeing players regress?
    If the kid has a brain, it was a no-brainer from the start…

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    1. He does need more exposure- being a 5 Star, good NFL teams know who he is already. Just look at Jordan Simmons who was a 5 Star coming out of Crespi, didn’t really play at SC, yet started for the Seattle Seahawks. If a player is good enough, he will make it in the league.


  2. Not cool that USC is resorting to transfer OL. Why not look around the West. Wazzu has traditionally had some big dudes up front and Stanford has been a power team for a decade or more now. Utah has produced some good big uglies, too.

    I know there are arguments that kids aren’t as big on the West coast but I call b.s. on that. If USC wants to become a power team (debatable) with great linemen, then nothing prevents it from looking for those guys out here. They’re not all in the S.E.C. If you buy into the hype that the West has no players, then you give in to the dumb logic of those nuts from the South.

    The West is not becoming devoid of linemen. USC simply chooses to run a soft offense and so it looks like there are no linemen from the West who want to come to USC. Or tough running RB’s who instead decide to leave (Stepp).



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  3. I’m shocked, MLK, Jr. speaks at Clown U. I bet it was on a Sunday, at 3:30am, in competition with the drunkin’ revelry of a lucky SUCC FB victory.


  4. MLK at USC has to be one of the most memorable days for the students ever at the school. The inspiration or impact it had or just the wow factor for that time.

    But it’s a shame that we can’t land a Transfer at USC when the early polls have the team in the top 10 (for what it’s worth)

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    1. Good question, Sammy. I think what it boils down to is that some players want the easy way out academically and have put all of their eggs in one basket- football. OU could never be part of the PAC12 because of low academics. Then there are the Ceyair Wright’s of the world; they choose USC for all of the benefits outside of football – his words (it isn’t the easy way out academically, but the networking is top notch as well). It is one reasons why I would want my kids to go to SC- to network with dudes like MG and 67.
      That’s my take anyway.

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      1. That’s a good point Arturo. I think that Helton being coach makes the decision easier on potential transfers to play at SC. But you are right the academic part is a load that some young students aren’t ready for when they get to a place like SC and it’s understandable for them to do what’s right for them if they know they are probably better off not attending the university for those certain reasons.
        Also, i don’t believe we’ll be a top 10 team next year. Not happening with all the key guys leaving.

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    2. As Bhudda noted earlier today or maybe yesterday, the revolving door of O-line coaches under Helton makes it a tough sell to get a lineman who has opportunities like OK.

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      1. Perhaps if those Oline coaches were quality coaches. A revolving door isn’t bad in and of itself. A coach like Nick Saban has had a bit of a revolving door when it comes to coaches. Still, he has resurrected several coaches’ careers, but those coaches weren’t chopped liver to begin with ( it doesn’t hurt that Bama pays those coaches $2 mil plus.)
        As far as SC goes, I don’t think that the cupboard is bare when it comes to O- linemen; maybe a little raw, but not bare. Could this be enough to entice a quality Oline coach?

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      2. That’s true, and let’s be honest if we ourselves can see the team is soft then these recruits are definitely seeing it and/or at least hearing the CFB voices say it. It starts at the the top as we all know and that’s what hurts USC being led by Helton.

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      3. Nice exchange, gentlemen. Neil Callaway was an irresponsible hire. The interviews he gave while he was at USC showed he had absolutely no interest in doing his job. Drevno, better, but who wouldn’t be. Harrell has painted himself in a corner in which he constantly faces an 8 man zone and Slovis has to wait and wait for something to develop. Need a more balanced offense.

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    3. Here is a real question, Sammy, with regards to the NFL:
      Last year, 29 out of the 32 first round picks were Black- in a league comprised of more than 70% Black players. Why aren’t there more Black Head Coaches? In fact, there are only 3 minority coaches ( 2 Black). Eric Bienemy, the OC of the Super Bowl Champs KC Chiefs, has been their OC for the past 3 years and hasn’t sniffed a HC position, What is up with that?

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      1. The game is going to change now that more and more QBs are Black. The leader is the QB. They’re making the most of that because there were mostly no athletic QBs in the NFL like today. So the stage is now bigger for everyone to take notice then it was.. We know the league can be racist. Eric Bienemy should have been a HC 3-4 years ago from what people have said. Then you got Jerry who pretends that his players are his family or that this player is a genius of a football mind but he won’t hire Tyron Smith or Emmit Smith as HC. It’s a diverse league compared to yesterday, but the numbers, facts, or common sense don’t show that. Racism is heavily around the NFL still.

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      2. Arturo, many aspects to your question. One is whether there is implicit discrimination. One way to assess that is to look at the W-L of the black coaches who have been fired over time and compare to that of white coaches. If race is an issue, then this implies there are some exceptional black coaches who can be hired into HC positions. If this is true, I’d love to see one of those guys replace Clay. FWIW, I met Karl Dorrell a couple of times, and he is an honest and principled person. Great guy. I am glad to see it looks like he is turning around Colorado. He might be the best coach ucla has had in the last 20 years.

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      3. 67 and Sam,

        67, That was deep. Good, astute, stuff.

        Sammy, you killed it as well.

        Cheers, gentlemen. (Even though I don’t and never will drink)

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      4. I encourage everyone to read J Reid’s article in ESPN about the lack of inclusion in the NFL when it comes to Black HCs. It is under the Undefeated. Pretty factual and not opinionated.

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  5. Air Raid offense is not attractive to offensive lineman especially if the team finished last in the Pac 12 in rushing offense. Coach Harrell, thinks the air raid works with or without offensive lineman and tight ends, boy does he have alot to learn and thus the reason Texas Tech never won anything in the Big 12 when he was there just some big passing numbers, but few wins.

    The Air Raid is a gimmick offense that works as a surprise, but once a team learns how to defend it you must have a running game.

    John Mckay is rolling over in his grave wondering who hired Helton, Harrell, and Bone, and how in the world do you win football games vs. Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Alabama finishing last in a weak conference in rushing. Yes, new assistant coaches are needed, but first you must let go the two men at the top who brought this crazy offense to USC in the first place.

    Mckay brought balance on offense, and used the pass to take the focus off his tailbacks. Still today balance on offense, and speed on defense still work. We have a bunch of “nutty” professors thinking the game has changed which it has, but it still requires balance between the run and pass on defense.

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      1. Yes, though it would be even better if we could sell the guys on a top 5-10 football program as well. Unfortunately, Folt and the BOT don’t want the latter.

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      2. Academics and Sports are two different animals. You think ANY top athlete attends any university for academics? I am sure that is why the SEC football teams are so good. Academics. And yes, Vanderbilt sucks at football.


  6. Y’all touched around the subject but Oklahoma actually has an O-Line coach.

    My guess is that might have been a factor.

    Dead horse but why are we even here? Helton is not worthy of coaching USC.

    Thanks Lynn, you should have had more respect for USC football.


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