USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


“Coach Bohn, you got the strength coach. Coach Graham, you got O-line. Coach Donte, you lasso the recruits. Me? I’ll monitor the burgers over here in my BLVD apron.”

Markese Stepp

The tailback joined a team (Nebraska) that rushed 59 percent of its offensive plays last season.

Carson Palmer

The Heisman Trophy winner made the College Football Hall of Fame. I predict Chris Claiborne will be the next USC player inducted following Palmer.

Ronald Jones

He gained 62 yards for Tampa Bay yesterday which made me wonder why USC hasn’t replaced him the past three seasons?

Robert Stiner

The new strength coach from Notre Dame can also pass for former USC linebacker Cameron Smith.

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Klete Keller

Well, no one can say USC/USA Swimming did not get enough publicity last week. At least he didn’t wear his USC swimming jacket to the Capitol.

Urban Meyer fans

Jacksonville did what USC would not and now Meyer will not be spending weekends with Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush. Who will USC fans want now?

Pac-12 offensive linemen

They just don’t compare to Alabama or Ohio State, do they?

Mark Trakh

The USC women’s basketball team beat No. 25-ranked Washington State on Friday night but lost to UC Riverside, 54-52, on Sunday.

45 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Why that guy is Coaching the Women’s Basketball Team I will not understand.
    Will Mike Gillespie’s son in law be hired again to coach Baseball? He was his son in law right? Still you get my point but what can we do but complain.

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      1. I agree he has the team in a better direction than Dan Hubbs and had a real good start to his first season until the pandemic. His latest recruiting class was in the top 25 and I believe the current one is looking to be better. Hubbs recruited very strange trying to do what SC football does turning a player to another position just because he has potential to play another position. I remember we had more SS than outfielders going into one season with 4. The team beat a couple of rank teams before the season stopped I hope we have a season to continue momentum but I was referring to the usual hire a friend or brother thing we seem to have at SC with the football mainly and the rehire of the ball coach.

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      2. Budda,

        I agree about the SC baseball coach. He did a great job at LMU. If last season had been played out, I think SC would hve gone to the playoffs. They were looking good

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      1. You are Taken Over by the DEMON that is You… Loving EVIL SOCIALISM. With HATRED ….. in America.


  2. Every day that goes by Gomer wins. He is collecting the kind of money they only dream about in the poorer parts of the south.
    For basically screwing up a program.
    and they think Al Capone was crooked.
    From now on I call him The Godfather. Don Helton.

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    1. He’s not worthy of such an esteemed moniker. CH may be a crook but but he’s a more of a suck. Sucks don’t get to be The Godfather, they get to be footsoldiers who end up spending some jail time.
      Helton’s jail time is having a fan base that despises him because, from a football perspective, his soul is dead.

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      1. Connie would kick Fredo’s behind, MG. Remember who ordered the hit on Joey Zaza (spelling) and what Michael said about her afterward.

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      2. Actually, by the time Connie got to the point where she could kick anybody’s ass, Fredo had already gone on his last fishing trip.
        Socio/historical note: Vincent took care of Zaza –and he did it in classic Sicilian fashion: after he shot him, he mockingly said Zaza’s name out loud.


      3. MG,

        I want to keep it real, bud, the hysterical comment is and was a chauvinistic comment back in the day and it is even worse now. My opinion. Respect, brother, I always got some for you.

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      4. Okay. Okay, my friend. Connie COULD kick Fredo’s ass.
        [The “hysterical” comment was simply Michael trying to dodge Connie’s accusation: She was right —Michael did kill Carlo. Sicilian Rule of Thumb: It’s always okay to say something sexist if it gets you off the hook for murder].


  3. Bill Obrien will emerge from the Saban Coordinator Rebuild Machine in two years and that’ll give him just enough time to either snag the SC job or get his job back at Penn State

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    1. USC will never hire that guy, he’s was never a player or assistant at USC, he doesn’t get USC.

      As Gomer would say

      ” That’s just not who we are “

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    1. I like the way the media is essentially taking the position it would have been better if they just paid the tax……

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  4. USC needs OL help. They fire the OL coach, don’t have a new one on the radar, the transfer portal has players who could help now but it’s tough to sell a kid when you don’t have a coach.

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    1. We couldn’t sign top o-lineman (with one exception) when we HAD an o-line coach — Helton thinks we can’t do any worse without one….


  5. Loser: Me I posted the same post twice. Did you see it? Me neither, makes me wonder how people like Tebowobama are allowed to post.
    Loser: Carol Folt who re-read the memo from Mike Bohn staying we need a finesse coach. She mistakenly read “finish us” and told Bohn to keep Helton.
    Loser : Mike Bohn who showed he has no backbohn (or front bohn either) for not arguing the dollars and sense of being rid of Helton.
    Because the rest of the post is what I believe got booted I will have to borrow a sick puppet (hopefully not a sticky one) from a troll. Moral of the story don’t sign in-house just post.

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      1. Disagree MG, if only Rialto was as cheeky, funny and smart as he thinks he his.

        BTW MG, on the SUCC loser front: Ex-bozo Kevin Porter Jr. blew a gasket in the Cavalier locker room ’cause his locker was moved to the “end of bench” lockers to accommodate a newly acquired and better player than Porter. Some things don’t change

        Porter’s next stop: some small city BB team in Albani


  6. Loser: Tebowobama, F. Y. Et Al, whose sole purpose is to bring clicks to this site. It must be hard to find a blog where uncensored rants are allowed.
    F Y. reminds us all of how much fun it was when we discovered profanity in the sixth grade. Probably a middle or high school English teacher who likes to teach kids that the F word ca be used as any part of speech.
    Noun: he’s a stupid F
    Verb: Do you want to F with me?
    Adverb: That wasn’t so Fing bad.
    Adjective: please be so kind as to hand me a Fing hammer.
    Interjection: F yeah!

    Loser: me again because now I have to prove I knew my progenitor. I am not racist and am not a suckcocker and I had to edit my post to get it posted(killing most of the funny shit).

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    1. Loser: Rialto for posting boring and long winded post about nothing and being a faggot ass racist prick! I hope you and your handsome wife die of cancer you fucking cunt!


      1. Don’t like scroll on by dumb fuck. Cancer? I thought Ucla cured that. Oh wait they spent the money on a 300lb racist coach. They’re getting no return on their investment there.


    2. Worked with a woman (she was no lady, to be sure) who used the “F” bomb as a verb, adjective and noun all in a single 5 word sentence. The other two word(s) was “you.” While she was no English teacher, she did score high on her economy of words.

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  7. Unbelievable- both of these guys should be selling “used cars”. USC should be embarrassed with these two CEO’s of Trojan athletics. Please ask the running backs and players moving on what they think of the program. Most would say the opposite, and USC is not the place it once was.
    From the LA Times:

    “Mike Bohn believes USC improved in all areas under Clay Helton in 2020”
    Ryan Kartje 3 hrs ago

    The Arizona State, Utah, UCLA, and Notre Dame games next year will show Mr. Bone how much the program has improved. Let’s be honest Mr. Bone quit playing politics.

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    1. tommyd,
      I’m afraid the nature of Mike Bohn’s job excludes the need for honesty between 8 a. m. & 5 p. m., M-F……….


      1. First clever thing karma has said in 3 weeks….


      2. Some ballers rose to the occasion, so I’m not calling it luck for the teammates.
        Luck for Horseshoes Helton? Sure.
        Never been a luckier HC in CFB.


  8. Replace a running back in college isn’t that easy any more. After all, why get your brains beat in for free?
    Injuries have been the big story at Running Back since RoJo 3.0 left. Markese Stepp? I know that everyone here is high on Stepp, but that was mainly due to one game ( Notre Dame). One game. OK, he has potential. Honestly though, he hasn’t shown that he can stay on the field and it isn’t about toughness. Now I hate when players get hurt, however, that is the story of, not just MS, but of Stephen Carr and Vavai Malepaei. All the backs have shown flashes. Heck, after his first three games as a Freshman, when he had outplayed the aforementioned Ronald Jones III, we were all on Stephen Carr’s bandwagon ( I still think that he has the most potential and, barring injury, will do well in the pros which means 1 or 2 productive years)
    RB is a funny position that has a very, very short shelf-life ( with some exceptions.) and I think more players know this and
    therefore save themselves for that pro pay day. Why get your brains beat out in college for free, right?

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      1. Easy- their Running Backs play one year and wait in line. Najee wasn’t the main RB last year. In fact, all of their position groups are stacked, so it is wait in line, ball out one year, get drafted. Rinse and repeat. Easy question.

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    1. I have enormous respect for Bryce Love and Toby Gerhart playing so long for “for free”….


      1. So do I, MG. How’d they do in the pros? Remember, I did mention outliers btw. But back to SC tailback, who has had a resounding pro career lately? Reggie? Lendale? In fact, the back with longest pro career was CJ Gable and that was in the CFL.

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      2. True, Arturo….


      3. The smart one (McCaff) left early. Toby didn’t have much of a career in the NFL and Love should just head on to his ultimate career in medicine while he still has a brain and straight fingers.

        Arturo is right. After 2 or 3 seasons as an RB in CFB, head for the NFL and hope you make it to the sixth year for a better contract. By your 28th birthday you’re burnt toast.

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