USC Legend Jon Arnett Passes Away

Jon Arnett, one of the best tailbacks in USC history, died Sunday morning. He was 85.

Arnett was an All-American in 1955 and known to fans as “Jaguar” Jon Arnett. He was the No. 2 pick in the 1957 NFL Draft by the Los Angeles Rams.

Arnett was a true South Los Angeles native: He went to 42nd Street Elementary School; Audubon Middle School, Manual Arts High School and USC. Then he played with the Rams.

He is in the USC Hall of Fame, College Football Hall of Fame and was a five-time Pro Bowl pick. He lettered at USC from 1954-56. His brother, Bob, played at USC in 1957-58.

I’ll recount some stories later but for now here are some pictures to enjoy, including a picture I took of his game jersey.

33 thoughts on “USC Legend Jon Arnett Passes Away

    1. Super USC Football Player. My high school coach, Tony Ortega, played with Jon at SC those years. He was also a RB and told me great stories about Jon and USC football. Those stories influenced me to chose SC and play football for them. I met with Jon and Tony in the Coliseum Locker room, post game, a few times and on the practice field.. It was a great honor for me.

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    1. I got to see him play at both, Owns. He was incredibly athletic. Watching him break into the open and weave his way to the end zone as a Trojan and as a Ram were my first big sports thrills. I only had one baseball card —- which I bought from a friend for a quarter: Sandy Koufax. And I only had one football card —which I bought from the same guy for the same price –and it was the Jon Arnett card.

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  1. The reason being that USC wouldn’t let you get near the L.A. Coliseum. I don’t believe you are that old if acting like a jerk
    with your posts.


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    2. 67 –Couldn’t agree more. Wolf is quite a bundle of contradictions — he can be lethal but he does sentimental like nobody else. We’re lucky to have this guy. In a way, this site is too good to be true. A lot of people owe Scott a lot —and they’ll miss him if he ever decides to chuck it.

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      1. I’m glad Scott did Sports Illustrated —he got to do a bunch of great videos —but I’m happy he’s back here — he’s more fun in this format.

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      2. I was thinking the same thing. His constant glass half empty thing is sometimes spot on and other times WTF? But he is the man with USC sports history.

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    3. Arnett and CR Roberts…the original ‘thunder and lightning’…better than Mr.Inside and Mr.Outside too!!! Only the PCC could kill two of the greatest trojans…

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  2. Ronald Jones looks real good tonight for Tampa Bay even with a quad injury.

    Jones should have been a Heisman Trophy winner at USC, if only USC would have had a competent head coach who knew how to hire qualified assistants.


    1. He looks a little more “bulked up” as a Bucc than he did in his Trojan days.

      You correctly pointed out previously that RoJo was met in the backfield for most of his carries by defenders during his final season at USC. Glad he left early and saved himself.


  3. Arnett used to be found in the arches below the torch. When I was a kid my mom took me down to that end of the field to get autographs. Honestly I thought his name was Jaguar John.
    I am going find my old programs and look up some of the other autographs. Maybe I have Scott’s from when he covered the Trojans.

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      1. Are you talking to me Religious Democrat? I’m neither. I don’t troll other sites and I have been using the pen name since Michael Lev ran this blog for the OC Register.
        I don’t show up often, but when I do it is to recount USC before trolls had their day.
        Do you think you can drag out F.Y. to call me a few names so I’ll go back to real life.

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  4. Most of the time, I feel like the young pup around you guys ( I’m 48), but I feel especially young today. Sorry for the jab as you know I have nothing but respect for the lot of ya.

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    1. Mr. Arnett’s pro career was ending by the time I was becoming a FB fan, Arturo, but over these 50+ years he’s always been mentioned as one of our all-time greats.. It’s still nice to hear the stories of these noble old Trojans. It’s part of our shared history.

      It’s still great to be a Trojan, buddy.


  5. If Arnett was a high school recruit today Helton would say Arnett, Simpson, Garrett, White, and Allen are good football players, but not what we are. My guess Mr. Helton who are you, and based on your head coaching record what is a fit for your system which obviously does not work. Your definitely not a leader of young men, and for sure in the wrong profession.

    Both you (University of Houston), and Mike Bonehead (University of Kansas) both came from programs where losing football games was the norm, and entirely acceptable. This is USC, with one of the richest winning traditions in college football where assistant football coaches and athletes use to wait in line to come here., but not anymore because both of you are more comfotable where losing games has become acceptable. Politics did not win football games. For USC to return to glory both of you, and Queen Carol must go.

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  6. Perfectly said tommyd. It is who we are that Mr. Helton is not. And perhaps, if not likely, what Bohn and Folt are not either. It is high time to return to our fundamental Trojan Tradition.


  7. Time is moving on young recruits don’t have memories of Bush, Allen, White, Garrett, and Simpson. The running game is what made USC great with a strong willingness to use the pass quite well when it was needed. Tollner, came here with he idea that the game has changed as did Hackett, Helton, and now Harrell with the idea we need to dominate the opponents with the pass. The game has changed, however balance between the run and the pass is still needed to keep the defense honest. Bottom line all have been bad hires since all of them thought they needed to change USC football when in fact the running game still wins football games just ask Alabama.
    Wake up people it not about hiring new assistant coaches each year it’s about offensive scheme which requires balance.

    Young high school kids need heroes, and want to follow and attend a program with a tradition of winning. Other than Reggie Bush there is no longer a star/or stars at SC to look up to. The three “Nutty Professors” Helton, Harrell, and Bone it appears don’t know what made USC football, and if time continues to pass your looking at a program that must be totally rebuilt like John Mckay did in the early 60’s. The smart ones like John Robinson followed the past formulas of success as did Pete Carroll how in the world did we move in the opposite direction with Helton first, then Harrell, and now Bone, It is now time to remove “The Three Nutty Professors” with brains made out of “flubber” before it too late because as time elapses so does our past heritage in football.


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