USC Sunday Buzz: New Strength Coach Comes With Safety Net

It feels like new strength coach Robert Stiner will report to Mike Bohn instead of Clay Helton.

Why else would Stiner leave Notre Dame and come to USC? Yes, he got a promotion but what if Helton gets fired?

Stiner had to get some assurance from his former Cincinnati boss that he would retain his job even if there was a coaching change.

That’s unusual at most schools because new football coaches usually bring in their own strength coaches.

But Stiner has Bohn as his safety net. He will work under Helton with the knowledge if things go sideways he has Bohn as a safety net.

41 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: New Strength Coach Comes With Safety Net

  1. The revolving door of assistants is totally backwards. Making sure a strength and conditioning guy feels like he has job security because the HC is a doofus and will get canned as soon as Bohn has the green light just highlights the absurdity of not firing Helton now.

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    1. Ya know, 67, it finally strikes me that we could go on guessing all year if there is any rhyme or reason to anything Bohn is doing…

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  2. So the new S & C coach will report to Bonn, huh?
    I see Bohn’s plan: Emasculate Helton and he might quit. I just have one question for the Clayster: How much is his spine worth?

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    1. Maybe not so fast, Arturo. Maybe we’ve been looking at this the wrong way (or maybe “we need to look at it the right way” as Clay would put it). Maybe there are benefits to having no spine if you wanna be all in on Carol’s “let’s de-emphasize sports” agenda….

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      1. The reason Clay talks that way? He’s been allowed to get away with it for 5 years. There is NO pushback. That’s the way coaches and politicians talk when they know they won’t be called out…

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      1. 67,

        My most humblest apologies. For some odd reason, I thought that Clueless’ contract expired after 2021 (wishful thinking), but now that I realized that it doesn’t expire until 2023, FIRE HIM.
        I personally would chip in $20 (a kinda quasi political donation) for his removal.

        Nothing Personal, Clay.

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  3. I posted about this last week that this is a slippery slope that Bohn is going down, and he should know better. Again, any coach worth their salt is going to want to bring in their own staff; most importantly the S&C Coach, who spends more time with the players during the off season than the rest of the coaches. Like the above poster earlier stated, if Bohn is going to hire assistant coaches then why is Helton still the HC? Nowhere else in college athletics is this going on.

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  4. Jon Wilner is probably the best Pac-12 reporter, and here is what he had to say about Clay being retained a year ago:

    “Jon Wilner says the call to retain Clay Helton was “entirely from Carol Folt”

    Really good piece, he goes on to say “it had to be from her.”


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    1. The SUCC BOT’s must bear some responsibility decisions. It’s usually the norm that a new Univ. President wouldn’t immediately rock the boat w/o BOT guidance/authority.

      A new President needs friends (Trump excepted) not enemies with long memories.

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      1. Maybe I can just dictate or give you the gist, MG, and then you can write and snazz- it up a bit. You know, add quotes, idioms, or catchy phrases to make it sound intelligible.

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      2. I’m sure BOT agreed with Folt on retaining Clay. Tyndall, Med School 1, Med School 2, Laughlin et. al., not to mention trying to keep Nikias makes them look less competent than Larry, Moe, and Curley. They are too scared now to make any decisions that could turn out to be controversial. So they keep Clay for no other reason that he doesn’t “smoke, drink, do drugs, or sleep around”.

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      3. I wish Clay would issue a statement saying that only two thirds of Wanda Austin’s praise is accurate….and then refuse further comment, citing his right not to incriminate himself….

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  5. Bohn better not do that too often(if he has really done that) because he will never be able to hire a good coach if he has to say to the new coach that he must keep a bunch of leftover coaches. Great coaches want to bring in their own staff. That was one of the reasons(as I understand it) that Petersen decided to move on. Haden wanted to keep much of the old staff….not because they were such a good coaches but because they didn’t want to pay off their contracts.

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    1. I blame this all on Clay. Carol thought he was serious when he called her “Coach.” Now she’s got Bohn lining up assistants for her when she takes over in 2022.

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  6. Well thats a relief! Helton et al also have the same safety net from bohner. The net is going on year two now and more to come. No need to write it in the contract as it is an unwritten rule. Dumb ass this stiner.

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  7. As I understand it, SC was going hard after Clayton Adams(Indianapolis O-Line coach). Well he signed with Arizona state. Another lost opportunity. It’s hard to bring in a great assistant coach when you have a HC that is annually on the hot seat. I’m sure CH is working hard to bring someone in but CH has no clout.

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  8. Scott

    I have to call you out on this one.
    We need fact checking on this one.
    Have you seen the contract? Do you have any sources.?
    Oh yeah, they pulled your credentials. So the answer is no.
    You made this post up,

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  9. It takes a college professor upwards of 6 years to become tenured, why don’t we stop writing contracts for multiple years and start acting like a school. There has to be a better way.
    Guaranteed contracts are not a guarantee of performance and more often than not a detriment to the program. Being probationary made me work harder at my craft. I watched tenured teachers getting lazier by the day. But earned tenure shows that people are worth keeping. The first time a school district non-re-elected me I assumed I was the problem. It turned out they were just avoiding layoffs. But I didn’t wait I had a new job by the end of the week.
    So stop with the no cut contracts already.

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      1. True. There’s always a price attached to standing by one’s principles.
        Hopefully Harbaugh’s renegotiated contract is the way of the future. Solid base salary with big incentives for winning the whiole enchilada and a reasonable buyout.

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  10. In All the Years Gomer He’ll Ton has been USC football coach Someone could have put together a Go Fund Me Site to FIRE Gomer He’ll Ton. .. the Million s of Dollars to BUYOUT Gomer He’ll Ton. . Would have been taken care of. …Already…. Maybe Now that Joe Blow and Cocaine Hunter Biden and Joe CRIminal brother get Million s of Dollars from Russia and china can BUYOUT Gomer He’ll Ton. With Mike Bohner as Chuck y S mucky Schumer as the the Devil. And Carol Folt as Nancy Pelosi trying to Destroy USC


  11. Pat Haden and Lynn Swann’s failure to make such a position such as strength and condition coach a significant part in the sports programs at USC or in our case the S&C of the Football Team is where they start to cut corners with money. They did it early by hiring guys near by as coach knowing it would be low. Then they knew they could with other areas like this. A Real Coach that will do what it takes or what they can will hire the best guy for the job. Someone that’s considered “the best in the biz”. Alabama, Ohio State, or SEC teams would have no problem with the Head Coach saying he needs this guy to get them prepared towards becoming championship level players. I hope Bohn taking this matter into his own hands is just the first part of him pointing Helton towards the parking lot and he has a guy lined up who would retain the new guy.
    Even if he doesn’t have a guy lined up this is a good sign telling saying Helton and his power is coming to an end.


    1. sounds good, but the buck stops with folt…she could not care less…like helton she wants the sc money after N/Carolina dumped her. sc could have hired a real University President,the board wanted a loser…she will probably resign helton unless some how the board decides no attendance isn’t a great option.


      1. There’s no way to say it but USC is a mess. The list of problems and potential obstacles from the actions of so many people not fit to have the power they were given is stuff made for the theater. Sucks.


  12. Nice post, RT.
    Why would an AD at a true Blue Blood CFB powerhouse (let’s say one of the top 10 of all time, as USC has shown itself to be since the 1920’s) feel compelled to extend the contract of a newly hired Head Coach?

    In the past 60 years of USC CFB, three coaches have bolted for the NFL and the rest have been summarily fired.* NO HC HAS EVER left USC for “greener pastures” in CFB. There are only two destinations for a USC HC**:
    1. the NFL
    2. the unemployment line

    I think you and I should forward this thread to Mr. Bohn, though I think him savvy enough to already know this.

    *Or tarmack’d–which is entirely a different means to leaving a program.
    **One may include the mortuary also.


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