Austin Jackson Going Pro

USC left tackle Austin Jackson announced he is turning pro. This means USC is losing its starting tackles (Jackson, Drew Richmond).

Is Kedon Slovis going to throw 55 passes next season with questionable protection? How long will he last with worse tackles?

I’m sure Clay Helton and the Boy Wonder have all the answers for that.


34 thoughts on “Austin Jackson Going Pro

  1. Well, this just about clinches it. Gomer will start Chucker JT against Bama.

    This is the first of many more defections, i.e. going pro, and entering the transfer portal to get away from the sinking ship that is the SS Gomer.

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    1. Bohn would like to do something about our up & coming disaster of a football season, Juan —but he’s too busy “straightening out organizational matters at Heritage Hall…”

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    2. I hate to say this……..I really don’t want this to take place but its quite possible USC will finish that season opener with injuries from our starting QB and our backup QB with the OLine clearly not at all worthy of being on same field as their opponent Alabama’s DLine that would outplay USC if they started 2nd and 3rd stringers.

      Don’t forget that spring ball will produce transfers and injuries. Jackson was beat all game vs Iowa and that will be film he wants thrown out while A.J. Espenesa had his best game in the Holiday Bowl opposite Jackson. Tough night for sure but he will have a better NFL career than his college career showed. He was taught from the worse USC program that we’ve seen in a long time so he should be good with better coaching. At least that’s what they are projecting.

      It’s gonna be ugly at Jerry’s World.
      Round 2…….

      “Bryce Young embarrasses Helton and the Trojans”
      “Taulia Tagovailoa embarrassed Helton and the Trojans”.

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  2. MG,

    Drevno would no doubt do a better job than schlub Gomer. His taking the job for 2020 would make sense… the very reason it won’t happen.

    #Iceberg?What iceberg!

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    1. “The iceberg all the recruits and fans were talking about behind your back and to your face, Captain. The one that’s about to slice us in half.”

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    1. My biggest fear is that Alabama has an off day, only beats us 35-21, people get off Helton’s back and start calling him a genius….

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      1. MG,

        Do you spend any time at all concerned with anything associated with ucla?

        Don’t know about you, but I could f–king care less.

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      2. Michael, respectfully, I think the only way Alabama only scores 35 is if the bus carrying the first team drives into a ditch 10 miles outside the stadium.


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      1. At this point possibly true.

        Andyain’twinning went 11 – 21 (2 – 12 in P12) his first year and finished in 12 place – dead last

        Andyain’twinning went 12 – 20 (3 – 15 in P12) his second year and finished in 12 place – dead last.

        I think Cronin does better than Andyain’twinning his first 2 years, and Cronin won’t need to employ a recruit’s Ta-Ta (ATM) to improve the future of the Bruin BB program.

        SUCCX, the Houston Astros of NCAA Div 1 Athletics.


      1. Michael, the “Helen” stuff is above my pay grade. I really have no idea. But it does seem fitting that owns is somehow involved.


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