USC Morning Buzz: Here’s Something To Fix Following Purge

This is not related to the firing of Steve Lopes but one of his duties was scheduling football games and he was behind the 2021 game vs. UC Davis, that will break USC’s record of only playing FBS schools.

This would be a correctable error for Mike Bohn to fix. But let’s face it, does Bohn strike you as someone who do something bold like this?

He has to clean up the athletic dept.! He can’t do anything because USC doesn’t have the money! He needs more time!

But Bohn could earn some goodwill with the fans and maybe more importantly to him, a lot of former players, who are appalled to learn USC is playing UC Davis. I know this because I’ve informed quite a few about this schedule development and they’ve all offered an angry response.

38 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Here’s Something To Fix Following Purge

    1. Yup! That makes Cronin 1 – 3 vs Pac-12 competition.

      But, Andyain’twinning is still 46 – 65 all-time vs Pac-12 competition.


  1. Playing UC Davis isn’t as bad as going a month without a defensive coordinator or having the offensive coordinator being mentioned for every coaching search.
    The ramifications of low recruiting will linger for years to come. Just ask John Robinson (part 2). When he came back to USC, he followed a coach who wanted smaller quick players. He asked “where are the big men?”
    He almost got it turned around when he missed a phone call from Garrett.

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  2. The UC Davis game is s symptom of a larger problem.

    Too late now to reschedule – right? SC will have to abide by it’s commitments, regardless of the past idiocy of now departed personnel.

    Besides, it’s another opportunity for Folt to see how empty the new eColi can be.

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      1. You’re right, karma—but Bohn scrutinized the list of schools with open dates and he couldn’t find one on it he felt confident we could beat….

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    1. Gosh, Juanita, as bad as the UCLA program has been they’ve never stooped so low as to schedule a cream puff, Div. II FB team.

      I guess the bozo u, fat cat, FB boast “any team, anywhere, any time,” is so true.


  3. Gosh, Scotty informed several players about the Davis game which has been known for many months. Great inside work there Scotty.


    1. Good comment. Hope the Wall Street Journal discontinues their series on the military buildup in China — we’ve known about it for many months.

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      1. And we’ve known about Iran for 40 years. Tim Tessalone’s sock puppet sez let’s not report on them either.


  4. Commitments change. The stain of scheduling a non-FBS school is permanent (except for UCLA and Notre Dame…how ironic). If we can’t find an FBS school to play that date, then leave it open.

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  5. How you gonna rid the schedule of Davis, if it’s on the President’s PHD? They can’t even get past the AD’s secretary, unless they attend a focus group….

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  6. CAL75

    Tonight is a night that I will cheer against you. Your long haired hippies are playing my Trojans in basketball tonight. The only time the hippies take a shower is when they sweat. LOLO

    I’m taking a friend of mine to the game tonight and he went to CAL. I called another friend who went to CAL and kidded him. May it be a good game.

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    1. According to Mr. MG, the other time a CAL hippy takes a shower is when they are booked into Alameda Men’s Central.

      I wouldn’t know about those things but MG is the resident expert re: THOSE THINGS.
      I however am planning a terrific weekend sharing a few Modelo Negras & having a little San Miquel therapy( a la Clark AFB) at the overrated OC Event Center. I really don’t know why they refer to it as ‘Event’ unless you call a farmer’s market an Event. I’m sure pastor Steve and the resident commie drunk will comment on what I do with my spare time and they can comment any way they like. You know what they say- sticks & stones.
      CAL is a little better than originally thought. If mule poster child loses to CAL, gawd forbid the andyaintwinning tirades to follow.


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      1. Everyone sins, even pastors, which I’m not. I’m more along advance scout line, if that makes you feel better…my message is simple: bow to the right God and talk over your afflictions with Him, so we all can have life after death…ignoring or mocking God’s words puts that in jeopardy, I fear. Yes, I fear Him, and offer up prayers, not just for myself, but the multitudes, as well…..some plant, some water, some harvest….I may never see all the results, but I’m believing He will look into the matters, and provide the proper medicines….forever….


  7. Future UCLA Non-Conference Opponents: 2021 LSU; 2024 @LSU; 2025 Georgia; 2026 @ Georgia; 2027 Auburn; 2028 @Auburn; 2029 Wisconsin; 2030 @ Wisconsin. Rather see that Marquee Matchup schedule than Notre Dame every year. My guess is that Helton went to Lopes and lobbied for the Watered Down OOC.

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    1. Your guess is 100% correct, Lyle. Can you imagine the guy who hates physical practices and can’t attract decent assistants [in retrospect, it’s amusing that Kingsbury only spent ONE day on campus —and it was to make a video of him touring Heritage Hall] pushing for a TOUGHER schedule?

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  8. As a USC alum, we need to buyout the UC Davis game and then schedule another preseason game like we used to do back in the Carroll days. See Virginia Tech 2004, Auburn 2003, etc….

    Fight On!!

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    1. The only difference between then and now? It was Pete Carroll —not Clay Helton—preparing the USC teams that faced Virginia Tech and Auburn….
      Can you imagine —do you even want to imagine —Clay Helton preparing USC to meet a team of Auburn’s caliber? [Oh yeah, we’ll get to see what it looks like on September 5th]…

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    1. The old “static event” vs “fluid event” distinction…….

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    1. Bohn is thinking, “That’s better than 75th, 76th, 77th or 78th!”


  9. UNLV has an open date on September 4, 2021.

    I know USC has played them already but I think it would be a fun weekend for USC fans if the game was in Vegas, not Los Angeles. Who in Southern California wouldn’t like a game in Sin City which I believe may also be a long weekend (Labor Day).



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    1. Also, Georgia Tech is open on the same day.

      USC could invite them out or the Trojan Family could make the trek to Georgia.


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      1. A “boxing” reference from MG. I love it.

        Then it has to be a game in Vegas on September 4, 2021.



  10. This game is a symptom of the problem – lowered expectations. The USC athletic department and Clay continually try to redefine the expectations for the program lower, so they can beat them and save their jobs.

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  11. Duke and North Carolina also have no game scheduled on September 4, 2021. Those two schools aren’t football powers but are much better than UC Davis.



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