High Nerves In Heritage Hall

Some veteran members of the athletic dept. are nervous following this week’s purge and worried they might face the sack next. I even ran into one last night who told me they were unsure of their future.

There’s nothing wrong with having long-time members inside an athletic dept. The problem is when you become dismissive of others or think your way is the only way to get things done.

Getting rid of Steve Lopes, Ron Orr or Scott Jacobson was easy for Mike Bohn because he could use the College Admissions scandal as the excuse. But it will take some actual insight to identify who else might need to go because they were not tied to a huge scandal.

17 thoughts on “High Nerves In Heritage Hall

  1. To be honest, the low state of USC athletics is enough of a ‘scandal’ – we don’t need any more reasons or proof. The first to go should be… why even bother?

    Nothing will happen, at least with football, until the Haden hires are dismissed.

    You can take that to the bank.

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    1. Great point, Juan. Isn’t it hysterical that the ONE person who isn’t the least bit nervous is the biggest fuck up of all……Clay Helton?
      Bohn sure would have to be dumb (and I don’t believe he is dumb) to WANT to retain the guy who misrepresented the team’s readiness for the Holiday Bowl and the quality of his recruiting class. Something’s going on just under the surface here.

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      1. It is taking a long time to find a DC. Big problem is probably that any new DC wants a long contract beyond one year and if you are Bohn, you want to have minimal exposure if Clay is fired and a new HC comes in.

        Bohn made a big mistake, but he has figured out by now that he needs to change.


      2. Good night you’re right Mike….Helton has no idea of how much his skillset is dealt with severe contempt.

        Cronin is a quick study and a good sense of humor – good hire by Guerrero but he inherited a mess at bel-air tech and that is whats the one who repalces this ‘(*&^ clown Helton will have as well – a disaster.


  2. Just had a comment deleted by Wolf. I received an email from this blog stating that “Scott Wolf liked your comment” which I pasted into this reply space. It was immediately deleted. Wolf has maintained that he never reads the comments, I know differently. He is just like the USC administration which he takes on every day. Both are lying bullshitters.

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      1. he posts as Scott Wolf. When I looked at the comment online, there was no “like” by Wolf. I am sure he has the means to like something and not have it appear so he would be busted as I call him out for. He told me to my face he never reads the comments. But when I cut and pasted his comment on this thread it was immediately taken down. We know he reads the comments, he would be a even bigger fool if he didn’t. So why not come clean. What a hypocrite.


  3. “…worried they might face the sack next.”

    C’mon, blogger. As a journalist you have to be a better wordsmith than that.



  4. Hey Guys.
    You should focus on the “Dog Shit”
    State of USC Football and the Athletic Department.
    Leave Scott out of it.
    He has consistently been spot on with his reporting and holding everyone at USC accountable.

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    1. The fact that “Scott’s holding everyone accountable” is what really, really bothers the few supporters Helton has left, trojanwb…..


  5. You’re saying Tessalone is Keyser Soze? He might be a better fit as Verbal Kint. BTW, the Usual Suspects was directed by SC film school grad, Bryan singer


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