USC Radio Highlights And Lowlights

Remember when KABC forgot to do a two-hour pre-game show before the Colorado game?

Well, check out this tweet today from KABC:

USC plays Cal tonight. Not Nevada. Not Stanford. Not tomorrow. And USC plays Stanford on Jan. 18, not Jan. 28. And I don’t know what starts at 6 p.m. because tonight’s game is at 7:30.

Great move going to KABC!

Speaking of radio, Petros Papadakis weighed in on the firings this week.

4 thoughts on “USC Radio Highlights And Lowlights

  1. Petros –for all his savvy — couldn’t answer his own question: Since Bohn has not been his own man up til now, what happens now that Lopes is kaput? Something big and dramatic? Seriously? Does anyone here think the newly freed Bohn is gonna turn around and fire Helton and hire Urban Meyer? Yeah, me neither. My guess is Bohn will continue to get messages from the board messenger, Carol Folt, on exactly what he can and can’t do. And that can’t be good.


  2. Kind of rich for Scott to call out another outlet’s mistakes no?

    (Granted that graphic was awful; everything was wrong.)


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