USC 2020 Schedule Is Set

The Pac-12 has finally released the schedule for next season.

Here is USC’s schedule:

Sept. 5 — vs. Alabama

Sept. 12 — New Mexico

Sept. 19 — at Stanford

Sept. 26 — Arizona State

Oct. 2 — at Utah (Friday)

Oct. 10 — Cal

Oct. 17 — at Arizona

Oct. 31 — Colorado

Nov. 7 — at Oregon

Nov. 14 — Washington

Nov. 21 — at UCLA

Nov. 28 — Notre Dame

15 thoughts on “USC 2020 Schedule Is Set

      1. Well….MG….
        There is a different spin, no?

        At 2-5 or 3-4, the bye week before UC Boulder gives the interim HC a chance to get “his feet underneath him.” No?


  1. Based on last season’s offensive line performance, Slovis may really be in trouble starting out with Alabama next season especially if the offense still can’t run the ball.

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    1. By the end of September, we’ll be 1-3 or 2-2 with Slovis out due to the porous line play and lack of run commitment. Chuck n Duck will be back at QB, and the Coli will be an empty carcass

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    2. That is why you start Daniels. Let him be fodder. Save Slovis for the season. After Daniels is injured in the first game, then Slovis won’t have it as bad.


  2. What I find so exciting now about USC CFB, is the “uncertainty,”
    I recall as a kid back in the 60’s and 70’s, you could count on a 10-1 or
    11-0 season, a 1000+ yard TB, a stingy and mean-@$$ defense, and likely a RB victory over a plodding, non-dynamic UM or OSU.

    Now? I see anywhere from a 4-8 season to a 10-2 season as possibilities.

    With a 4-1 start, HC CH likely retains his job and we go through the same exercises next year which we went through this year. With a 1-4 start?
    I thought Larry Scott would put us in Autzen in October, which would have helped the “fire Helton” cause.

    Still, this is a tough Pac-12 schedule, as we play the tougher Pac12 North teams and miss the weak teams. Wazzu will be a doormat this year, while Ore State is improving yet still manageable. My guess is that Utah and ASU have the easier Pac12 North schedule (I haven’t bothered to check as yet), and Kyle or Herm can plan their trip to Vegas in early December.

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    1. With very early games against Arizona State and Utah I think Larry Scott has helped the “fire Helton” cause all he needs to, Bourbon….


      1. Yeah, but I saw the usual Utah in late September, Oregon in mid October, and 6 games into it, 3-3 or worse. I still cannot count on ASU to be as good as Oregon.

        Irrespective, we are on the same page.


    2. With no DC in line, I am revising my expectations/predictions for the 2020

      One of my concerns is that two of the D-line with an option to get an NFL eval will seek the eval, as they know that 2020 will not be a progressive year for them.


  3. No Thursday or Friday game in Coliseum.

    Celebration time!!

    I see SC at 7 & 1 heading into November.

    Predicting a 10 & 2 at end of season.

    Statistically impossible to have similar # of injuries in 2020.



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