Quick Thoughts On USC Schedule

Since the Holiday Bowl, I’ve seen comments about USC having a tough schedule in 2020.

Now that I see it laid out, here are some thoughts:

There are a lot of “if” questions?

  • If Stanford isn’t awful again, Arizona State lives up to hype, Utah doesn’t collapse and Cal keeps Chase Garbers healthy, that could be an interesting three-game stretch. Remember too, that Pac-12 teams that play Friday night road games usually struggle. USC at Utah is a Friday night game.
  • The last four games are better if Oregon and Washington find a QB; UCLA gets a pulse and Notre Dame does a better job against the Air Raid than last season.
  • And here is the biggest if: If Clay Helton gets his team to play with discipline and avoids playing sloppy football. Too much to ask, I know.

In other news, USC swim coach Dave Salo will retire in March after 14 years. Will USC go cheap in hiring a replacement like it did on so many other recent hirings?

22 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts On USC Schedule

    1. kenwible —5-7? It’s hard to say, not knowing who our DC is (or even whether we’ll have one), not knowing who are Special Teams Coordinator is (or even if we’ll have one), whether we’ll be getting better position coaches for the line and linebackers ….or whether Helton will even be the coach beyond late September…..
      #LooksLikeTheRideCouldGet Bumpy….

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  1. With SC’s talent (there is still a stock of players with lots of potential), next year should be 11-2 with the right coaching.

    But that will almost certainly not be the case.

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    1. 2020 is the year.
      2021 is the “rebuilding” year, after the 2018 and 2019 recruiting debacles.

      That said, without OC GH and without a hotshot DC, the 2020 talent may be wasted.


  2. I wouldn’t worry about the name of the school but about how some of the off – season moves play out.

    1. Oregon has a new OC in Joe Moorehead. He was the OC at Penn State when their O ran all over USC in the Rose Bowl with Saquon Barkley.

    2. I want to see how Washington is without Chris Petersen. Jimmy Lake as HC is a complete unknown.

    3. I’m not so worried about Utah collapsing as much as if USC can actually play in the state of Utah. USC has lost the last three times they’ve been there (2014, 2016 and 2018) and the last one was a blowout.

    4. And of course, what is not even said is that USC doesn’t even have a DC as of January 16, 2020. Hard to say if USC will even be competitive on that side of the ball without knowing who will be calling the D.

    5. And of course, who is the 1st string QB – Kedon Slovis or J.T. Daniels?


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    1. Marv:
      ….”I’m not so worried about Utah collapsing as much as if USC can actually play in the state of Utah.”

      Did you include the USC loss at BYU in 2019?
      (Sorry. I agree. HC CH cannot get the Trojans well-enough conditioned to play a 4 quarter FB game at the mild elevation gain in Utah).


  3. I love my alma mater and the all players that wear the Cardinal and Gold!
    Next season, I’ll root like hell with low expectations and hope Helton will finally be fired. Fight On!

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      1. Gomer is stealing money from SC. Too bad lapdog “journalists” like Ryan Abraham, Squirt gun Spratling, Dan Webber and that punk, Yogi Roth, don’t take him to task.

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  4. They want to keep their access or no job. Anything they say is pure duck crap from the Gomer. In the spring every recruit will be the next Joe Montana.


  5. Coach Salo did nothing for the Swim program in his tenure. Won one
    conference title for the Men. No National title either men or women.
    Another of the old guard biting the dusk.


  6. If Harell leaves, Helton might as well go too and USC needs to start over again. You need an OC and DC with a lame duck coach. 3 administrators have just been let go during the week. Clean house and start all over again. Makes the most sense now. Hire Urban Meyer Asap! It’s about time for Bohn to go for a power grab with some big boosters with big dollars backing him up. He would get the alumni and fan base back with those moves for sure. Then UM can hire his own staff and assistants.


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