Joe Barry Turns Down USC

Joe Barry will stay with the Rams, according to the Los Angeles Times.

I heard the Rams worked hard last night to get Barry to stay and offered some financial incentives.

Where does this leave USC?

Ryan Nielsen was denied permission. Barry was the only candidate Clay Helton interviewed.

Oh, the dead period for recruiting ended today. And USC seems to be back to square one at defensive coordinator.

28 thoughts on “Joe Barry Turns Down USC

  1. Can anyone be surprised? Oh, wait I’m sure Bohn is shocked. Sign after sign that this program needs new leadership and the buffoons at USC are still asleep at the wheel……

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    1. Clay Helton to Bohn: “No worries! I have a quality, first tier “silent” candidate all lined up!”
      Bohn: “You’re telling me the truth this time, right?”
      Helton: “How can you even ask me that?”

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  2. If Pete Carroll, who made his bones on defense, can decide to wander over to the offense and start giving input here and there about this and that…

    Clay Helton as USC HC and DC?



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      1. “Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven” – John Milton



      2. marvienna,
        With due deference to Milton— if Helton’s in Hell, you really don’t want to be there…..


      1. Hell, why not go for the whole pie? While all the news has been the failure of securing a DC, Helton still has to hire a coordinator for the special teams. Helton could go 2 for 2 this winter and blow the interview process for that position, too.


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  3. That pretty much seals it, Gomer has to go. He can’t even get a second-rate DC to sign-on to his voyage to vic… err… medio… err the abyss. The abyss with ‘integrity’ I guess.

    Hey Bohn, Folt – yeah, you! What now geniuses? The second national signing day is just around the corner. All USC has right now is Gomer, and he’s about as appealing to recruits and prospective coaches as contracting chronic psoriasis. Next all USC games will be on the dreaded pac12 network – including the much anticipated match-up with UC Davis.

    Yup, we be in good shape – good shape.

    Is it too late to call Urban? Integrity not withstanding…

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    1. Serious question: Will the nice but very naive Mike Bohn finally start looking at Helton in a different light when it becomes apparent that —not only will Helton not be able to sign that BIG Name DC he promised — he won’t be able to get ANYBODY to serve as DC?

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    2. Juan,

      Helton is not going anywhere. This season belongs to Helton. After the last whistle blows will Helton be gone.


  4. OK…… a multi decade fan and payer of many tuitions………HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! All you can do is laugh at this clown show. Can’t wait to watch this pack of morons try to coach against Oregon, Bama, Udub, Utah, Az St, ND, Cal and Stanford next year……..
    I was a fan of the Chicago Bears when Abe Gibron (1-13) was the coach in the 70’s before Ditka……it was like taking Ronald McDonald and making him the AD……we have reached that level…….maybe exceeded it.

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    1. How dumb would an AD have to be not to see that:
      -As early as USC players can leave, they leave
      -USC has gone from 5 to 3 star recruits
      -No coach in the fucking country wants to serve under Helton
      -Helton’s practices cheat players out of victories
      -Helton LIES every time he opens his mouth

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      1. MG, You are so right. How can Bohn be this stupid. But i think he is a clone of Helton. They are both Full of Shit. What Coach would take orders from Helton. He turned USC football to dogshit.

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      2. gt —Thanks for the update. Vaughns coming back is huge. First REALLY good news in a long time.
        [I sure wish Helton had the contacts to pull in a great DC for Tufele and the defense, though]…


    1. Bohn didn’t make this mess —it was set in motion by Haden way before he got here — but it’s gonna eat him alive unless he grows a pair right now….
      Fix it or Resign, Bohn —- those are your options.

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  5. C’mon Scottie, you blocked my other comments because I called you out on being inaccurate?
    First you said the hire was being made by Bohn, then it was Steve Lopes, and now that you get second hand information about Joe Barry, you pass off the hiring process as being run by CH? Make your mind up. Which lie and ‘Anonymous source’ Are you going with this time?


  6. I’m getting tired of saying, “Told you so!”
    There is a candidate being endorsed by an NFL trojan, but if he’s good he’s not interested and he sucks we don’t want him.
    This wait til next year crap is getting old.

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  7. BREAKING NEWS… Clay Helton hires Clancy Pendergast to become USC’s new defensive coordinator, taking over for recently fired Clancy Pendergast.


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