Mike Bohn In The House

USC athletic director Mike Bohn and Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott are at the USC-Cal basketball game.

But . . . Bohn is not sitting in the normal seats for the A.D., which are right behind the basket. Instead, Bohn sat around 10 rows up at midcourt, where he was surrounded by friendly (old) boosters.

It’s called a safe haven.

15 thoughts on “Mike Bohn In The House

    1. Not only that — Bohn spent at least 20 minutes talking to Brian Kennedy last night and he sought out Brian as well — a very key booster who is unhappy with the USC Sports Program and has recently stated that he might close his checkbook for awhile. Gee Little Snarky Wolfie, is that what an AD should do — and is that way too positive for you to mention? You are such a troll. Pathetic!!


  1. Old friendlies? What, are these people around this guy dead?

    No one will ask him [nicely]: “What the hell is going on?” “Why didn’t you ditch Gomer?”
    “How big of downer is working for Carol?”

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  2. Went to the game tonight-Really bad basketball. Our 3 wins are against the 3 worst teams in the conference and probably the only teams we’ll finish ahead of.
    Big 0 is not a first round pick and should come back unless he dramatically improves by the end of the season and I hope the other Mobley brother is better than the one playing now

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    1. Actually the 3 worst teams in conference are UCLA, ASU, and Utah USC has defeated UCLA (garbage), WSU (beat Oregon), and Cal (beat Washington & WSU). So the whole they’ve only beaten bad teams take is either in bad faith or the product of a mind that isn’t fully functional.

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  3. I was at the basketball game, and the game, I saw an ex player and we talked for awhile. That is when Mr. Bohn came by and reached out and shook my hand and said thank you for coming to the game. That showed me that he cares about the fans. I will not agree with what he did with Helton, but as a man, AD, and someone who cares, he showed that to me. Swann wouldl not give you the time of day. Haden would say hi though.

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