Another Top Southern California Recruit Chooses To Leave

Beaux Collins, a four-star wide receiver from St. John Bosco, committed to Clemson tonight. Rivals lists him as the No. 22-ranked player in the nation for the Class of 2021.

He was being heavily recruited by USC. But USC has trouble getting the elite Bosco players to be a Trojan, even receivers who have seen the Air Raid offense.

Collins could always change his mind. Maybe if that coaching change ever takes place at USC.

  • USC rebounded from its loss to Oregon with a 75-55 victory over Oregon State. Oregon State cut the lead to 46-40 but USC then outscored the Beavers, 29-15 to close out the game. Onyeka Okongwu had 18 points and Jonah Mathews added 16.

18 thoughts on “Another Top Southern California Recruit Chooses To Leave

  1. Incoming coaches need to change their mindset and see this as an opportunity to TAKE OVER for a coach who lacks fire, hasn’t instilled toughness or discipline, and has been pathetic at making in-game adjustments while mismanaging them at the same time. If I’m Todd Orlando, I BRING IT EVERY PRACTICE- a la a Coach O or a Ken Norton- win over players, recruit my butt off, and let the chips fall where they may ( sound familiar? ). For Siths in Star Wars lore, this is mantra for which to live by: The apprentice kills the master once the master has run his course. In this case, Helton is Darth Hugs (vía gotroy).

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    1. Arturo, fingers crossed that this could and would be effective. These kids are looking to be developed to be a high round draft pick. So ‘Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, LSU, etc. are the places to be. Trojans are struggling with this development, whereas the back in the day, SC was the place to go if you wanted to be groomed for the NFL, up to the point where guys who didn’t even start got drafted and succeeded.

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    2. Agree with every word, Arturo…

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    3. If only it will come to pass. BTW, media and fans shoulod insist on open ppractices to nip lying about PHYSICAL practices in the bud.
      If they’re open and hitting, grat. If not, that Orlando has some ‘splaining to do [especially about how he and Helton are on the same page].

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      1. Agreed … however wideout is a position of strength for the next few years.. Now if he was a O or D lineman the sting would be much greater.

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  2. Oh My! Scotty the Body with a backhanded “hey way to go” to USC hoops. They spilt on road in very competitive much improved Pac 12 conference dum dum. Its a win for sure. Wolf your negativity will not bring us down. Fight On.


  3. Not even a close call!
    Let’s see.. SC or Clemson?
    Will I be coached up by Helton and be a High NFL draft pick? Not a Chance!!
    Until SC has a complete coaching change with a new philosophy on Competition, accountability, more physical contact in practices.. It will stay a non relevant football team…Practices should always be more demanding than games. You cannot get up to game speed at game time!!
    It doesn’t work!
    I truly don’t know what it takes to convince Folt and Bohn that USC Football is “Dog Shit”,
    As mega donor Brian Kennedy perfectly said!!
    Lagging Ticket sales, loss of Donations, loss of SoCal recruits to Oregon and the SEC..
    Somebody needs to take Folt aside and give her a sense of Trojan reality.
    But, realistically, I don’t expect any changes from a fired President from UNC and a Mediocre AD from Cincinnati!


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