USC Hype Season Begins

Like clockwork, we have our first video hyping Todd Orlando.

Just like how Aaron Ausmus revolutionized the program last offseason.

24 thoughts on “USC Hype Season Begins

  1. My “sources“ told me that USC never contacted Bill Parcells for the open DC position. What are your imaginary sources telling you?


    1. That USC is 14-16 in its last 30 not started by Sam Darnold…with embarrassing/crushing defeats at the hands of Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Texas, Iowa…and the common denominator for failure remains employed by an inept/corrupt administration too stupid to trip forward into a hire that a kindergartner could have made…enjoy another year on the Titanic…

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      1. My recollection is that without Darnold, SC has yet to beat a non-Pac 12 power 5 program.

        Something like 0-7 without Darnold against Power 5 outside of Pac-12


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      2. Even worse, Sam Darnold was not picked as the starter by, guess who..?

        With so little ability, not just to coach, but with unfailing demonstrated ability, no no, DESIRE, to bury NFL-level talent on his roster (Darnold, Pittman, Stepp) – this guy is a loser on every level.

        Cannot believe the coddling (if it is indeed going on, and it may be) to avoid assistant coaches which may shake things up, or who present a “perceived” threat to Clay – Bohn had the opportunity to hire someone who could force him to improve, and yet avoids it.

        Hate to say it, but for the removal of CH, it may take the removal of Bohn – and the only way Bohn gets replaced is with Folt gone. I fear a 7-5, 6-6 or worst season awaits us where we start out getting absolutely b!+ch-$lapped by Alabama… and yet the cancer that is Clay Helton sticks around for…yet…another… contract.

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  2. It insulting that they believe we will swallow hook, line, andsinker the same video every year, just with a different coach after the coach in the previous year’s video got canned.

    That said, I’m happy that Keary Colbert is quietly building one of the best WR groups in the country.

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    1. 67 — I don’t know about you but I’d like it better if Helton and the Athletic Director would just shut the fuck up and prove it on the field on September 5th, 2020….

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  3. Turns out that if you disagree with Scott then you are pro Helton. By this same logic, most of you must have not really liked the Pete Carroll era. You also didn’t want coach O, but really hoped to get Kevin Sumlin. You must not like anything USC at all, but you do like an unemployed sports blogger with an inability to spell check.


    1. Most commenters are so blinded by their dislike for Helton, Bohn and Folt that they just turn a blind eye and give Scott Wolf a pass for his blatant falsehoods and made up stories. Truth, honesty and credibility can be sacrificed as long as Scott Wolf keeps feeding these navel-gazing ass clowns their daily dose of negative fodder.

      This recent gem from Michael Guarino made me laugh. “Scott has NEVER made the claim that this is InsideUSC cuz he has more inside USC sources. It’s InsideUSC cuz Scott is better at seeing things for what they are and ballsier at calling things the way he sees them.” This despite the fact that Scott routinely cites bogus sources as the basis for most of his blog entries, which are 100% anti-USC. Is Michael Guarino and the rest so mentally-challenged that they need an unemployed blogger to think for them?


      1. Mentally challenged…hmm…so let’s investigate your logic…
        You come onto a site to post comments…a site you admit by your own comments that you not only disagree with, but think lacks credibility…
        You criticize those you disagree with who also visit the site, because they agree with the host…
        And the host is critical of the current historically inept, failed state, regime…
        So you come on the site…why?
        Back to the lower decks on the Titanic…Mrs. Helton…

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      2. And …may I add that I wish this guy would stop dragging Mrs. Helton into this?
        MISTER Helton deserves ALL the glory…
        #Alabama(1&2) ,OhioState,NotreDame,Oregon,Iowa…..

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      3. You must be fairly new here. Scott isn’t just critical of the current staff. He has always held an anti USC bias, always. When we were winning national championships he was negative. Now the current state of football fits his narrative. If and when we get this turned around, he won’t change. He will still be anti USC. He deserves all the negative comments he gets. He doesn’t care either, he needs the clicks. I am fully aware of this. Not sure why I come here any longer, the old message board was much more fun. Now it’s mostly trolls.


      4. There’s nothing more anti-USC than someone who in any way, shape, or form, is an apologist for Helton and those who are responsible for what he has and hasn’t done to destroy what was once the envy of the entire college football universe…

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      5. It WAS more fun in the old days, Mrs. Helton (& damn you for making me call you that —it’s not fair to the real Mrs. Helton). But —in case you haven’t noticed —since the Cotton Bowl USC football has been one, big disappointment. Idiotic temper tantrums on the field, a center who couldn’t snap the ball (and laughed about it in a post game interview—“Sorry, J. T., ha ha”), two coaches who did meltdown interviews when asked about their units’ obvious screw ups (Callaway and Baxter), an Athletic Director who came, saw and was conquered and a President who is all smiles until challenged….and then turns into Joan Collins.
        Warning: Things on this site will only get worse when Alabama (again) humiliates Helton on national television on September 5th. At that point EVERYBODY here is gonna want Folt and Bohn out ASAP. They had a chance to turn things around and, instead, they chose to join Helton in the Happy Talk Game.


      6. I don’t know of any Helton apologists, everyone wants him gone. But if disagreeing with Scott makes me a Helton apologist, then I guess I am. I might as well jump in with both feet just to keep this going, so here you go.

        Helton is going to take the coach O model and not do any of the X’s and O’s, his assistants will carry that load. Both coordinators are good but not great. Our talent is good but not great. Therefore we will be good but not great.

        (Editorial note- I think I’ve heard good and great before, I wasn’t a fan. Additional note- I do not believe Clay is anywhere near coach O. )

        Back to being the apologist….

        We win the south because our offense carries us, and maybe the conference because it will be a down year.

        We have coordinators who actually recruit, take the mild momentum from a good but not great season and get back to normal recruiting standards. Coach Clay repeats said model and enjoys another 10 years winning 8-10 games a year.

        How’s that?

        I hated typing it, but I’m a clay supporter so I had to.


  4. I am a long time advocate a firing Helton, however, I support the players and want them to do well. The players have not progressed as maybe they should have- lack of coaching/leadership, but their efforts in the weight room are real, and their enthusiasm seems sincere. They’re a young group and I wish them well, but still want clueless fired. There is nothing like bonding with teammates and forming a true brotherhood and I just don’t see any use in bashing the players’ efforts.

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  5. Every time we, as a blog conglomerate get on Helton and his insipid attempts at coaching, I can’t help but wonder where USC would be without him. Imagine what the Alabama game would have looked like if a better prepared and coached team featuring Sam Darnold had happened. My thoughts always return to the waste of talent perpetrated on the students on the team. They come to USC looking for a pipeline to the NFL and wind up seeing the NFW (no fu**ing way).
    I don’t know if any new assistants will be able to change the perception that USC is currently a clown college


  6. Will practices be open in the spring and fall for all to see if they will finally hit. Orlando “promised” physicality.
    Will the media ask Helton & Coach Bohn whether they will be open and if not, why not.
    Carroll’s open practices did NOT prevent winning National Championships. Does Helton know something relevant that Carroll doesn’t?

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