USC Saturday Buzz: Another High-Profile Name That Got Away

You know who was interested in the USC defensive coordinator’s job?

Former San Francisco 49ers head coach and NFL Hall of Famer member Mike Singletary.

There was simply no way someone with Singletary’s fiery personality would ever mesh with Clay Helton so this was a non-starter from the beginning. He never interviewed.

  • USC has posted openings for an assistant director of player personnel and director of high school relations. It’s part of the effort to increase the size of the recruiting staff.

The excuse makers claim USC has a small recruiting staff that hinders recruiting.

They can’t answer why two years ago, the overwhelmed recruiting staff helped produce the nation’s No. 3-ranked class or three years ago they produced the nation’s No. 6-ranked class.

They also won’t talk about how the two best recruiting staff members quit in the past two years because they were tired of seeing only one member rewarded with promotions/raises for no reason other than favoritism by Helton.

40 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Another High-Profile Name That Got Away

  1. Singletary…now that would have been interesting.

    IMO, Scottie is spot on regarding Singletary being a non-starter for Helton.

    But more broadly, Singletary is old school. Sadly, I am not sure if he would be acceptable at any pac-12 program.

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    1. You know what is REALLY hilarious, 67? Singletary IS all the things Helton PRETENDS that he himself is. Singletary really does love his players…and would die for them. Singletary really is a man of deep faith. Singletary really does believe in hard work and dedication….

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      1. btw, as a homecoming present to myself I just watched the hilarious Orlando video again. Any time a guy says he “really, really” believes in physicality and “really, really” is excited to be a Trojan—-you know he’s faking it. It’s like the candidates in interviews who say they “really, really” believe in diversity.

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      2. If you lifted his shirt, you’d see “Help Me!” carved on his stomach.


      3. P. S.
        It’s probably a good time for w.texasmike to put up a video of Todd Orlando laughing hysterically while his head’s spinning in circles…


    2. 🖕on Singletary. He can’t seem to stay employed. I wonder why? A two down linebacker that’s in the HOF. I was born and bred in Chicago. It’s all hype. Is he going to give you the crazy eyes.
      He can’t coach!!!


      1. Michael, Kelly is the only HC in Power-5 football who might be more selfish than Helton, mailing it in while the program crashes and burns.

        Well, Kelly is mailing it in. Helton never accomplished anything to mail in.

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      2. Dan Guerrero already managed to empty the Rose Bowl of die hard ruin fans by quadrupling season ticket prices 5 years ago after he ran off the alumni cheerleader for insulting Islamic terrorists. And that was after hiring a succession of losers and over-the hill retreads from Duh-rell and Skippy to Mora and now, Chip. Plus he committed the ruins to the ancient Rose Bowl until 2042 instead of playing at the state of the art new stadium in Inglewood. I’m sure Dan will be inducted into the ruin Hall of Fame for such vision. He is positively Hadenseque.

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    1. The opening paragraph slaps a wisecrack comparing them to Berkeley

      “After decades of balancing the books, UCLA’s athletic department finds itself in a hole. And not just any hole — a hole so deep, it resembles the worst of times at the Bruins’ sister school 400 miles to the North. ”

      It’s just going to get worse – note the money they had to get rid of Mora and now saddled with Kelly’s salaries.

      In addition, today’s LA Times has a damning reply by the former bel-air tech soccer coach Saucedo about fundraising and who paid what to whom in Westwood.

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      1. Hey Pinkywood, in past posts you’ve prognosticated, based on various OOT fish wraps, that the UCLA Athletic Dept. will incur substantial legal and NCAA investigations.

        As usual, your patented BS fails to materialize, much like the OOOOForever, SUCCX, NCAA BB NC.

        As for Mr. Jorge Saucedo, the former UCLA Soccer HC, he is an aggrieved, convicted felon desperately seeking to besmirch and defame UCLA……Yawn.

        BTW Pinkywood, when does the Sainted Pat Haden slide onto the witness chair at the Donna Heinel trial?


    2. LOL, it amazes me that any Clownster with an IQ over 50 would swallow whole information posited by the cretinous “missing link”; he must be a < 2mm hard-on.

      When UCLA "PULLED THE TRIGGER," and fired its FB and BB head coaches, UCLA did not trip, stumble and fall like the mini-twats at SUCCX.

      As is well known, some well-healed UCLA benefactors donated the total buyout sum to the Bruin Athletic Fund. So in fact, UCLA debited the Athletic Dept. $19 million endowed from other people's pockets.

      I suppose if a bozo Business Professor were asked to issue a grade for UCLA's AD's buyout accounting and financial acumen, it couldn't be anything lower than A+.



      1. Anyon else notice ‘der untermench drei’ has ‘nuzsing’ but the trailings of some ‘gautleiter’ frum Saxony hmmm? My favorite quote is what was uttered on 18th July 1936….”All over XXXXX the sky is cloudless.”

        Verstais? Nein? Ach! Vell…ist ‘ok’ der’s ‘alvays’ ‘la bruja’ und ja?

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  2. I heard the following were all interested in the DC position- my sources are the same as Scott’s

    Pete Carroll
    Nick Saban
    Val Kilmer
    Janet Reno
    All of the O’Doyle’s from Billy Madison
    Neil Armstrong

    Did I miss any?

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      1. Take heart, he will.



      2. Mrs. Helton getting busy! Another thing that speaks for itself…at least the Janet Reno suggestion was worth a chuckle…if they could get the version from SNL, rather than the apparatchik AG version…she would fit right into the Homer Gomer clown show…

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      3. You’re right –I shouldn’t take shots at Clay’s faith…

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      4. James — Yes, the Reno suggestion brought a smile —– but wasn’t it a bit beneath our respected, perpetual critic to suggest that Helton bring a deceased American hero (Neil Armstrong) on staff? Wow. I’m glad we don’t make comments like that.

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      5. Kind of hard to imagine two people much different than Armstrong and Helton…can you imagine Helton in charge of 1960s NASA (rather than Webb & Co.)…without resorting to the overly crass and insensitive, it would never have made it past the sacrificial chimp phase, if that…

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  3. More of Scottie-boy’s anonymous sources…
    Scott gets off Mom’s couch, sees an old Cambell’s Soup Commercial with Mike Singletary, and thinks to himself that he might have been interested in the job, so it becomes a statement of fact and blog entry for him… completely laughable.
    Show us some real sources or some real facts so that someone can believe you…


    1. Be careful. If you speak ill of Scott Wolf, you will be labeled a Clay Helton supporter by the likes of Michael Guarino. The world’s foremost ambulance chaser and his merry gang of fools are incapable of understanding that to point out the obvious (Scott Wolf is an embarrassing bad journalist) does not mean you like the decision to retain Clay Helton.


  4. Not only that, I’ve had comments deleted and usernames disabled by Scott himself as well.
    When you’re too critical of an unreliable and ridiculously critical blog writer, you get silenced….
    It’s even worse when you have better sources than Scottie-girl, and you call him out on it, then you get immediately silenced too. I guess that’s understandable when you are SW and you have no sources, no way of collecting real information, and no facts to begin with.


  5. This post is so stupid that it is almost beyond belief that someone who thinks of himself as a journalist would publish this crap.

    Even more moronic are the usual lemmings who follow Scott Wolf’s posts with their usual navel-gazing drivel implying that they consider Scott Wolf to be a serious reporter.

    For the rest of us, the sole positive of this blog is to have a good laugh at the same ranting morons who continuously yell into an echo chamber on a daily basis.


      1. Would never have thought Scott could have stolen somebody’s lunch money, but…maybe he went to elementary school with Mrs. Helton?

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      2. Yeah, I don’t get it either, Scott has NEVER made the claim that this is InsideUSC cuz he has more inside USC sources. It’s InsideUSC cuz Scott is better at seeing things for what they are and ballsier at calling things the way he sees them. I recall when practically everyone covering Trojan football was saying that Max Browne was the Next Big Thing —Scott said Sam looked better. When folks were saying that Sark was the obvious choice to lead USC —Scott said he’d disappoint. And Scott saw Helton for what he was way before anybody else.

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    1. And vice versa Juanita, the censors won’t put up with your weeny whining.

      Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.


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