Get Ready For Reports Of Big Spring Improvement

Is it too soon to dread spring football, where there will be endless comments about the new, improved defense under Todd Orlando?

Remember all the comments last year about the culture change; improved strength program; commitment to discipline and decrease in penalties during spring practice?

The same people that bought those arguments will start trumpeting Orlando and anything else they can find. Mike Bohn will probably applaud the changes too because he needs something to toss to the fans. Sigh.

43 thoughts on “Get Ready For Reports Of Big Spring Improvement

  1. Helton says the exact same thing every year about every position coach, with the exception of updating the name of the guy that just canned.

    Is that what is meant by integrity?

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  2. You’re probably right. There will be stories of things being improved, and it’ll be up to the fans, readers, etc to believe them or not. Completely their prerogative…
    Or we can rely on you, Scottie, to give us practice reports and updates on “InsideUSC” news, topics of discussion, and other readable items…
    Oh wait, that’s right, you’re not allowed on campus at all anymore so you can’t give those reports.
    You’ll just sit back on Mom’s couch, read other people’s information, quote anonymous, made-up sources, and spin it negatively no matter what…

    Such a great career you have. USC should be proud to call you an alum. I’m sure we can find your distinguished alumni profile next to the column that says, ‘Fired, unemployed, and holds a restraining order from the Song girls’


    1. This is harsh. Unfortunately, you are probably much closer to the truth than most would acknowledge.

      Do you remember the bit about a big of shit being mailed to HH after Bohn retained Helton? It was complete nonsense. This was told to Scott Wolf by a very junior employee (possibly an intern?) to see what he would believe/write. No one else reported this because it was entirely done for a laugh at Scott Wolf’s expense.


    2. If what Dan Weber does is “real news”, I’ll take what Scott does any time.

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  3. The real reason why USC can’t seem to get its act together in football is because SC is a country club run by a bunch of elite educational snobs who look at those football coaches and say “how can those luddites(the coaches) with the IQ of a snail be making more money than us with our PhD’s and why should the football program be gaining such attention and nobody even knows who we are?” That was particularly true with Coach O with his cajun redneck voice. They figured that if they hired coach O, he might even start winning national championships(heaven forbid) and with his charismatic personality(the fans and players love him) he would gain power and pretty soon they’d be taking orders from him. They can’t even imagine taking orders from someone who they thought was a moron. And then there was the problem of trying to fit such a Louisiana swampdog into their highclass cocktail parties. With the natural advantages that USC football has, you don’t need to have a genius business IQ to win a national championship. This program shouldn’t be such a trainwreck. The football program isn’t progressing because they don’t want it to progress. When you strip away all the spin, that’s the real reason for all the troubles in this program.

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    1. “The football program isn’t progressing because they don’t want it to progress.”

      Exactly. Yet the administration continues to lie about this, promising “next year, just wait until next year!”

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  4. Helton has as much integrity as a whore in a Army Barracks.. In fact he couldn’t run a whore house in a Army Barracks.. Every year same ole Bull Shit and the Pres.-Ad–BOT buy it like it is the greatest thing since popcorn.
    Our new DC is a joke, he was a BUST the last 2 years at Texas. Don’t have any good Assts. coach’s. just a bunch of nobody’s. Helton is SO afraid to hire anyone that knows football, so he can keep milking the USC $$$ Cow.

    If the all mighty AIR RAID is so great… how many Natty’s has it won. Mike Leach the master of it has won ZERO & ZERO Pac.12 Championships. Don’t think he has ever won a league championship.

    When does all this SHIT stop ??? It is clear to me the new Pres… AD..BOT could give a RATS ASS about USC Football and what it once was. They are all a bunch of weak PUKES…

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      1. That is just the truth.

        Also, if Kansas City wins the Super Bowl, both the NCAA and NFL champs are both spread, pass first offenses.

        The folks on this board won’t like that.

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      2. And they can run when they want or need to – they don’t automatically and only go shotgun on the 1 yard line! Big difference between extracting/utilizing aspects, and being enslaved too…by the way, the Patriots won the Super Bowl last year by running, not passing…the Titans nearly made it to the Super Bowl by running almost exclusively…and the 49ers made it by running over the Packers…LSU ran the ball all year when it chose to, but found that it had such an advantage passing that it pressed that advantage early when its defense was still struggling and saw no reason to stop throwing…the Air Raid hasn’t (and won’t) exactly taken over football…


      3. That’s just not true. Ms Helton did you watch the game or are you just lying because your hubby seems so down? Or is that you Graham???

        Passing and rushing at LSU are almost perfectly even. They are 5 yrds per carry, 10 yrds per reception. TE and RB are in the top four among team receivers in plays and top five in yards. Joe Burrows is LSU second leading rusher in attempts and yards.

        So once again, no, LSU is a TE, Running QB, rush heavy, rush successful, RB and TE as blocking, catching and running players. They even have a Fullback that normally blocks in red zone/ short yardage but has caught two passes.

        Air Raid offenses still 0 championships.


  5. Well I just read something interesting. UCLA’s athletic department is $18 million in the hole. They fired their BB coach, struggled on the football field in an empty stadium. In short, salaries are up and revenue is down.
    If things don’t change USC could be in the same boat. Or maybe we already are.

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      1. He has succeeded in destroying male dominated patriarchal oppressive football and their men’s basketball program. Chancellor Blockhead is pleased.

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      2. Pudly is back – excellent!

        And spot on about ucla. They have a big deficit – biggest among all the uc campuses. And they really don’t have any answers since they can’t raise tuition.

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    1. Yup… is the media going to ask “Mr. Integrity” or Coach Bohn if the practices will be open so that “we” can see for ourselves whether or not they are PHYSICAL.
      If they’re not, then questions should be posed to the DC who clearly stated that they will be physical and what he plans on doing about it.

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      1. 67 –It WILL be too much to ask if that is all they are allowed to do in practice. Even gentle Dan Weber worried before the Holiday Bowl that all the arm tackling he witnessed in the early, public portions of practice was going to lead to problems in the game. [Optimistically, he hoped that the players were practicing real tackling in the triple secret, unseen portions of practice —but we now know they weren’t practicing tackling to the ground at any point prior to the Holiday Bowl].

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      2. Michael, exactly. That is why I kept writing all those posts about hiring the Iowa D coordinator. They really know fundamentals. No overpursuit. No arm tackling. Every player seemed to be in the right place in terms of their schemes. No stupid mistakes.

        The Iowa defense has been in the top 15 or so the last 3 years. Now that would have been a good hire for us.

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      3. I can’t remember who said it first, 67, but, in retrospect, it’s beyond hilarious that Helton said he’d follow the “Notre Dame Model” —- putting together a staff of the the most respected names in both the college and NFL ranks. Helton spews more empty words than anyone in Washington, D.C……

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  6. Just remember Helton was complimenting his coaching staff during the season on how they were developing the players during wins. Now a lot are gone

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    1. Pac 12 — Helton’s got this covered. Every time he wins he’ll say it’s cuz of the contributions made by a great new staff…..and every time he loses he’ll say it’s cuz of the loss of seasoned staff.

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      1. Mrs Helton so good of you to drop by. Everybody knows that my contributions to this blog can never compare to yours and your hubby’s to USC football, and let us not forget Sister Helen’s amazing but alas infrequent insights.

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      2. See everyone??? I told you all I would say something with absolutely no value and only make myself look foolish in the process! I never disappoint.


      1. You know what the really bad part is, my friend? Helton is paid BIG bucks to stick with the lies…..

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      2. #ThisProgramIsHeadingInTheRightDirection

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  7. Some people from either HH or agents for Hapless Helton is posting under different names trying to shoot the messenger in Scott. Funny thing is, everything is so sloppy and out there, Scott can be a great reporter. Everything he says is on twitter, recruit social media accounts, coaches’ accounts and players and their family’s accounts. No one tries to hide a train wreck, the just point and post about it.


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