Morning Buzz: Does USC Really Need Another Tailback Or Tight End?

USC holds its Junior Day on campus today. I’m sure the 2021 recruits will get a new shtick, especially from all the Texas-centric coaches.

But there is a Signing Day next week. Clay Helton and running backs coach Mike Jinks went to Dublin, Ohio, on Wednesday to visit four-star tailback Michael Drennen II.

Kentucky and USC are his top two choices but the Wildcats are believed to be the frontrunner. Does Drennen realize USC returns its top four tailbacks from last season?

It’s kind of typical of USC that with two-or-three scholarships left, it wants to sign a quarterback (Blake Shapen), tight end (Jack Yary) and tailback (Drennen).

Todd Orlando will need to start fighting in those recruiting meets for more defensive players. He doesn’t realize Helton is happy to just sign skill players, especially receivers.

Maybe Coach Bohn can preach balance at the next meeting he has with Helton.

21 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Does USC Really Need Another Tailback Or Tight End?

  1. Watch out for bombshells from Marty Blazer on NCAA bpasketball allegations.

    Other schools will be implicated, mark my words!

    This will be HUGE!


    1. You probably meant to say “those 2 seniors, we have 2 sophomores”, no?
      Regardless, we were down to a single scholarship running back last year for almost the whole second half of the season. And didn’t we play several games without any backup scholarship QBs?
      As usual, wolf manages to actually bend the perception based on his imagination rather than reality. SMDH

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    2. USC needs an OLine first!
      Concussion protocols will be in play during the Alabama game!
      The one dimensional offense will get hammered throughout the season!

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  2. No we don’t need any other running backs, we had plenty of depth last year. Same with QB.

    But we should recruit more linebackers if Orlando does what he typically does in his system. We will have depth issues there.


    1. I agree Mrs H,
      Please leave all Rb’s & QB’s to CAL. TYIA
      After all, when Daniels went down & Sears hit the road, the SC QB cupboard was overflowing with experienced depth.


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      1. Apparently my sarcasm isn’t as on point as yours. I’ll try and be more literal from here on out. How’s this? Cal football has been completely irrelevant my entire life.


      2. Thanks Heltitanic deckhand…now back to work…
        Aaron Rodgers
        Marshawn Lynch
        Desean Jackson
        Tony Gonzalez

        You sound like even more of an idiot when you state “try and be”…the word you’re looking for is “to” – two digits…you should be well acquainted…


      3. Mrs Helton
        You’re good. And if I forget then you’ll remind me.
        This November, you can see 6-6 from your front porch.

        And three more years of Mr. Helton.

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      4. How many National Championships, Rose Bowls, or conference championships did that list of players win? Cal football is irrelevant.

        The word is “and”- three digits, an idiom. Appropriate for a comment on a message board.

        I do find it ironic that you love Scott Wolf and grammar.


      5. I – and the others you are so put off by – don’t come to the site for Wolf…only you do…

        Don’t try too hard…that’s three characters, since you prefer that to (to!) digits…which refers to data points of any type…it’s all a matter of definition…

        Relevance=championships? And yet you’re a slave to the Heltitanic…

        Oh, that coveted Pac 12 championship…that he has won twice…and thought about so often…

        14-16 … that is relevant…


      6. For any other member of the grammar police, I know digit is in reference to numbers and not letters. Apparently my sarcasm sucks, I’ll try AND be better from here on out.


      7. still having problems with those prepositions … “digit[s] refer to numbers”

        Keep trying, swabbie…


      8. ‘How many yada yada yada….’
        Not quite as many as there are SC scandals currently.



  3. What ever happened to “restocking the shelves”? Somewhere in the back of my mind I seem to remember a redshirt rule that allows a student athlete to sit out a season before playing. This allowed the roadblock ahead of them to become less congested. And I also remember (it’s crowded at the back of my mind) that Marcus Allen played fullback before becoming the tailback of legend. As for the tight end, yes if we ever return to normal football it would be nice to have talent at all positions.

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    “A key informant in the federal investigation into college basketball corruption that ensnared USC, Arizona, and several other schools is cooperating with the NCAA’s probe of the matter.

    Marty Blazer, a former financial advisor from Pittsburgh, made the disclosure in a sentencing memorandum filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan late Thursday.

    “There are pending actions alleging NCAA violations against a number of colleges and universities and Mr. Blazer continues to cooperate with the NCAA’s investigation into corruption,” the filing said.

    At least five schools — USC, Kansas, North Carolina State, Oklahoma State, and Texas Christian — have received notices of allegation from the NCAA in connection with the investigation.

    The nature of Blazer’s cooperation wasn’t detailed.”

    ~Houston Mitchell, LA Fishwrap “The Sports Report”


  5. Since Trojans can’t seem to recruit or coach an effective O-line, we need lost of skilled players due to expected injuries. Stepp, Slovis, Carr, Mala, all missed significant time last season, with Stepp and Mala requiring surgery.


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  6. You keep the rotation going in the RB stable. Get the kid from Ohio. When the start to drop we don’t want to be down to walk on kids.
    Same at QB because Daniels will not be game ready till mid season.

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