Craig Naivar Is At Junior Day

Craig Naivar is tweeting about USC, so that apparently is the way it becomes official that he is the new safeties coach. USC, of course, has not even put out a press release yet.

Naivar is going to coach safeties. Some readers thought he might also coach special teams because he did that at Texas, but I wrote more than two weeks ago Helton wants Johnny Nansen to coach special teams.

  • Among the recruits at Junior Day is Mater Dei linebacker Raesjon Davis, who is committed to LSU. Do you think Ed Orgeron is nervous?

18 thoughts on “Craig Naivar Is At Junior Day

  1. “God bless Ed Orgeron. I hope he becomes an HC somewhere and proves that I am an idiot.”

    – Pat Haden, press conference announcing Helton is hired as HC

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    1. 67 –Listen to Naivar talk football on YouTube. He’s actually pretty damn impressive. He sounds like a guy (unlike Mister/Mrs Helton) who honestly believes in a tough practice culture. We may have a diamond in the rough in this guy.

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      1. Lori has a lot going for her in this case ….but maybe her lawyers should suggest she ‘dress down’ a tad. In the court photos I’ve seen she looks ready for a red carpet interview…

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    2. Pat Haden is a pompous Ass!
      He started the downfall of our Great Trojan Football Program. He also failed to stand up to the NCAA and fight for our Program!
      What a Twit!
      Good Riddance!

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  2. Thin-skinned Scott Wolf is deleting comments? I guess he doesn’t like people pointing out that he has no credibility and is dishonest. Only negativity will be allowed on this site even if that means blatantly fabricated stories from the big-breasted Wolf.

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      1. It’s all the big, bad Wolf’s fault…
        And these terrible people whose only source of inputs is the big, bad Wolf…

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      2. James — I guess it’s pretty obvious that, right after Scott got us into serious trouble with the NCAA (which he stubbornly refused to fight in court), he named mediocre coaches in all our major sports….and, then, compounded the problem by terrible recruiting & ridiculous ‘lipstick on a pig’ press conferences…..

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      3. Exactly MG…like listening to a presidential press secretary news conference…but less entertaining, since apparently rather than the old public two-step, we only get the…boys? girls?…crying “Wolf!”

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      4. The funniest/most ignorant thing the Mrs. has uttered so far perhaps was the “give Darrell Rideaux’s commentary on the ‘WeAreSC’ podcast…” No way! We’ve never listened to him (hyper critical of Helton)…or Abraham’s crew…or Petros & Money…or Dan Patrick…etc, etc…No way! “Wolf!”

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      5. James — I’m smiling at your reply cuz we’ve been placed in the ignominious position of never knowing which of the current 69 shades of gender we’re responding to…..

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      6. I’m way more ignorant than that! I’ve posted all kinds of dumb stuff. Keep digging.

        Also, look at you two, bonding over your mutual disdain for those who disagree with Wolfie. You found each other, I’m glad for you guys!

        Just so you know, I’ve been on wolfies boards longer than Clay has been on staff in any capacity.


      7. Yes, it’s obvious you’re focus is Wolf…mine is not…I (and many other contributors) am simply disgusted with Helton (and all by extension his continuing tenure entails)…I could care less what Wolf posts (and assure you my views are informed by many other inputs – Wolf wasn’t around when my USC football fandom began)…this is simply a forum…if time (and laziness) permitted, I would follow through on my jest to start a “Troycott” forum…but this one suffices for my purposes…I assume many here would agree…

        I have noted that you have also over the past week (and perhaps at other times) you have posted remarks critical of Helton as well – henceforth, I will restrict any remarks that touch on your comments to Helton and leave the Wolf business to others…

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      8. I come here for the board, not Scott’s takes on anything. We know what those are before we even read them.

        Ok, here’s some fodder for you. I still believe in GH and his offensive system. I also believe Orlando is a good hire, a definite improvement.


  3. Johnny Nansen needs to go, too. I thought Helton was housecleaning all the old leftovers that need to go? Bad sign. He has so many outstanding linebackers and has done NOTHING with them. They regress every year, and he doesn’t always play the best players. No competition. He is all that is left from the good ole Helton boys’ club. Yuck. Maybe they need to go out together? That would be even better.

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