USC Morning Buzz: Your Coach At Work

There might be a pandemic but the USC digital media team is working overtime.

Here is a day with Clay Helton: He reads the bible. He lifts weights. He watches film. He walks the dogs. And my favorite part: At the end, he poses with the ocean in the background.

Should Sam Darnold or Lynn Swann be thanked more for providing that view?

15 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Your Coach At Work

  1. Jiminey Cricket….you are one jealous dude.

    Sad, mean, jealous and out of work is hardly the basis for great journalism. At least now you have an excuse for never leaving the basement and getting out.


    1. Dear Pisley, you POS, if don’t like Wolf’s blog F**K off. At least Wolf posts original material, while you Pisley, the Louche of Tweets, spend your days in your Gopher Hole retweeting other people’s information.

      Dear Pisley, you clearly are a prize candidate for membership in AH’s Anonymous.


  2. Let’s film a day with Owns.

    He or she gets woken up at 9am by city’s homeless taskforce representative. Goes over to the local park to due their business. Read some old 1960s NatGeo magazine that featured those naked natives. Drink some water from gutter and then grab their government provided cell phone and spew more anti USC rhetoric.

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    1. Wow, ADinLoOwns, you seem very comfortable with your script. Most writers write about their life experiences. Congratulations, you’ve got that down pat.

      Your second sentence is hilarious. Clearly, no speaky enquish is your middle name.


  3. I guess I should point out that Saban released the same video last week, using the exact same clock times, the exact same activities and the exact same script….

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  4. All cute, especially watching the Alabama vs Michigan game, all pointless of course. Because as usual with Bozo Helton, USC Is weak on the line of scrimmage, and will be manhandled by the Crimson Tide. And one would think, if you make $4 million dollars a year, you can afford a house big enough to have a home office, so Miss Angela can have her dinning room table back… 😂

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  5. Well, “Miss Angela” had better be “happy” and simmer down. She’s on the fat end of an annual $4 million gravy train that she is more than fortunate to have, so she’d better not grouse about the dining table being used temporarily as recruiting headquarters. Her lifestyle depends on it, and she’d better be grateful, as the pay if very much undeserved, and she’s pretty fortunate he has the job right now in the first place.

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      1. “Stop complaining and iron.” Clay didn’t include those remarks in his “good boy me” video—but 10 to 1 he could have…..

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    1. If her biggest 2020 problem is looking at a cluttered dinner table [rather than a dinner table with Clay’s very well deserved pink slip taped to it] —she’s, in Clay’s words, blessed.

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  6. 2 gut feeling hot takes after watching:
    1. Men of integrity only lay pipe missionary style at 845p sharp, and conclude such activities at 850p sharp.
    2. 94% of the team disabled Facetime immediately following their first call with Clam Helton.

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