About The Time USC Faced Pistol Pete Maravich

Pistol Pete Maravich guarded by USC’s Bill Taylor

There was a rowdy crowd in John Parker Memorial Coliseum on Dec. 18, 1969 packed in to see LSU guard Pete Maravich.

“They would bust windows to get in to watch us play,” Maravich said. “One night against Southern Cal, for example, they busted windows out. They got ladders. They would climb through the windows. They knocked over a security guard. Fifty fans did that.”

The official crowd was 11,005 to see the 15th-ranked Tigers play the 13th-ranked Trojans. USC withstood a Maravich barrage of 43 shots. He made 18 and scored 50 points.

But USC won, 101-98.

Maravich shot an NCAA record 893 free throws in three seasons and went 14 for 16 from the line vs. the Trojans.

“All you had to do was just brush him when he was shooting, and he’d flop to the floor like a wet mackerel,” USC coach Bob Boyd said.

USC went 18-8 and had a strong roster that included Dennis “Mo” Layton, Paul Westphal, Ron Riley, Joe Mackey and Don Crenshaw.

Layton averaged 16.6 points and Westphal 14.5. Riley averaged 11 points and 11 rebounds. The next season USC went 24-2.

LSU’s Danny Hester drives to basket. From left, USC players are Don Crenshaw, Chris Scrobilgen, Bill Taylor and Dana Pagett
LSU fans outside John Parker Memorial Coliseum

11 thoughts on “About The Time USC Faced Pistol Pete Maravich

  1. I remember my long time best buddy Terry Schofield —a great 6th man player for UCLA under Wooden — stealing the ball from the great Maravich and scoring on the steal (he also single handedly saved one of Wooden’s longest streaks from ending against Notre Dame by coming in and scoring 14 points in the closing minutes).

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    1. Na, we don’t need to do anything more to make owns happy. He is plenty happy getting to post here and not getting booted, like he was from the ruin sites.

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      1. Ha!— [I never before thought of you as that gladiator who just waits for the ‘thumbs down’ sign—but now it all makes sense. My pal 67 —the merciless]……

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      1. Ok Owns,

        Here it is.

        USC will play an actual Heavyweight Basketball program next year on the road.

        USC @ Phog Allen Fieldhouse against the KANSAS Jayhawks.

        We gave them that game a few years ago and should have won it. We were winning with a minute left and blew it but we aren’t scared of no corn chucking crowds.

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  2. That 70-71 USC hoops team is one of the greatest coaching jobs ever. Totally undersized, Boyd had them playing great team ball. Layton was under 6′, Westphal maybe 6’3″, and Riley was listed at 6’8″ but stretched to get to 6’6″, as was the rest of the front court that accounted for most of the minutes.

    They didn’t have the size to defend Patterson, Wicks, or Rowe, but played with incredible heart in the two bruin games. ucla had stocked so much talent on that team, including Larry Farmer and Larry Hollyfield coming off the bench. Boyd is one of the most underrated to have coached in the college game.

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    1. So true —and not many of us fully appreciated what Boyd was accomplishing during the Wooden era. I’ll always remember how rudely —big surprise!— he was treated by all those booing UCLA fans in his last game against them…

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      1. I agree, MG, but unfortunately for Coach Boyd, the only teams then to advance into the NCAA tournament were Conf. Champs. That was always UCLA’s first goal: Win the Conf.

        There are those who claim today’s NCAA tournament NC is tougher to win. But, if it was so easy during UCLA’s heyday why are the Bruins the only Div. 1 BB team to win 3 straight BB NC’s.

        Coach Boyd has no peer in the History of USC’s BB program. He did his best against UCLA’s superior BB program. I think if Coach Body had UCLA’s team he would’ve also won 3 straight BB NC’s.

        NBA/NCAA rules need to be changed to match NCAA Baseball rules. No need to attend college to go pro, but if you go to school, you stay for 3 years. I believe 95% of NBA players are better off going to Univ. to hone their game.

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  3. This game singularly was my highlight reel at SC … I still dream about the arena, crowd and of course guarding the great Pistol Pete … what a memory, thanks for bring it back to Life!!! Bill Taylor #54


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