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The Wizard Of Water Polo

USC water polo coach Jovan Vavic won his 15th NCAA title Sunday. He has nine men’s titles and six women’s titles. It’s an impressive accomplishment. But let’s also put some perspective on it especially when you can be a great coach in another sport and rarely or never win a national title. There are only 22 colleges in the country that play Division I men’s … Continue reading The Wizard Of Water Polo

USC Sunday Buzz: Blast From The Past

Earlier this week, I recounted a Bear Bryant-John McKay story. Here’s another one: In the early 1960’s, Bryant was at the Pepperdine Coaching Clinic. During his presentation to a large group of coaches, Bryant passed out. McKay was not there but several USC coaches were in the audience. The USC coaches were then asked to come to the front of the room and finish the … Continue reading USC Sunday Buzz: Blast From The Past