The Friday USC Column Supplement

Today is National Dog Day, so time to appreciate George Tirebiter. Here is the original Tirebiter, in full glory and living color, from the 1947 football season. On Oct. 22, 1947, a 30-car parade was held to crown him USC’s official mascot. This is not the cute cuddly Tirebiter that followed and became the model for the statue near Exposition Blvd. This is surly George, who bit … Continue reading The Friday USC Column Supplement

A USC Memorial Day Story

Today is a good day to learn about Captain Ben L. Salomon, a graduate of the USC dental school, who served as a dentist-and-then-surgeon during World War II. Salomon was at Saipan in the Marianas Island when his aid station came under attack. From the Congressional Medal of Honor citation: “Firing from a squatting position, Captain Salomon quickly killed the enemy soldier. Then, as he … Continue reading A USC Memorial Day Story