Time For A Restaurant Price Check

A friend who sent me the Julie’s restaurant menu last week said a reader thought the menu was from 1970 and that the $11.50 steak sandwich would cost roughly $88 today. Well, the menu is actually from 1996 when the restaurant closed. So the steak sandwich would cost about $22 today. Big difference. Julie’s wasn’t known for being pricey. It catered to a diverse crowd … Continue reading Time For A Restaurant Price Check

Saturday Column Supplement

There was a lot of reaction Friday to the posting of a picture of Allan Malamud. ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen “liked” it on twitter. So here’s a picture from 1963 of Malamud at USC with the staff of “Scampus,” which was a 103-page handbook printed for incoming freshmen that included everything from “administration to fraternities” along with on-and-off campus events. Continue reading Saturday Column Supplement

Martin Luther King And USC

These are rare color photos I first ran in September from when Martin Luther King spoke at the Coliseum in May, 1964. The photos were taken by  Jay A. Brown, who worked as an assistant to Congressman Thomas Rees. But it went undiscovered until it was found a drawer by Brown’s daughter about 50 years later. Here’s a close-up that shows Dick Van Dyke on the far left. Van … Continue reading Martin Luther King And USC

Merry Christmas!

In my annual Christmas tradition, here is my all-time favorite USC picture.Hollywood screen legend Greta Garbo was sent to USC in 1926 to pose for some publicity photos with the track team. Garbo initially refused until MGM deducted $25 from her salary, which convinced her to head to campus and don a USC track singlet. She is with a USC track assistant coach in the above photo. … Continue reading Merry Christmas!