Would USC Mind If Alabama Game Got Canceled?

Does Clay Helton really want the Alabama game to take place?

I’d bet he would much rather open the season with New Mexico.

None of us really know what the situation for college football will be in September but Helton could catch a break if the game does not take place.

The one wrinkle with the game taking place in Texas, is the odds of it happening are probably greater than if it were in California. The game organizers might try to pull off a game with no fans if that is the only option with the blessing of state/local governments.

But . . . would USC go alone with that? It can’t do anything that is seen as endangering the athletes. So USC might not agree. And if it means not losing to Alabama, oh well. But USC would definitely regret not making the money off that game.

18 thoughts on “Would USC Mind If Alabama Game Got Canceled?

  1. Given there will be 2 new offensive tackles on an already iffy O-line, Kedon Slovis should be relieved if the ‘Bama game was cancelled. But I think that the young fella is such a competitor that he’d like to go out there, no matter who was on the O-line.

    Hope all the other Trojans feel the same way about competing against ‘Bama.

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      1. Michael, has there ever been a luckier head coach than Clay Helton? Now SC looks like they can go undefeated the rest of the way.

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      2. gt,
        Do you remember that scene in “Dodgeball” in which Rip Torn is celebrating Vince Vaughn’s team’s victory in an Irish Pub —under a huge, 2 ton green sign that says “Luck of the Irish!” and the sign falls on him?


    1. USC, and Bozo Helton would jump on a cancellation in a New York minute, are you kidding me? That game would make Helton look like the fool he really is, because it would show zero progress from the 2016 meeting . Some think the score would be closer then the last time, but not me, because the Trojans would lose at the line of scrimmage in a big way, and that’s where games are won.

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      1. I found your post to be a great example of insight and intelligence. Great points for all of us too be sure. With your permission I would like to add 1) additional point. I’m thinking about “ Sark” in Tuscaloosa & all the film he has on Todd Orlando & the desperate desire within him to destroy “TROY.” My thinking is that he turned down Colorado for this game & have his pick of job offers next season. I see Jones leading the charge – Alabama up 21 to 28 points and Young coming in to “ add salt in the wound “ for a 35 point thrashing. Next week- no fans for New Mexico ( no big deal). Thank You in advance for your consideration and your comments it’s truly appreciated.


  2. Are we going to wait until there are no active cases ?
    Until the whole country is tested ?
    Until there is a vaccine ?
    All of the above ?

    The lab coat nerds would shut the country down for a year if allowed, we might all be ” healthy ” but what good is that if you lose your house, job etc ?

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    1. Exactly. Fatality rates are extremely low for those who do not have comorbidities and are under 70. Need a more targeted approach. Quarantine the high risk folks, test like hell, and let others go back to work, with masks if need be.

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      1. 67 –Agreed. I like the idea of testing people before they return. Large segments of the population can get back to work.

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      2. 67 —
        Bohn To Helton: “I’m only doing this out of an abundance of caution, Coach. I’ve read there’s a .0001% chance of false negatives. See ya in 2023……oh, wait, your contract will have run out by then……”

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  3. Texas? Where football is untouchable ( pun intended) ? It wouldn’t surprise if they held the game as scheduled and WITH fans- gotta keep the money train going.


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