USC Morning Buzz: The Day Starts Working With The Soul

When you make videos of your day, you invite scrutiny.

And one part of Clay Helton’s day (below) that sticks out is when he said the day, “starts working with the soul.”

The soul?

What kind of work does he do with “the soul” when he rationalizes firing 13 assistant coaches at USC? Does blaming others cleanse his soul?

Does his soul cause him to call Jack Sears “part of my family for life” after running Sears out of the program?

It’s great to have a philosophy to start your day. But it helps if the actions illustrate you actually practice what you preach.

20 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Day Starts Working With The Soul

    1. …Trojan Nation turns it’s lonely eyes at you…
      What do you say, Mrs Helton?
      Joltin’ Jack has left and gone away
      Hey Hey Hey
      Hey Hey Hey

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      1. He is as phony as a $ 3.00 bill….
        If he has so much SOUL— why has he not taken a reduction in pay like other Admins.
        NO– he continues to suck $$$ from USC
        He couldn’t coach his way out of a phone booth with a seeing eye dog & a flash light.
        Will be a great day when he is gone—PHONY–soul– reads Bible, etc–Yea Right!

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    1. Yeah….Clay’s always had a hard time being super holy unless he’s dressed in Nike gear….


  1. At this point, everybody knows Clay Helton is a phony clown of a head coach, who doesn’t have the ability to hire a credible coaching staff. Does anybody believe that the Athletic Director’s for Nick Saban, Ryan Day, Dabo Sweeney, Kirby Smart, Lincoln Riley, hire their assistant coaches? Can you imagine what Helton’s coaching staff thinks of him behind closed doors ? 😂😂 There’s no way he’s respected as a head coach, and the chain of command will be comical at best come game time…😂😂

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    1. I would love to see the reaction of anyone on Helton’s staff if they were told right before doing an interview, “would you mind getting a strong shot of truth serum —it goes to work in 60 seconds?”


    1. 67 — I have such mixed feelings about Helton. On the one hand, I really loved the woman in that video and I’m very glad she was given the attention she deserved. On the other hand, I have known two professional athletes in my time –both of whom reached out to kids in trouble — without any fanfare. Neither one of them would have tolerated a video of them doing what they did. And you couldn’t PAY them to look into the camera and say “I gave them my cell number and told them to call me if they ever needed anything.” With Clay there’s ALWAYS this “aren’t I just the nicest guy ever?” demeanor going on — it’s so self congratulatory….

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      1. Michael, I hear you. My understanding from third-hand info from the family (and much can be lost in translation, that much removed from the source) is that Helton was doing much for her before the cameras started to roll. But, I definitely hear what you are saying.

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      2. Nice to know, 67. I don’t enjoy being cynical ….but I don’t enjoy being played either. I wonder if it’s permissible anymore to do good deeds in the manner suggested by the bible…

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    2. He is clearly an awful football coach. As a human being, all indications are that he’s a very decent guy.


      1. A VERY decent guy? Like Albert Schweitzer or Martin Luther King? A VERY decent guy wouldn’t force the University to honor an absurd multi year contract given out by a brainless Athletic Director.


  2. I missed this gem. In addition, he ran almost the entire 2016 recruiting class off. What a nightmare Helton is. He is hiding behind his Faith card, like so many hypocritical Christians. And Bohn says he kept him because of his integrity. WHAT? What integrity? If he had any, he would resign. He LOVES the money, the power and the place, and will take the field to boos. That, is NOT integrity.


    1. You could always come to my church. According to you, there is a lot of hypocrits there. Come on down…there’s always room for one more.


  3. Scott I agree with a pretty fair amount of what you say on your blog but why do you keep bringing up Jack Sears. Looks like Hilton made the right call here. He was 100% right making Slovis the second string quarterback at the time. Don’t know who was actually responsible for recognizing his talent but Kedon Slovis has a chance to be one of the top five quarterbacks in college the season and if he stays healthy he will probably be a first round pick in two years

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