Sultan McCullough Update

I know a lot of people are interested in how Sultan McCullough is doing.

The last update I’ve heard is that he is in the Definitive Observation Unit and no longer in intensive care, which is a positive development. He is breathing on his own and under a medicated sleep.

6 thoughts on “Sultan McCullough Update

  1. Good news….I’m stressed just hearing and thinking about it. Hope he gets through, a little like Jack Jones has, so far, except no playing and older can be rough….Can’t tell you how nice it was to see Jack Jones playing for Herm Edwards and ASU last season…..beautiful, really…

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  2. Enjoyed watching Mr. McCullough run the football those years.
    I always thought he was a special talent and was not employed to full benefit by
    those coaches “back then.”

    Praying for his recovery.
    While not casting shade, I am always worried when/if there is a
    “medicated sleep”. This concerns me for a brain injury, and I don’t
    want THAT for anyone. Gonna be a long haul.
    Thanks to Mr. Wolf for keeping us updated. Good job.


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