USC Over/Under Win Total

Here is what Caesars Palace lists for regular season over/under win totals in 2020.

USC is 8. Right now, I think the over is a preferable bet. That says more about the mediocre Pac-12 than the new coaches or Clay Helton.

Pac-12 teams below:

Oregon, 9.5

Utah, 8.5

Washington, 8.5

Arizona Stae, 8

USC, 8

Cal, 7

Washington State, 6

Oregon State, 5.5

Stanford, 5.5

UCLA, 5.5

Arizona, 4.5

Colorado, 3

23 thoughts on “USC Over/Under Win Total

  1. SEVEN? NFW.
    CAL did eight last year & this is a better team with almost all the offense returning with a real O coach in Musgrave.
    The DEFENSE has 22 LB’s on roster. We will never run out of LB’s.


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      1. Only in the first half. In the second half. The lads run the other
        0-11-00 eleven.
        P76 not for you but just so mule understands:


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      1. Hey steve ah
        All NFL decade team …4 CAL, $C ZERO.
        Fun fact: CAL 4 more than any team in the USA. PAC-12– 4.

        For your mule like lack of comprehension brain, CAL 4, $c ZERO.

        Also you can chew on this, since 1960 CAL alums are the highest total of NFL coaches and have the highest PAC-12 NFL payroll.
        Bite me you lush.


    1. Hey Owns, time to bet your $1,200 CARES Act stimulus check on your Ruins.

      I will take under 5.5 wins.

      Let’s bet the $1,200 since I won’t be getting a check and am very fortunate to earn above stimulus check thresholds.


      1. Another Trump nitwit follower posting bullshit. I will gladly takes his
        money to help run him out of the Oval Office come January, 2021.


  2. USC will only win 8 maybe 9 games. Alabama is a loss, Oregon is a loss. Now between Arizona St., Stanford, Washington, Utah and Notre Dame Clay Helton being on the sideline is going to lose at least 1 if not all of these games for the Trojans. After the BYU, Oregon, Iowa and countless other embarrassing losses i am certain this man Clay Helton would lose to a well coached High School team.


  3. I’m glad somebody besides myself is recognizing what Herman Edwards is doing at Arizona State, because he’s slowly infusing talent on to that roster. And before you know it, Clay Helton, and his under achieving program will drop another notch in the weak PAC 12.


  4. S – you must be a very serious person, locked up with Owns in quarantine or eating some leftover bat from Wuhan. My post name is a simple play on words and just following a long time poster named “TebowObama.”

    Take a chill pill dude!!

    I am not political but I have never liked Owns and his snarky cynical anti USC posts!! I was simply asking if I could wager his stimulus check.

    Peace out!!


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