2005 Rewind: USC-Fresno State

If the USC-Arizona State game was a wake-up call, the Fresno State game was a near-disaster.

Even though Fresno State was ranked No. 16, this game was considered another routine victory.

But Fresno State led 21-13 at halftime. USC then looked like it put the game away with 21 straight points to start the second half for a 34-21 advantage. Fresno State came back and led 42-41 with nine minutes left.

But this was perhaps the greatest individual performance in NCAA history as Reggie Bush accounted for 513 all-purpose yards, rushing for 294.

“That game went 15 rounds,” Fresno State coach Pat Hill said. “That was a 15-rounder. It wasn’t a TKO in the first round.”

The craziest aspect was the impact of the game on Fresno State, which nearly record its biggest win ever. Instead the Bulldogs lost nine of the their next 10 games

4 thoughts on “2005 Rewind: USC-Fresno State

  1. About as entertaining a game as you would ever see. Reggie was a video game character that day. But without the 4 picks thrown by the FSU QB, the Trojans would likely have lost.

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  2. Reggie also had 161 yards in kick/punt returns which came against none other than John Baxter, Fresno State’s special teams and assistant head coach in 2005.




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