USC Tweet Of The Day

There’s nothing really wrong with these two tweets. Except the guy tweeting it out has gone 22-16 in his three seasons at USC.

10 thoughts on “USC Tweet Of The Day

  1. I’m hoping that center Brett Neilon can really be the O-line leader this coming season. Following interview of Neilon is after Washington game, in which they ran the ball for over 200 yards (though Trojans lost the game, 28-14):

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    1. Brett is a real smart kid and he plays his heart out. No problems at center in 2020!
      [I like how Brett is asked to assess how things look at the “halfway point” of the season at exactly the halfway point –2:22—in the interview —nice touch]….

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      1. Michael, he seems like an old-school Trojan – humble, dedicated to his craft, hard-working, honest, always striving to be better.

        And you can tell from his answers how much he likes to run-block!

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      2. Yeah —& he’s got some real nice runners to block for in 2020, too!
        [IF we stay healthy this is gonna be a helluva team]!

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  2. I took the time to look up Drevno. First, unlike last year’s defensive coordinator, Tim played college football at the position he coaches. Next he coached at the professional level and has been considered one of the best position coaches on staff.
    Hopefully with the new mindset brought in with new coordinators Drevno will be allowed to hold players accountable for their mistakes. I truly believe this is a glowing error in Helton’s coaching philosophy.

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    1. I believe Drevno coached that Kapernick led SF49ers team that almost won a SuperBowl. He had great O-line talent (and RB talent) and the 9ers had a great running game. Also, Drevno had a smashmouth headcoach.

      I don’t think Drevno is the problem. Give it a rest, people.


  3. Itโ€™s misleading for the post to say USC architecture is ranked #7 in the nation – the program is #7 in job placement but #12 overall.

    The rankings are extremely subjective and havenโ€™t been very friendly to usc recently; realistically it should be in the top 3 every year, so itโ€™s not that important but I wonder if it was a lazy oversight or another example of the SC PR department stretching facts to get fans excited.

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