Former USC Star Damon Bame Dies

Damon Bame, a two-time All-American and member of the 1962 national champions, died last week, according to multiple reports. He was 77.

Bame was a left guard and linebacker and intercepted a pass in the famous 1963 Rose Bowl, where USC defeated Wisconsin, 42-37.

He was named USC’s outstanding lineman in five of USC’s 10 regular-season games by sports writers and sports casters. He was the Associated Press national lineman of the week in USC’s 39-14 victory over Stanford.

Bame was a member of the 1963 Playboy All-American team with wide receiver Hal Bedsole and a two-time conference first-team selection. He is not in the USC Hall of Fame but deserves to be.

Damon Bame returns interception in 1963 Rose Bowl.
Top row, left to right: Ken Kortas, Tackle — Louisville; Jim Kelly, End — Notre Dame; Harrison Rosdahl, Tackle — Penn State; Hal Bedsole, End — USC. Middle Row, left to right: Jack Cvercko, Guard — Northwestern; Dick Butkus, Center — Illinois; Damon Bame, Guard — USC; Ara Parseghian, Coach of the Year — Northwestern. Bottom Row, left to right: Rick Leeson, Fullback — Pittsburgh; Marv Woodson, Halfback — Indiana; Tom Myers, Quarterback — Northwestern; Larry Dupree, Halfback — Florida

30 thoughts on “Former USC Star Damon Bame Dies

  1. My condolences to the Bame family. I was a 40 year old young Pup as I watched that 1963 Rose Bowl game from the stands, I remember like it was yesterday.

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    1. I was at that Rose Bowl in 1963 too. So were my younger brothers. I was 79 at the time…and they were, 77 and 75, respectively…..

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      1. me too except I am 77 now…back then I was 19…I remember Damon Bame as a former JC all American too, and SC starting middle linebacker and starting center…well must be the FOG is rolling in these days as it did in 1963 RoseBowl


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      3. Here’s more evidence…

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    3. Damon Bame don’t deserve to be in the hall of fame! Look at that picture, not one black dude on the “all american” team! What a joke! I’m sure he was pretty good…. for a white guy! Like Isaiah Thomas said “If he was black, he’d just a good guy” not an all american!

      #BLM #RacistMuch


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  3. May he rest in peace…so sorry to hear..
    Prayers to his husband, MARV WOODMAN, PITTSBURGH is on that photo being All American…did 5 seasons with Steelers, 1 season with New Orleans…he is 78 yrs old must let him know….the bible speaks of resurrection hope…Acts 24:15, go read it for yourself, it’s there…no lie…once again so sorry for the loss…Mr Mrs Marv Woodson his number at Pittsburgh was #47, same number with the Saints…


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