Morning Buzz: Students Offer Perspective On USC

Several USC students have sent me a link to the Black at USC Instagram page, you can find the link here.

Below is an example of the page:

  • Meanwhile, a petition has started to save USC alumni clubs. Link here.

44 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Students Offer Perspective On USC



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      3. You Democrats are this evil:

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    1. It’s not easy being a victicrat and feel sorry for yourself and blame others for your problems at one of the world’s greatest institutions of higher learning.


      1. It’s not easy being senileobama aka TulsaTrojan the retired preachy libtard who has nothing else to do but ruin USC blogs.

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      2. What’s a victicrant? My alter ego will spend hours running back and forth between your post and google trying to get the spelling right. If you intend to insult the knucklehead, you should insert a link to the urban dictionary for him and his little buddies…

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      3. I know everything, because I’m the intelligent one on this page, but my alter ego will spend hours running back and forth between your post and google trying to get the spelling of victicrat right. If you intend to insult the knucklehead, you should insert a link to the Ebonic dictionary, because those colored people aren’t very articulate.

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    2. How about they transfer to Trump University, gotroll22 keeps carrying on about how much Trump has done for blacks. Blacks, according to gotroll22, have never had it so good.

      Oh wait, Trump University was nothing but a scam/fraud…the typical Trump con job, no longer in business, shut down and bankrupt just like everything else that commie loving Trump touches.

      Ask gotroll22 to name 3 specific things that Trump has done for blacks and he’ll cut and paste the same old tired bullshit that everyone but him knows isn’t true.


      U.S. News & World Report

      TRUMP, on the economy before the pandemic: “We had the best numbers for African Americans on employment and unemployment in history … best everything.” — Fox News interview Wednesday

      THE FACTS:

      Black unemployment reached a record low during the Trump administration, 5.4% in August, as the longest economic expansion in history pressed ahead ( Due to President Obama’s Economic Recovery).

      In other words, President Obama lowered the unemployment rate for blacks by 9%.

      Trump lowered it a measely 2.4% and then shot that to hell when he tanked the economy and unemployment skyrocketed to 24%.

      Most of the progress came when Barack Obama was president: Black unemployment dropped from a recession high of 16.8% in March 2010 to 7.8% in January 2017. Improvement continued under Trump until the pandemic. Black unemployment reached 16.8% in May, compared with 13.3% for the overall population.

      Not all economic measures improved for African Americans under Trump before the pandemic. A black household earned median income of $41,361 in 2018, the latest data available. That’s below a 2000 peak of $43,380, according to the Census Bureau.

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      1. Tboner, don’t ya remember what your dad yoused to say when you was youngun and had something stupid come to mind? You know right before he clocked ya up side your head. Now that I think on it it was a good clockin he gave you and maybe you forgot. Let me remember for ya. It went something like “think twice before ya speak and if you feels like you still have something to say jus shut the fuck up you’re embarrassing us again you dumbass” or something like that


      2. Np progress came when your Messiah Obama was president. He was the wrist thing to happen to America since another racist Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, poisoned race relations.

        Besides reviving the stagnant Obama economy that helped everyone including blacks, Trump took other steps to improve the lives of black Americans. Just because you are ignorant doesn’t mean they didn’t happen.

        Trump signed the First Step Act (FSA) in December 2018. Pushed on Capitol Hill by White House aide Jared Kushner, this GOP-led, Democrat-supported criminal-justice-reform overwhelmingly helps blacks more than others. Black men constitute 91 percent of those who have received leniency or liberation from mass incarceration under FSA. Obama had eight years to sign such legislation. Despite the clamor of Black Lives Matters and other groups, he couldn’t be bothered. Trump got it done.

        Trump has launched 8,762 Opportunity Zones, which are attracting business and investment to low-income Census tracts, many populated by black Americans. Obama could have done this, but he spurned this market-driven approach to urban renaissance.
        Trump’s signature reauthorized and funded Washington, D.C.’s school-voucher program, some 75 percent of whose beneficiaries are low-income black kids.

        Obama fought strenuously to kill the Opportunity Scholarship initiative, to please his masters in the teachers’ unions. If this academically stunted black girls and boys in the ‘hood, as Obama’s actions signaled, whatever!

        In contrast, Obama sent his daughters to Sidwell Friends, the priciest, poshest private school in the nation’s capital. Good for the Obama girls! Too bad their father’s attitude toward struggling black students in D.C was, basically: “Let them eat chalk.” He is such a hypocrite.

        Five weeks into his presidency, Trump opened a White House office to assist Historically Black Colleges and Universities. He announced this news to the presidents of some three dozen HBCUs, whom he invited to the Oval Office on February 27, 2017.

        Among other efforts, Trump has provided HBCUs a permanent-funding stream, worked with private companies to offer apprenticeships to their students and directed NASA to recruit HBCU enrollees seeking space-related careers.

        Trump answered the pleas of HBCU presidents and approved Pell Grants year-round, rather than strictly for fall and spring semesters. Many HBCU students take winter and summer classes.

        Now, unlike the Obama years, they (and others) can do this with Pell Grants. Obama ignored HBCU presidents’ repeated requests for this simple change. Trump made it happen.

        Trump upgraded Dr. Martin Luther King’s resting place from a national historic site to a national historic park, in January 2018, enhancing its treatment by the National Park Service. Civil-rights pioneer Rep. John Lewis, D–Ga., first introduced legislation in 2014 to spur this improvement.

        Obama never signed this bill.

        Trump did.

        Trump, not Obama, posthumously pardoned black heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson, who was imprisoned after a racially charged sex scandal in 1912. “I am taking this very righteous step, I believe, to correct a wrong that happened in our history,” Trump said. “It’s about time.”

        Trump hosted the Young Black Leadership Summit last October in the White House. He welcomed hundreds of center-right activists in their 20s and 30s who wore MAGA hats and applauded the president whom the left calls their oppressor.

        So as usual you are full of it, you racist preachy libtard.


    3. If you don’t like black people complaining about racism at USC then don’t be a fu*king racist! We ain’t gotta go nowhere! If you don’t like it, go back and put on your favorite bed sheets and put up a burning cross at heritage hall! Maybe it’s time to call in OJ and show em what happens to when they piss off the black man.

      #BLM #Racistmuch?


  2. Btw everybody, I’ll be taking over Scott Wolf’s page, with my political RIGHT opinions, and ignorant posts. I would start my own blog, but I know I’d probably have zero followers, and that wouldn’t be too good for my pompous ass, and inflated ego. So stay tuned! 😀😀😀


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  3. RACIST STATEMENT. Created by Black Evils ooo I mean Lives. What about all Lives Matter in a Stadium. .


    1. Hey you like old chubbettes? I could give you a freebie or just charge you half. By wednesday I’ll be pretty ripe cause ya know sunday is bath nite


    1. “Offer won’t be accepted”?! Darren spoke too soon. The New York Times is in possession of leaked emails indicating that Chip Kelly has, on behalf of the University, extended an “agreement in principle —–if the offer is ‘sweetened’ with jelly donuts… several hundred dozen of them”……

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      1. ruins, the gift that keeps on giving… I wonder if they make it part of their sports ticket packages? That would triple sails over night.

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      2. There’s a guy who’s been around as a poster at many sites called “Viejo Cabron”, and I just heard he passed away. Don’t know if you knew him or not.


    2. Hey tboner git their number we can do this I’ll get your daughter an me an you and we can play neked olive oil twister like we did on your birthday. Remember how much oil we went thru before we figured out we ain’t sposed to drink it. So funny. Well ain’t nothing that was stuck inside us that week it all come swooshing out like a brown niagra falls


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      1. Look at my alter ego, he has no competition for how dumb he is. Little man has a complex when he can’t lie….poor poor miserable pornboy. Bawaaah!


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      2. Just so you know, I’m still really really scared that tbone might come up with the two bits to find my address. I know he’s bound and determined because he’s threatened me now for two years. Quaking in my boots.

        I am allowed to use Quaking right? That’s not been omitted from proper speech yet has it, dikkhead?

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      3. Look at my alter ego, I have no competition for how dumb I am. I’m a Little man who has a complex. poor poor me, I’m such a Poo 💩 Poo head… . Bawaaah! 😂😂😂😂


      4. Just so I know, I’m really really scared that tbone might come up with the two bits to find my address. I know he’s bound and determined because he’s threatened me now for two years. My Ding Ding is shaking, even though it’s limp 😂😂😂😂


  4. The statment above could be applied to any student athlete at SC or any other college excpet Thug U. You have whites, hispanics, asians, europeans, polynesian, and all walks of life play sports at a college level. The reason we know the names is because of their superb talent and how they use it. Unfortunatley, academic competition is no televised. If it was then people would know the competitors names may the name come from any colot or background. Thug U is not included because it is a sewage dump with a swiming pool at Polly Povilion

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    1. I never knew you to be so callous, pt! This ‘lack of cheering” issue dates all the way back to my days at USC —when Sicilian students would routinely finish final exams and walk out into empty hallways….. and, when we complained about the absence of performing cheerleaders, we were told by our boorish Dean of Students academic recognition would come via mailed grade cards…… !!!

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      1. Michael, how could you possibly motivate yourself to perform academically without the USC Song Girls and the USC Marching Band there to play Tusk as you walked out of a midterm?

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      2. Yeah! Now that I think about it, gt, I should’ve sat out the entire next semester!

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  5. USC wouldn’t be disbanding the local and regional alumni clubs because they’re decided the (older) alumni are an embarrassment and need to be canceled, now would they?

    Has the purge of all things John Wayne started yet?

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    1. I just hope my eyes never have to be sullied again by Stagecoach, Red River, The Searchers or Rio Bravo…..

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