USC Drops In College Football Rankings

USC dropped two spots to No. 20 in the College Football Playoff rankings.

North Carolina, which was behind USC last week, moved ahead of the Trojans and lost its third game.

The message: You need to play games. And you need to play ranked teams.


32 thoughts on “USC Drops In College Football Rankings

  1. UNC hasn’t beaten any ranked teams. And they have lost to two unranked teams. Not to mention they gave up 53 to Wake Forest, 44 to Virginia and 45 to Virginia Tech.

    The message is that the CFP rankings are meaningless this year after the top 10 or so.

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    1. Another message: Your end of season ranking is likely to be better if you remove Alabama and Notre Dame from your schedule…..

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  2. This year the committee is using D&D dice to put the lower 10 in place. Although we haven’t really shown anything to move up we are lucky to be considered. It more than likely a complementary placement.
    We after all led by a man who mounts a horse to lead the charge facing the south end of north bound animal, and yells, “get a horse with a head!”
    In a war of wits, such as chess or coaching football, he is a conscientious objector. If USC had helmet stickers like the Ohio State’s marijuana leaf, our team would be covered with them. He is poster boy for PBIS (positive behavior intervention strategy)

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    1. Usually Pudly would update us, but it appears the Mobley brothers are ballers, and Enfield’s transfer recruits–including young Mr. Peterson today–are showing some promise.

      On the flip-side, it is a rebuilding year for BYU.

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  3. Hey 22, blow me down, Sean Hannity tells the truth:

    “I don’t vet the information on this program that I give out.”

    That’s a solid admission of deliberately propagating lies and misinformation.


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