USC Midseason Report Card

The season is only three games old, but that means it is midseason.

So here are the midseason grades:


Remember when Kedon Slovis was a Heisman candidate? That was before anyone knew about his mystery problems.

Grade: C-


There’s nothing wrong really with Markese Stepp, Stephen Carr, Vavae Malepeai or Kenan Christon. But there hasn’t been much to get excited about, probably because of the scheme, playcalling and/or offensive line.

Grade: C


They have largely been inconsistent unless you like the Pro Football Focus grades where five guys going against three defensive linemen is a plus.

Grade: D+


Marlon Tuipulotu has been the star of the defense but who else has emerged? Drake Jackson might be the best player but he makes some plays and then disappears. The running yards allowed the first two games was awful.

Grade: C+


Another inconsistent position where you get a flash here or there but no consistent performances. At least they play hard.

Grade: C


Does Donte Williams feel some players have bad habits he cannot break or does he encourage grabbing? Time will tell.

Grade: C-


There have not been any huge Baxter-like gaffes but everything is kind of just OK. Bonus points for the lucky on-sides kick vs. ASU.

Grade: C


I don’t really know what Clay Helton does but the culture cannot change with him. I know what Graham Harrell and Todd Orlando do and both are one-trick ponies.

Grade: F

23 thoughts on “USC Midseason Report Card

  1. Scottie, averaging across all the “classes”, and applying the usual scale (A = 4 pts, B = 3 pts, C = 2 pts., D = 1 pt, F = 0), then the team “GPA” is 1.7. This makes the entire team academically ineligible. You might need to bump a couple of grades to keep this weekend’s game on the schedule.

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  2. I remember giving grades to our host and it drove him to SI, so I will leave him alone as far as grades go. I still agree that Helton is the rotten apple in the barrel, which is why our one trick ponies are not changing. I am sure if our coordinators had a meeting that didn’t involve the old electric football vibrating board (there’s some thing to give the trolls imagine Helton with that thing on his lap) there would be constant improvement instead of hurky-jerky spasmodic improvements made over long tedious months of the same damn thing.
    I guess we should try replacing the radiator cap because the whole car is new except for the that part and the engine still overheats.

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    1. I don’t feel that the players are underachievers, TFL.
      Not in the slightest.

      HC CH has underachieved with the level of talent with which he was blessed.
      We will see about the other coaches.

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  3. Thi It is a nice exercise but why are we grading this process? It is an aberration. Nobody in football ,on any level. should be treating sports as if things were normal. Everybody should be given the same recognition for just surviving and bringing us a modicum of relief in our dull lives. Just read a book. But, one exception , Clay Helton. A successful sports season would be getting rid of him. Otherwise, just be grateful. they and we are surviving. Lastly, they all should be given an A, just for showing up. Normal talk does not apply this year. Praise them all ,but I am realistic enough to know that that this make believe about normalcy keeps us alive. Welcome your input. and be safe. I do love this stupid game though. People out there knocking their brains out. But, I still am thrilled about it . And, I do enjoy your many comments. Just don’t get serious about them. Be safe.

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    1. Thanks for the wise perspective. 2020 is an aberration from the word go in just about every possible way. The college football season is a farce, and the NFL is as well. If our leaders were wise, we would call it off and prepare for 2021. I am not cancel guy, I voted for Trump. I just hate to see a mockery made of what we all hold precious, USC football. How in the world will they hold a championship game. Nobody in stands, half of the O line in quarantine and then crown a champ?


    2. Look it’s Charlie Bucket sock puppet #9.

      I love that Charlie Bucket was outed!


      1d ago
      Well this IS interesting. I am not sure if this site is for me anymore. Each email address used generates a unique symbol that represents the email address. One person on this page has 10 such symbols generated for his username. That is some next level trolling. And none of messages upon this thread has anything to do with the the purpose of the thread. It has developed into a prepubescent name calling.


    3. While somewhat philosophical professor, I mostly concur with most of your assertions. One item that haunts a young FB player is the risk of injury.
      During this bizarre season where nothing really matters, imagine if you blew out your ACL or suffered two (distantly related) concussions?

      I’m really proud of these young student-athletes who’ve continued to compete despite very little upside to playing this year.


  4. The blogger left out the WR group.

    They’ve been solid with an erratic QB so maybe Wolf left them out to deflate the overall grade?



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  5. And, I’d bump up the Special Teams grade a little for Coach Snyder having the stones to play new guy Parker Lewis over established kicker Chase McGrath. Most coaches, even new coaches, try not to rattle the way things are when they come in.


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  6. Your grades are stupid. Leaving out the WRs may be one of your dumbest moves in blog history. These are 18 to 22 year old kids. Let’s review your Daily Trojan articles. Wonder how the spelling and content was in those gems.

    You missed another category – administration – this category is an F – flawed hype videos, non existent BOD, powerful Caruso and of course everyone’s favorite second choice affirmative action/Title IX President Folt.

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    1. By my recollection of college, BT–and it was quite some time ago–an INCOMPLETE is worse than an “F.” Perhaps we should give admin and INC?

      I guess either way it’s a “zero.”

      I am breathless from the lack of leadership I’ve seen in academics (everywhere) this past year.

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  7. I got a laugh when Scott gave Helton another F. I wonder how he would grade the posters: MG would grade highest, but receive only a B-. Scott would give himself a B+, but in reality he is a C- at best.


    1. Scott’s grades were a little harsh. Probably accurate for ASU and U of A, but there was considerable improvement against Utah. You can tail on the assistants all you want, but if you simply changed out Gomer for say Urban Meyer, you would see all the grades instantly increase because the intensity, the competition, and the accountability would increase.

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