Will Texas Do What USC Was Supposed To Do?

There is increasing speculation Texas will pursue Urban Meyer if it fires Tom Herman.

Will Texas overlook the baggage that USC president Carol Folt did not want to deal with?

The funny part (to me) is USC didn’t want Meyer’s baggage but still has not released a 3-year-old report on the misdeeds of the former dean of the medical school. So Folt’s transparency is situational.

This deeply researched L.A. Times story exposes that.


50 thoughts on “Will Texas Do What USC Was Supposed To Do?

  1. What does one have to do with the other? How is she not transparent in the matter of urban and his manipulation of police and press to protect his mentor’s grandson for beating his pregnant wife for not having a threesome?

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    1. Could still be. #metoo isn’t what it was before the election and the Tyndall mess is no longer on the forefront.
      But texass will back up the brinks truck in urban’s driveway offering him whatever he wants.

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      1. I hear what you say, Pudly….. but I think what Scott was getting at was the apparent chasm between Folt’s promise to “walk the path” of righteousness when it comes to ending racism [a promise that amounts to saying lots of empty words] and her dragging her feet when it comes to releasing a report that’s probably embarrassing to friends and allies.
        [Forgive me but I can’t forget the look on Folt’s face when she called one of our students a “jerk” —it was filled with that “I wish there weren’t such a moral gulf between us” expression that I’ve seen so frequently on the countenances of L. A.’s elites].

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      1. Franklin/Penn St. needed just one 1st down to salt the Rose Bowl win. Instead he coached Penn St. to a truly, stupid, ridiculous defeat.

        After that moronic display of HFBC chops, why would anyone want Franklin as a HC.

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    1. While I was not born when Rafer Johnson was a prominent athlete and Olympian, I do recall the accolades given him in the 70’s and 80’s–decades after his decathlon prowess. Seems like a life truly well-lived. A prayer for his family.

      Thanks for bringing this up.

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  2. This stance by Folt has nothing to do with Urban Meyer, it has everything to do with the fact that Folt, in her SJW world view, views a big time football program as a symbol of Toxic Masculinity. That’s why she didn’t sign off on hiring Bob Stoops. She is perfectly happy with the likes of Clay Helton guiding USC to a Molly Mediocre record year in and year out.

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    1. I’d keep Helton and his contract over Stoops.
      I get the sense that Lincoln Riley (and Venables, Grinch, etc) was the “brains” of the outfit.

      That said, does Riley know how to develop QB’s?

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  3. I’m hearing that Hermon is already considered out at Texas though it has not been announced and Texas will go after Meyer. I still think that Meyer would much rather come to SC than Texas. California is a better recruiting market than Texas. Socal is especially a better recruiting market than any area of Texas. Meyers wife doesn’t want him to take either job but she has said that she loves SoCal. Meyer wants to get back into coaching. He wants to be the first coach to win a national championship at 3 different schools. If Texas offers(and I think that they will because Texas is not politically correct California), he can’t wait forever to get back into coaching. He’s not 40 anymore. I think that he will take the Texas job and I think that he will win a national championship at Texas.

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    1. He might THINK he’ll win a natty at Texas —- but he’ll have to go through Carrol Folt, Mike Bohn, Clay Helton and Tim Drevno to get it…

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    2. Meyer’s medical problems negate any serious thought to his HC aspirations.

      Meyer’s has stated he covets only one HC position – the Dallas Cowboy job. And if he somehow obtains that position, Meyer will go to Dallas w/o his wife.

      Meyer would regret that choice..

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      1. I mostly agree. [Dallas would probably kill him — but USC —where he could always count on Folt’s support & Scott’s empathy —- might suit him just fine]…..

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      2. Ha! I’ve been trying to give up wine —and I think I’ve found the magic formula here in Maui — Peruvian wine — [I don’t think it’ll take much longer till I’m cured…forever]….

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    3. He will be competitive in the Big 12 (-2) but won’t earn a Natty.
      I don’t think he can beat OU–even with the Texas recruiting advantage and UT money. He would be able to recruit a 4-5star dual threat QB and some good RB’s.

      That said, while I see UM as an upgrade to USC and our recruiting will improve significantly, we won’t win a Natty with him at USC.
      Switching to a DualTreat QB would be a challenge for us.

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      1. Agree with reservations, Bourbon. Wasn’t Sam kind of a dual threat QB (not by design but in practice)? [Wait! Maybe you’re right —Helton knocked the urge to run outta him by year two —and, then he was gone]…..

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  4. Texas is salivating over Urban renewal, but I don’t see it. Texas has fewer taxes than California. Texas has Covid mandates that are less restrictive than California (along with 48 other states) Texas has wide open spaces and affordable land, unlike California. Why would anyone want to work there?
    Urban would hear the sound of legal deer hunting and running streams teaming with fish, as opposed to gang warfare and streets teaming with drug dealers. I’m telling you Urban ain’t going to that unappealing Texas.

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      1. He loves living in So Cal on the beach, despite all of the crap that state and local govt’s do. If equal offers between USC and Austin, sounds like he would stay here.

        $9-$10 million a year for 5 years is my guess as to what it would take. Trojan football took in about $75 million last year, about same as Mississippi. Returning to the top 5 should increase USC revenue by $30 million or more.

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      2. Michael, I’ll throw a few bucks in the pot if we are able to hire Urbie and let Clay declare victory and sail off into the sunset.

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